Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my blog readers!!  Thank you for contributing to the success of such an amazing first year!!  I didn’t ever think I would see the volume of traffic that I get on this site as I started this as just a fun project to share my passion of spanking with others.  What I have found is that the spanking (spanko if you prefer) is one of the best out there!!  Kind and welcoming, you have made me feel like a small part of this community.  I know I lack the practical experience that many of you may have, but I still have an intense fascination with spanking and many of it’s aspects and I want to learn more!!

Thank you for your likes and your subscriptions and for joining me on this journey as we talk about spanking and a few other off topic things that interest me, like photography.  I promise the emphasis will always be on spanking as that is the real reason that you guys are here, but thank you for letting me share some of my other interests with you as well!!

I hope you are all looking forward to time spent with family and friends during this holiday season, eating great food, playing games, watching movies together (I’ve got my eye on that new Spiderman movie as it looks Amazing!!), and whatever else this holiday provides for you!!  I hope that the giving of gifts brings joy to your hearts and that you remember the reason for the season!!

As we look towards 2022, which is fast approaching, let us look with hopefulness of a bright future here and hopefully in a post covid world (fingers crossed)!!  I know that my posting on here hasn’t been as consistent as it was at the beginning, but I promise that I have lots more to share with you guys.  As I find time, I will continue to share stories, reviews of websites, spanking letters, and much more (my way of saying that I don’t know what all next year will bring). 

As I personally look towards 2022, I look forward to making some new goals and then keeping them!!  Setting goals is easy, keeping them is much harder, but this year needs to be different and it just takes being consistent day after day!!  I may share some of these goals and plans with you at some point as I flesh them out more myself, but suffice to say, there are many things that I need to start acting more like an adult in, then the small immature child that I sometimes act like.  Perhaps a relationship with someone that will hold me accountable and can be more than just a friend, but we will have to see if that is in the cards.  One word I want to become true of me for next year is the word “proactive”.  In that word is the word “active” which is always a good thing, as opposed to inactive!!  It means that I am not waiting to let life be decided for me but intentionally doing what I can to make the best life for myself.  I want this to me giving more of myself and less about consumption as I often fall prey too.  I will share more about these goals as I set them out for myself.

In conclusion, thank you to all my followers and everyone that has joined us here for an amazing first year!!  Not a full year yet I know, but I thought that this is a good time to express my thankfulness and gratitude for the community that I have found here!!  You guys and gals are AMAZING!! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  May you find joy and peace this holiday season!!

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