Nancy Gets a Spanking for Failing her driver’s test – Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I didn’t intend for this to be the next video that I highlighted, but I stumbled upon it when searching through my hard drive that contains all my spanking stuff.  I watched it again and was reminded of what a great scene that it was and decided I would highlight it on my blog for you guys.  Hope you enjoy!!

Yet another scene from Real Life Spankings.  I still have yet to do a full review of Real Life Spankings, although I did do a full review of Mike’s other website Spanked in Uniform.  Check that out in the review section of my website.  It took me a long time to make a subscription to Real Life Spankings and I don’t know why, it is one of the best!!  Is that a bit of a spoiler for the review I will one day write for this website?  Maybe…lol!!  Truth is, I am thinking about subscribing to the website again as I have checked it out a few times recently and see that Mike has started shooting videos post COVID again.  So, at that point, I will do a full review of the website for you guys and let you know all my thoughts on the website!!

Now, onto the video highlight.  The video is called Nancy Gets a Spanking for Failing her driver’s test again.  It seems she was sent to Mike by her significant other for failing her driver’s test for the second time.  It seems that she made a lot of silly mistakes that all added up to a fail.  There is little preamble to the scene, other than to inform Nancy that she is in for a severe hand spanking.  A chair is pulled out and over the knee she goes for one of Mike’s patented hard hand spankings.  While Mike is certainly proficient and not afraid to use implements, I always find just a simple hand spanking from Mike to be more than entertaining.  In fact, it is probably my preference.  He spanks hard and steady and without a lot of recovery time in the video.  The only slight break that Nancy gets is when she is made to stand up and pull down her shorts.  Other than that, the spanking is hard and steady!!

What sets this video apart as one of my favorites is (can you guess) the reaction of Nancy.  She squirms and struggles in a very realistic way.  Not exaggerated or over the top, but in genuine distress of how hot and sore her bottom is quickly becoming.  The action is also expertly shot from a variety of angles.  Face cam is always one of my favorites, but seeing Nancy’s delicious bare bottom turning red as she squirms around on Mikes’ lap is equally delicious!!  Mike even has to pin her hand to her back a few times and she is very sorry by the end of the video.  I also like the fact that Mike actually let’s Nancy out of the extra hard swats at the end of the video.  It shows that he has a compassion for the models and although he does believe in hard disciplinary types of spankings, he still respects the model’s limits and I respect him all the more for that fact!!

A great spanking of a young lady with a very girl next door look to her!!  Great reactions, great camera work, and great hard spanking action!!   A definite recommendation for any over the knee hand spanking lover!!

You can find this video along with thousands of others on Real Life Spankings, link below:

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

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