I Love Christmas!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I love Christmas!!

I posted this on another forum about a year ago, and I want to post it here too!! I know this is slightly off topic, but what the heck!!

I love Christmas!! There is just so much about it that I love!! The Christmas baking (cookies, treats, Nuts and Bolts), my Christmas music, time spent with friends and family, plays and the choir singing at Christmas time, lights and so much more!! One thing that always strikes me this time of year is that people are generally more generous with their giving this time of year!! There is so much need in the world (needed year round) and it just seems that people will stop and think about people other than themselves this time of year!!

For me, Christmas holds a special significance for the true reason for the season!! For me, it is about the birth of son of God coming down to earth and taking on human form to live among us!! God’s greatest gift of all!! Sorry to get all religious on you, but it is what I believe!!

Anyways, there is lots more things I could share with you about why I love Christmas so much, but I will leave it at that for now!!

Now, I want to hear from all of you!! What do you like about Christmas? Do you even celebrate Christmas? What are some things you like about this time of year?

I have also posted this question on my forum if you would prefer to answer it there and here is the link to that:


You may also be interested in this post asking people about their holiday plans.  I thought it was kind of fun to talk about holiday and plans and get I a peak into people’s lives that doesn’t directly relate to spanking.  Anyways, here is the link to the post asking about holiday plans:


Hope that some of you might engage with it!!  If you are new to the forum, then introduce yourself first.  I think you will find that people there are quite welcoming!!

Take care my friends!!
Jason Gilbert

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