Punished for Partying Video – mini Review

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Guess what time it is?  It is time for another Spanking Video Highlight!!  Okay, I called it a mini review this time, but I am not going to bother writing about a video that I don’t like.  So, it is more of a spanking video highlight to just talk about and feature a spanking video that I like and what I like about it.  So, without further ado, I give you Punished for Partying!!

Naughty Cara getting her bottom spanked good and hard!!
A bare bottom spanking for Cara in front her fellow cheerleaders

This video hales from the Cheerleader Spankings website that is one of Sarah Gregory’s many websites.  Produced with the same high quality that she is known for, you can see my full review of Cheerleader Spankings in my review section of my website!!  Now, onto the video I would like to feature for you today!!  It is called Punished for Partying!!  It was the video that I saw in the preview section when it was brand new and one of the first I made sure to download after I subscribed to the site!!  I liked the preview clip offered on the site and was not disappointed with the final film!!

Ten’s turn over Zoe’s knees
Ana’s bare bottom spanking
The co-captain gets the longest hardest spanking of them all

Punished for Partying is a fun spanking video, as a great majority of the videos from Cheerleader Spankings are.  What sets this one apart for me is Zoe Page as the dominant in the scene!!  She is excellent at her verbal and has a commanding presence that no one dares to defy, and if they do they certainly regret it!!  The concept is simple in premise; the girls are away for some sort of cheerleading competition and they all, with the exception of their team captain Zoe Page, decided to go out partying and drinking heavily the night before their competition.  This does not make the captain happy and she yells at them as they all struggle with their hangovers.  (Side note: I assume that no one was actually hung over during the shooting of this scene, but I think the girls do a very convincing job of portraying hung over young ladies!!)  After extensive scolding, she makes the team decide who is going to go first for and embarrassing and painful trip over her knees for a long hard spanking.  Cara is volunteered to go first and Zoe wastes little time before launching into a sound spanking on her thin gym shorts.  Now, one thing I have always loved about the videos that Zoe tops in is that she spanks hard.  Nothing crazy over the top, but a good solid spanking and I love the pace of the swats, hard and steady!!  The action is what makes most spanking videos as that is what we really come to see, and I have to say that this has some excellent action!!  All girls are spanked long and hard over Zoe’s knees both on gym shorts and on bare bottom, well all with the exception of Ten Amorette who’s shorts come right down for her entire spanking. 

Additional paddlings with a leather paddle are earned when the girls can’t stop whispering and sighing and not being submissive!!  These are fun side by side paddlings that get some pretty great reactions from the girls!!

Time for the paddle

All in all, as you can’t already tell, I love this scene!!  It is a fantasy role play scene played expertly out before our eyes and for our enjoyment.  All the girls play their parts well, but the star of the show has to go to Zoe Page for her expert performance as the disciplinarian!!  I think I would be afraid to go over her knees, but also excited too!!  The idea of being spanked by such a commanding lady is tantalizing, but I digress!!  This is a great spanking video in my opinion and I highly recommend it, either as a one off video purchase or as part of a subscription to Cheerleader Spankings!!

Thanks for joining me for another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

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