Deep Space Nine – Ezri Dax Spanked by Deanna Troy

Posted by Jason Gilbert

One of my blog followers shared this story with me via email. I don’t how many of my followers are Trekkies, but I am and I thought it would be kind of fun to share this spanking fan fiction!!

Hope you enjoy the story!!

As Counselor Deanna Troi stepped of the shuttlecraft, she was greeted by the smiling face of Ezri Dax. “Deanna! Thank you so much for visiting this week!” Ezri had recently entered into an unofficial mentor/student relationship with Deanna, with Troi helping Ezri adjust to her new position as counselor on Deep Space Nine. The two women had communicated via computer for several months now, but this was their first face to face meeting.

Deanna smiled back at Ezri. “The pleasure is mutual Ezri. I’m looking forward to discussing some of the new therapeutic techniques that I’ve been writing to you about. Did you receive all the information I sent you in our last correspondence?” As they talked, the two women walked down the halls of the station to the guest quarters Ezri had arranged for Deanna.

Ezri laughed, somewhat nervously. “You mean that “spanking therapy” stuff? I figured you were playing some kind of a joke on me.” Deanna frowned slightly. “So you didn’t read any of those files? I assure you, Ezri, the information contained in them was quite legitimate.” Ezri noticed Troi’s displeasure, and attempted to correct the situation. “Really, I was going to, but things got busy. I was waiting until I needed a laugh..”

Deanna cut Ezri off. “Ezri, if I go to the trouble of sending you information, I expect you to read it and be able to discuss it with me. I entered into this relationship to help you, you know.” “I’m really sorry, but..” By this time, the pair had reached the doors to Deanna’s guest room. As the doors hissed open, Deanna walked inside. “I know you’re sorry Ezri, but I still want to discuss this further. I’m going to rest up for a while. Please meet me here in six hours.”

Six hours later, a rather anxious Ezri hit the door chime in front of Troi’s room. “Deanna? It’s me, Ezri.” “Come in, Ezri.” The young Trill walked into the room to find Deanna sitting on the large couch in the room’s center. “Sit down, please.”

Ezri took a seat next to Deanna, who turned to her. “Ezri, the files I sent you were based on a very controversial therapy technique that me and several other counselors and doctors practice. I’ve found spanking therapy to be useful in relieving guild, correcting unfortunate behavior, and even improving interpersonal relationships.” Ezri furrowed her brow. “Maybe, but treating out clients like bad little children? Is that proper?”

“Spanking therapy is only done with the patient’s consent.” Deanna replied. “You’d know that if you’d read the information I sent you.” Deanna fixed her gaze on Ezri. “Which brings me to my real point. Since you neglected to read the information, I think I’ll have to teach you about this therapy in another way,”

“What do you..” the meaning behind Deanna’s statement hit Ezri like a lightning bolt. “You can’t be serious! Please tell me you’re kidding!” Deanna’s stare told that she was quite serious. Completely flustered, Ezri tried to talk her way out of danger. “What if I don’t consent?”

“Then you return to your quarters and I leave tomorrow morning. But that will mark the end of my mentorship of you, Ezri. We need to go through with this to properly continue our relationship.”

Ezri pondered this for several minutes. Then, wordlessly, she stood up lowered herself across Deanna’s waiting lap, only to be stopped halfway there. “Wait a second, Ezri.”

“Yes, Deanna?” Ezri just wanted to get it over with, but Troi had different ideas. “First of all, for the remainder of our session, I’m “Counselor Troi.” Second, you and I are going to have a truly effective therapy session, which means those pants come down”

Ezri blushed. “No, please Dea.. Counselor Troi!” Deanna was unmoved. “Sorry, Ezri, but it has to be this way. Pants off-underwear as well. When you’re done undressing, please fold your pants and place them on the endtable. With great reluctance, Ezri stripped off her uniform pants and Starfleet underwear and placed them as she was told. “Now the, Ezri. As you were.” Trying to cover herself, Ezri walked over to where Deanna sat and once again lowered herself across the waiting lap.

Deanna allowed herself a smile. Ezri’s bottom was truly adorable, small and just the slightest bit chubby. Her two rows of spots perfectly framed her buns, which twitched slightly in anticipation of what was to come. “Are you ready, Ezri?” “Yes, Counselor Troi.” “For what, dear” “For my spanking, Counselor Troi”

Troi began the punishment with half a dozen strong smacks to Ezri’s rear. Ezri yelped at the sudden pain, but Deanna didn’t let up the heat. Spank after spank rained down on poor Ezri’s unprotected bottom, with each impact producing a different moan, squeak, or squeal from the little Trill. “Lucky these quarters are soundproof” thought Deanna.

After a time, Deanna stopped her punishment of Ezri’s backside and allowed her to calm down. “Now do you wish you had just read those files, Ezri?” “Yes Counselor Troi. It would have been less painful.” “Good. Learning from your mistakes is a key part of this therapy.” Ezri suddenly felt hopeful. “So are we..OW!”

The answer was clearly “no” as Deanna resumed her ministrations. Ezri’s bottom was now very pink, getting towards red in some places. Not allowing Ezri’s squirming to deter her, Troi continued to spank the young woman’s bottom until..

“It’s over, Ezri. Judging by the state of your bottom, this lesson has been quite effective. Ezri was very grateful to her this, as she had been holding back tears for the pas few minutes. “Thank..thank you, Counselor Troi” Troi stood Ezri up and pointed to a corner of the room. “There’ just one more part. Of the session. Go stand in that corner with your hands on your head. Use the time to reflect on the lessons I taught you.”

As Ezri walked to her corner, Deanna took a few seconds to admire the Trill’s naked and now quite pink backside, before she picked up her personal PADD and began entering information on it. Troi was ready to mark this session as a success.

After about half an hour, Deanna called Ezri from her corner and had her promise to be more diligent in her duties as Deanna’s student. Ezri was quick to promise, of course. Deanna responded by hugging Ezri and informing her that she was forgiven-thus demonstrating another important part of spanking therapy.

While (gingerly) putting on her pants, Ezri caught a glimpse of her name in Deanna’s PADD. “Counselor Troi? Can I ask what you’re writing there?” “Looking at my personal communications? Naughty, naughty” Troi grinned as Ezri reflexively covered her bottom at these words. “First, you can call me Deanna again-our session is over. And this is a report of our session tonight-I’m going to sent it to my like-minded colleagues in the Spanking Therapy field.”

Ezri blushed at the thought of others reading about her punishment. “Deanna, no! Please don’t!” “I will do it, Ezri” Deanna’s voice was slightly stern. “And furthermore, I’d like you to write up your own report on tonight’s session, with your own view of it.” “But Deanna..” Troi stopped Ezri with a look. “And if it isn’t on my PADD by tomorrow, you and I are going to have another “discussion” as soon as your bottom heals. And this time, I might pull out my hairbrush”.

The next morning, Deanna was rereading the report she had written regarding Ezri’s spanking. She thought of the mortified look on Ezri’s face, and suddenly felt her soft nature getting the best of her. With a few quick button presses, the report was deleted. Just as Troi finished, a beeping noise from her PADD alerted her of an incoming message. It was Ezri’s report, which turned out to be very detailed regarding the Trill’s feelings during the spanking. After reading the message, Deanna saved it in her personal folder. No need to share it-there would be other sessions. For now, just the knowledge that her session with Ezri had been successful was enough for Deanna. And how Ezri used the information she gained was up to her.

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