Anthea Visits Principal Millar – Parts 1 & 2

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I had to break this video highlight up into two parts for you.  There is actually five parts to the video series, and as such it was just too much to cover in one single post.

This series of videos comes courtesy of Girl Spanks Girl!!  I didn’t subscribe to this website until much later as I wasn’t sure if I would like it.  Eventually I decided to take a chance on it and wasn’t disappointed.  I will admit that not every scenario appeals to me, but that is often the case with almost every spanking pay site.  If I can even find a handful of decent spanking videos that I enjoy on a site, I consider it money well spent, as the alternative of the clips4sale is much more expensive.  So, with that in mind, let’s dive into another spanking video highlight!!

Girl Spanks Girl specializes in females spanking other females in a variety of scenarios!!  All role play, some in school setting and others in more of domestic setting, there is a pretty wide variety of scenes available.  Now, the kinds of scenes that really appeal to me are the traditional mother/daughter or aunt/niece kinds of scenes.  I like them to be grounded in some sort of realism, but I also don’t mind some fantasy as it is good to be able to not take things too seriously.  What matters most is the action in the scene, hard spanking, fun or realistic reactions, good dialog.  You can’t always get all of those in one particular scene, but I do think this one comes close and is a fun series of videos.

Anthea, played by Beverley Bacci narrates this story, making it seem more like a spanking story brought to life than a traditional spanking video.  I really like the way that Beverly narrates as it helps draw you into the story!!  She is dreading the appearance of her report card as she knows that her mom will not be happy with it at all.  Things get much worse though when the report card arrives with a note from Principal Millar about Anthea’s bad behavior and resulting spankings she has received as a result.

One thing I think this series really has going for it is the setting.  Anthea (Beverly Bacci) starts out on a tire swing without a care in the world.  The action does tend to focus on her behind even here!!  I am sure that is intentional!!  Mom, played by Clare Fonda, calls Anthea into talk to her once she sees the report card.  This is a real house they go into, not a hotel room!!  There is just something about a spanking video shot in a real location vs a hotel room.  I know that these producers have to make the best of what is available to them, but there is an authenticity that is added by having it in an actual house.  But I digress!!

Inside the house, mother and daughter sit on the couch while mother questions the daughter about her behavior and the resulting spankings she received.  Beverly plays the part of an embarrassed college student very well!!  Super embarrassed to have to tell her mother about the spankings she received in school by the principal. 

The action the switches to what happens and we, of course, get to witness the events played out for us!!  Principal Miller is played by Lana Miller, who can give a decently hard spanking.  Of the female tops that Clare Fonda works with on her websites, Lana is one of the hardest female spankers I would say.  Some absolutely great scolding from a concerned and compassionate principal.  Far from a mean spirited dictator, Principal Miller is played more as a compassionate principal that has to punish students from time to time.  It isn’t something that she enjoys doing, just something she knows must be done from time to time. 

And so we witness the very first time that Anthea has to get punished with a long hard bare bottom spanking from Principal Millar.  Is this one of the hardest spanking videos on the internet? No!!  But there is some great bare bottom spanking towards the end of the first part and the action only gets better with each video in the series!!

Once in a while Anthea will narrate the feelings she felt during her punishment.  Moving onto the second video, Anthea is questioned by her mother about her second trip to Principal Millar’s office and getting the hairbrush.  We are once again transported to the action and watch as Anthea is once again punished with the hairbrush this time!!  The Mason and Pearson to be precise!!  They make special effort to make it known that is the type of hairbrush being used in this scene.

While the action in this second scene doesn’t start off overly harsh, it definitely gets harder and more intense as it goes on.  The bare bottom hairbrush spanking and a following hand spanking after that are particularly hard and being felt by Anthea.  Beverly Bacci’s reactions towards the end of this video actually seem pretty real with some real tears and pretty loud verbal reactions!!

Both of these first two scenes are excellent!!  You will just have to wait and see how I feel about the last three scenes.  Here is a hint:  I loved them!!  I will give a full video highlight for you guys soon on the last three scenes!!

These scenes can be found at Girl Spanks Girl:

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

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