The Difference Between Funishments and Real Punishments

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I have just learned about a new term that is apparently common in the spanko community, Funishments.  I had never heard that phrase before just recently when I watched a video by Jillian Keenan explaining what a Domestic Discipline Relationship is.  She talks about how funishments are a way to get a punishment like spanking without doing something intentionally dangerous and stupid that you really shouldn’t be doing anyways. While you might enjoy the feeling of being scared for a disciplinary style spanking, going out of your way to get a disciplinary spanking for doing something dangerous is just irresponsible.   So, you come up with a role play of sorts of something that you did wrong.  This could probably be silly, or made up reasons that are fun to play up as more serious than they actually are in your real life!!

Discipline spankings should really only be for real disciplinary reasons even with a couple that is both spankos.  If you are in a Domestic Discipline Relationship than true disciplinary spankings should only happen when you did something seriously wrong, dangerous, or was outright against what your dom has set up for you!!  When Jillian Keenan shared a recent reason that she had received a real disciplinary spanking, it was for something that was agreed upon with her Dominant that warrented serious punishment.

So, what to do when you want a spanking that seems more like discipline but you haven’t done anything seriously wrong.  Answer: Funishments!!  My understanding is that these are ways for people to engage in spanking play that is more on the disciplinary side of things when the Sub hasn’t done anything wrong.  It is a good way to get a more traditional spanking that tends to lean towards discipline, but isn’t actually for any bad behavior!!

I actually love the sound of it.  For spankos that just love to be spanked from time to time, then it is a great way to get a spanking without doing something intentionally bad or dangerous just to get a spanking.

Anyways, it is a new term to me, so I just wanted to explore it a bit. 

What do others know about this whole funishments concept?

Is anyone that is actively in a DD relationship do a funishment style spanking from time to time?

How does a funishment spanking differ from a real punishment spanking for you?

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  1. I am not a huge fan of the term “funishment”, though I am a fan of the concept. My husband and I refer to these spankings as “emotional release spankings”. I am free to ask for one of these if I think it will be helpful to me to release any pent of up feelings of frustration, etc. By having this outlet, I don’t have to “act out” or try to earn real discipline to get the spanking I am needing. I guess I don’t like the term “funishment” because to me it feels like it cheapens or mocks the situation. But I tend to see spankings as a serious thing, whereas some people just use them for a sexual turn on. In any case, great post!

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    1. Well said Nora!! I only just learned about this term myself a few days ago. Can’t say that I am a big fan of the term either.

      I guess I would define “funishments” as more of role play. There may be a deeper need or there may not be. I would personally see a “funishment” spanking as more of a role play that the two of you agreed on together. If for instance I was in a relationship with someone, with me as the Submissive and we just wanted to have some fun, I would pretend to be a her teenage son that violates curfew and gets a hard hairbrush spanking from “Mommy”. But would this kind of spanking be more just a fun spanking? What defines “Funishment”? You are combining two words that don’t really belong together. Fun and punishment!! So which way do they lean, towards being more about punishment or more about fun?

      What you describe is more what I would consider a “Stress Release” Spanking!! If we are going to put labels on things. That is something we humans have a nasty habit of doing; wanting to put labels on everything. We just want everything tied up in a nice tidy bow. Thing is, I can understand a fun spanking, I can also understand a real punishment spanking, and I definitely understand the idea of a stress relief spanking, but I still don’t really get the concept of a “funishment” spanking. The term “funishment” just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. And like I said, why do we always have to put labels on everything.

      Anyways, I just heard the term and thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss. Thanks for your thoughts Nora!!

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