Heavy Foot = Heavy Paddling – Spanking Audio

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Spanking audio of a young lady that got spanked for speeding:


I just came across this audio today on Spanking Tube of a very real disciplinary spanking of a young lady that is being punished by her Dominant for speeding.   Apparently speeding is something that she struggled with a lot and was something that her Dom would punish her for and something that she had already been punished for a number of times.  Well, this time she went 24 miles per hour over the speed limit.  Well, I may be from Canada, and we go my Kilometres per hour here, but I still know that 24 miles per hour over the speed limit is a lot.  Her very weak excuse is that she didn’t get a ticket!!  She is super lucky that she didn’t get a ticket.  I don’t know if that would have been considered racing in the US or not, but it would have been a hefty fine I am sure, and her insurance would have likely went up to.  But besides all that is the danger factor and that is what her Dom really focuses on in this recording of her very real punishment spanking and paddling.  This is super severe and involves some serious crying, so be warned!!  The woman that was being punished didn’t even know it was being recorded until after the fact and she was mortified that it was going to be shared all over the internet.  This for me trumps even the best spanking videos because it is real!!!  The fact that it is only audio of the spanking and not video doesn’t take away from it at all in my opinion, but only helps you to focus on the verbal and her reactions as she gets spanked.  She is very vocal throughout the spanking and this makes it so itimate and real to me.  This is how I imagine real punishment spankings to go between a DD couple!!  When it is for real reasons that you are getting spanked, then it shouldn’t be fun at all!!

I also can very much identify with this young lady that is getting spanked in this audio that she was pretty embarrassed about the fact that it was going to be uploaded on the internet.  Am I glad they did upload it? Hell yes!!  Can I also understand why she wouldn’t want it to be shared? Absolutely!!  I think spanking is deeply intimate, whether between a husband and wife, a dom and sub, or even a parent and child.  Real punishment spankings are intimate and we are just getting a glimpse at what it looks like for a real DD couple.  One last thing I will say.  I understand completely the lady’s feelings of not wanting to do video and she gives some good reasons too.  First, she doesn’t want her face on camera!!  I can definitely respect that.  Not everyone can be as bold as the spanking models out there!!  We all choose to live this lifestyle on our own terms.  Second, and I really think this point was important too; she didn’t want to have to worry about things looking just right for a spanking video.  I totally get that!!  I don’t know how many times I see girls adjust their hair and make sure they are looking at the camera while they are being spanked.  Now, I realize that people enjoy facial reactions!! Hell, I am one of the ones that loves facial reactions.  That being said, for most of us, if we are getting a real spanking, we aren’t going to be worry about which way our face is pointing.  If we want to bury our faces into a pillow while we are getting spanked, or any way of dealing with the pain, then so be it.

Lastly, I want to share one of this young lady’s comments to this post of her spanking.  She thanks everyone for their kind comments as this wasn’t something that she really wanted to share with the world, but it was shared to help her really think and learn a lesson!!

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

Here is the comment from the young lady that I was referring to:

I would like to thank everyone for their encouraging comments and support. I didn’t really want to post this. One, it is embarrassing having my real discipline spanking for all to hear. If it was a funishment that would be different but this was an intimate discipline spanking between the two of us. And two, I was worried because it was only audio I would get negative feedback.

I would especially like to thank Roselips for your comment. Your words meant so much to me. To know that there are people out there that can listen to just an audio and really appreciate the genuine discipline and see the love we share. This was not something made for enjoyment of others (though I am glad people do enjoy it), in fact I didn’t even know it was being recorded, it was simply a glimpse into our real life relationship and how we handle discipline. It was put up as added punishment for me because I have a hard time sharing this part of us and it served as extra humiliation so that the lesson would really sink in. But it was also put up to share with people a little bit of who we are and what we do as naturally as we can. I don’t know if we will ever do a video, one because we would like to keep our faces hidden as this aspect of our relationship is not known to everyone, but also I don’t want to become some sort of show to be put on for people. If I know we are recording a video for the public, suddenly it becomes about getting it right and making it look good instead of what it is supposed to really be, a real discipline session. I need to be focused on QM and what I did, nothing else. So I am so glad that you and so many others were able to understand that and appreciate it. The lecture is extremely important as you stated as well and I think QM does an awesome job with that for me. Without the genuine care and concern for my well being, which comes across with the lecture, the spanking would be pointless for me. Anyone can beat my butt and make me bruise, but only QM can make me cry from his words and knowing that I truly disappointed him and made a mistake in what I did. The connection we share allows for us to dig deep and for him not just to connect with my bottom with a bath brush, but connect to my soul with his love, guidance and dominance. Without that, I would never learn a thing and it would be just a game, this makes it real and I agree that it is one of the most important aspects of a discipline punishment.

A side note… Jokari paddles really suck and I feel for you, but the bath brush is also an extremely wicked implement, especially over an already sore bottom. The spoon we used is very heavy duty and not your typical flat wooden spoon, and it has a sting that bites badly. But I am glad that I have implements that can really drive a message home, especially when I need it. I am glad you have someone that can do the same for you also. It is a wonderful thing and I am eternally grateful for QM.

Thanks again everyone for your encouragement. There will probably be more audio in the future, but not all the time and chances are, I will not know about them ahead of time.

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