Anneliese – Part 3

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Title: Anneliese – Part 3 (final part)

Author: Louise Vancisic

Warnings: F/f, M/f n/c

Intro: Fifteen year old Annelies is the “adopted” daughter of Eva and Martin Dreher. Upon returning to the US from his assignment in Germany, Martin was dismissed from the company. Unable to find a suitable job he became progressively more and more resentful toward having to care for Annelies. With his wife feeling likewise, Annelies is reduced to the status of a highly disciplined servant girl. On this occasion, Annelies, while serving coffee to an important customer of her father, accidentally spills coffee on the man’s clothes. Her father declares his intention to spank her for carelessness.

Ohhh!” the girl gasped and her lovely cheeks flamed with mortification.  Paralyzed with horror at these words, she stared first at her father and mother, then at Mr. Hardy, while the color in her cheeks spread to her dainty little throat.  Her young chest heaved turbulently as she fought for breath and finally managed in a strangled voice, “Oh, please, Daddy, not here  … please not in front of him.  Oh, please!”

Kevin Hardy felt moved by the girl’s obvious distress.  His conscience gnawed at him.  “Uh … perhaps it’s best if I leave.  I seem to be … making your daughter … uh … uncomfortable,” he fumbled.

“She’s supposed to feel uncomfortable,” Martin remarked. “She is being punished.  Really, Kevin, you should stay; for her sake.  The embarrassment of being spanked in your presence will add to her motivation to be more attentive in the future.  If you leave it would undermine the years of disciplinary training that Eva and I have devoted to her. And wouldn’t that be doing her a disservice?”

Without waiting for a reply, Martin turned to his flabbergasted, scarlet faced young daughter. “You’re making our guest feel unwelcome. I assure you that Mr. Hardy has better things to do than listen to your whining.  You know it’s your own carelessness that got you into this situation so don’t blame anyone besides yourself.  Now, get ready for your spanking!”

Anneliese clenched her little fists as tears sprang to her dilated eyes.  “Please, Daddy, I beg of you,” she articulated weakly, “Not like this ….  not in front of him.  It’s too shameful.  Please, Daddy … in my room … and you can spank me harder…. spank me as much as you want.”

Eva motioned to her husband for a private conference.  Excusing himself to Kevin Hardy, Martin followed his wife into the kitchen.  Out of earshot, Martin quickly explained his plan and the potential rewards that might be reaped.  Immensely pleased by this revelation, Eva enthusiastically endorsed her husband’s vision, adding some nuances of her own.  As his hosts huddled and spoke in excited whispers, both Mr. Hardy and Anneliese waited with mounting anxiety.  His mounting interest, having overwhelmed his feelings of sympathy for the despondent victim, Kevin’s concern now was that the Dreher’s might reconsider and actually grant their daughter the privacy she so desperately coveted.  Having regrouped his emotions, it was now Kevin Hardy’s fervent desire to see every detail of the spanking fully played out before his eyes. 

Mr. Hardy studied the embarrassed and frightened girl.  His face was flushed with the frantic expectation of seeing this comely young miss humiliatingly forced across a parental lap. There to have her skirt and slip rolled up; perhaps the panties slowly and inexorably descended over a contracting naked behind, while the wretched girl sobbed and begged to, at least, have that final veil left to her if she must be spanked before a visitor.  His eyes bored in on those charming manifestations of her discomfort; the nervous hand-wringing, the fluttering eyelids fighting to hold back tears of shame, the delicate trembling of her lips.  Each of these reactions, and many others even more subtle, only served to augment Kevin’s desire to have the drama unfold. 

The Dreher’s returned from their conference.  Eva boldly swung a high-backed armless chair to the center of the room.  Interpreting this as a sign that her appeal was denied, Anneliese began to plead. “Nooooo … please Mommy”. 

Ignoring the girl’s protest, Eva, casting a seductive smile in the direction of Kevin Hardy, provocatively lifted her own skirt to mid-thigh, providing the young guest a tempting flash of her own panties, before adjusting it to just above her knees.  

As Eva was completing her own preparation, Martin turned toward the frightened girl.  “Be sure to thank your mother for this, Anneliese, for I would not have been so indulgent.  Your mother has argued and convinced me that, at this time, it would be improper for Mr. Hardy to see your bared bottom.  She was even more concerned that, given the way you usually wriggle and kick and carry on in such a thoroughly indecent manner, you would undoubtedly expose that which should remain private.  On the other hand, there is no question that the embarrassment of receiving your spanking in the presence of Mr. Hardy will do you infinite good. “

Martin paused to heighten the suspense. “So,” he continued, “you will be allowed to keep your panties on for your spanking. Now go over to your mother, express your appreciation to her and request your spanking.”

Anneliese nodded in resignation, and meekly walked to her mother and kissed her lightly on the cheek. “Thank you so much, Mommy,” she murmured, “for letting me k … keep my pan … panties.   It was ve … very ki … kind of you.” 

Eva smiled and nodded.  Anneliese shuffled her feet nervously and cast her eyes downward. “Please, Mommy, I have been very careless today.  I did not make the beds properly and I … I … uh … spilled Daddy’s coffee.  Please give me a … a good … spanking to help me improve.”

The woman softly touched the girl’s flushed cheeks. “It’s good that you recognize and confess your faults.  I also commend you for acknowledging that you are deserving of a spanking and that it is for your own good.  Now, I just want you to cover one more point?” 

“Y … yes, Mommy,” the girl stammered, her fluttering eyelids glistening with the salty solution of tears that had leaked. 

Gripping Anneliese’s hands, Eva forced the girl to look right at her. “I want you to tell Mr. Hardy why you should be spanked in his presence.”

Although, this was the first time Anneliese was to be spanked in the presence of a male newcomer, she was quite used to having third parties witness her corrections.  Moreover, as an added humiliation, she was often required to discourse on this aspect of her correction.  So, while Eva’s demand caught Mr. Hardy by surprise and elicited a shocked gasp, Anneliese had already anticipated this and restrained her reaction to a low moan of embarrassment and another wave of mortified blushes.

Then, half-turning to the young gentleman, her face a virtual mask of crimson, she began to speak.  “Please … Mis … Mister, Hardy.  I was v … v … very careless when I served you and Da … Daddy.  I spilled the co … coffee and … made a big mess and I disturbed your meeting.  You … should … watch me   …. get spanked so you will see that my parents are serious about correcting my faults.” 

“Quiet a girl, eh Kevin,” Martin remarked.

“Uh … oh yes. She’s very well behaved. I’m most impressed.”

Eva chuckled. “Prepare to be even more impressed” she smiled, then glanced at her daughter. “Anneliese, show Mr. Hardy how you prepare yourself.”

Blushing and shamefaced, the girl obeyed, rolling up her skirt, revealing bare thighs and pretty white panties.  Eva knew precisely, how much it hurt her daughter’s dignity to have to raise her skirt in this ludicrous fashion.

Eva turned toward her guest. “You see, Mr. Hardy, look how mournful Anneliese gets when she knows that someone will be watching.  I tell you there is nothing that a girl finds more embarrassing than getting a sound spanking in front of someone else.  It really keeps this young lady in line.” 

Helplessly, the pretty teen held the rolled up dress with both hands.  To herself, she wished she could have worn thicker cotton panties.  Without looking, she knew that the outline of the dark triangle at the top of her legs was quite visible.  Despite her embarrassment at the presence of Mr. Hardy, she didn’t dare lower her dress even a little, knowing that it would only make things worse.  Her parents let her stand there for two full minutes, letting the humiliation of it sink in.

Mr. Hardy watched as Eva Dreher crooked her finger toward the girl and imperceptibly nodded.  Then, as if in a continuing dream, Mr. Hardy saw the poor girl still gripping her upturned dress, quickly place herself over her mother’s lap.  The quickness of this maneuver was motivated by Anneliese’s frantic desire to have the mortifying ordeal begun and finished as swiftly as possible.  Even as she humbly assumed that shameful childish pose over the maternal lap, Anneliese turned her agonized tear-stained face back toward her mother, and in her eyes was a supplicating message for just such swiftness in the execution of sentence passed upon her tender bottom.

Eva took the hems of Anneliese’s dress from the girl and proceeded to roll up the skirt and slip into a neat fringe at the middle of her back.  This was to prevent the garments from falling back and protecting the condemned bottom.  Anneliese shivered as this was being done, inwardly praying that her parents would not prolong the agonizing suspense.  For although Anneliese had often been spanked in the presence of her brother and grandparents, this was the first time a complete stranger would see her receiving a chastisement more appropriate to a child of six than a mature teenager. Her parents, however, did not share Anneliese’s wishes on this matter.  For, as Mr. Dreher, had previously explained to his wife, the more Kevin Hardy viewed of the ceremonial preparations involved in their daughter’s chastisement, the more fascinated and influenced he would be. 

Eva hooked her fingers into the waistline of the girl’s panties and smiled at Kevin Hardy. “Anneliese’s panties need to be drawn tight to iron out any creases or folds that could irritate her skin or my hand.  Also, it will enable us to see the coloration better and help us determine when she’s had enough.” 

Accordingly, Eva tugged the light cotton panties them upwards until the material fit like a second skin and mortifyingly chafed the girl’s tender crotch as well as the groove between her bottom globes.  If she had made this concession to her daughter’s virginal modesty in permitting the protection of underwear, it would be at least as snug as they could be drawn, so that the sting of her palm would not lose a particle of vigor in the process.

Now, at last she was ready as her arm curled protectively around her daughter’s waist. “Are you As Eva Dreher “asked” her daughter if she was ready for her spanking.  Mr. Hardy’s eyes were very wide and unwavering, his palms moist, his throat dry and his nostrils flared and shrank.  The very symptoms of a man captivated by the spectacle that Eva Dreher was about to provide for him.  

“Ye … yes, Mommy,” he heard Anneliese faintly stammer.  Her fingertips reached the floor while her bare legs dangled precariously on the other side, the toes of her black loafers occasionally grazing the floor.  Kevin Hardy stared at the girl’s upturned buttocks, the sheer material displaying every contour of her shapely behind so explicitly that he discerned virtually every twitch and tremor of the vulnerable fleshy mounds. 

Meanwhile, several minutes passed with Anneliese nervously perched on her mother’s lap.  Amidst her jumbled thoughts was her desire for a more secure footing lest she slip off her mother’s lap and further provoke her parents.  The Dreher’s demanded total submission and any hint of resistance, no matter if it was accidental, would be met with the utmost severity. More than anything, she wished herself a thousand miles away or at least in the privacy of her own bedroom. 

But actually it was not about to begin, for both Eva and Martin, wished to glean every possible iota of sensual subjugation out of this fortuitous event which could permanently improve their economic situation.  Thus while Eva tightened the grip of her left hand against the girl’s bare side, her husband scolded the girl. “”You need to be taught a good lesson Anneliese.  First, you were exceedingly careless about making your bed this morning and for that you had to be reprimanded.  While it is true that you acknowledged and thanked your mother for the reprimand, your first reaction was to make a sour face.  Frankly, you should have been spanked right then and there for such rudeness.  But your mother was in a generous mood and overlooked it.  That was a mistake as not even six hours later you were careless again; this time in front of a guest, no less.  Well, young lady, this time you pushed your luck too far.  You leave us no choice but to give you a good sound spanking.  I only hope that you’re sorry for what you did.”

“I am sorry, Daddy  … truly I am,” Anneliese’s tear-choked voice faintly acknowledged.

“Very well then Anneliese; I am directing your mother to give you forty this time.  You shall have five for not making your bed properly, ten for making a sour face and twenty five for being careless in serving the coffee and disturbing the meeting and our guest.  It’s a shame that a girl your age has to be spanked like this but if you persist in acting like an immature little girl then you will surely be punished like one.  Now, after your mother has completed your chastisement and after you have thanked both of us for your spanking and given us the kiss of reconciliation, you will excuse yourself to Mr. Hardy for interrupting his visit and then you will go right to bed.”

Although this remark was not spoken with the inflection of a question, Anneliese plainly understood it as such and, answered in a voice that vibrated with anguish. “Y … yes, I will  … Daddy.”

“Very well, get ready then.”  He gestured to his wife. 

Nodding her acknowledgment, Eva drew the girl in closer to her. “I shall begin your spanking.  Remember to stay in position and keep your cheeks relaxed, dear.  You may cry as much as you want.” 

Contrary to what Mr. Hardy imagined, those words actually conveyed to the culprit, a sense of relief.  The meant that the waiting, the prolongation, the humiliating questions and the dreadful ceremony of “preparation” was at an end and now the issue was between the maternal palm and her quivering pantie-sheathed bottom.

Slowly, Eva Dreher raised her right arm and her eyes caught her husband’s at that moment.  A conspiratorial knowing smile made her thin lips curve, and then she glanced down at the trembling buttocks below, and pursing her lips, she brought her hand down smartly on Anneliese’s right hip.  The girl started convulsively and her pretty ankles gave a series of little kicks before crossing and thrusting down hard, her weight on the toe of her right shoe.

A second slap rang put crisply as the top of the other hip felt the impact of the chastening palm.  Two pinkish splotches could be discerned through the translucent panties that covered the area of chastisement.  Momentarily, Anneliese’s buttocks tightened to diminish the shadowy mysterious cleft between the mounds of her lovely behind.

There followed two equally stinging, noisy slaps to the base of each buttock, and then Eva paused to consider the condemned posterior before her.  She pulled the hips closer to provide further constraint against the girl’s expected agitated movements as the spanking became more painful.  Then, once again her right hand resumed its task, and each lower bottom-cheek received a stinging slap, drawing nervous little “Ooooohhhh’s” from the lovely young culprit.

Warmed to her task, her face intent, eyes narrowed, lips pressed tightly, the matronly woman using her whole palm, concentrated all her strength into delivering each loud stinging slap.  Now the young girl’s attention was localized, and the knowledge that a strange man was watching her in this humiliating posture was thrust to the back of her mind. The smart burning blows made her whole body jerk fitfully, raising her head enough for Mr. Hardy to observe that her eyes were very wide and wet. 

Kevin Hardy, his mouth dry, forehead burning as with fever and his body taut with absorption and suspense, followed each detail of the exquisite domestic discipline unfolding before him. Before long Annelies burst into tears and cried very loudly as Eva’s hand went on slapping from cheek to cheek as though it would never stop. Eyes narrowed in grim determination, Eva spanked all over the close set squirming buttocks with occasional visits to the upper thighs. With no set pattern of alternation between the globes or between buttocks and thighs, and because the sting was of the blows was sharper than if she had been without her panties, Anneliese was impelled to even more wriggling and squirming than was her normal custom.  Also her progression from gasps and groans to outright crying was accelerated, an understandable reaction to the increased pain and her particular shame at being spanked in front of Kevin Hardy.

The groundwork had been laid.  Eva permitted the weeping girl to rise and lower her clothes.  Then, placing her arms around her mother, Anneliese humbly acknowledged her failings and her need to be punished, offered thanks for the spanking and for being allowed to retain her panties and concluded by planting a kiss of reconciliation upon Eva’s lips.  Eva kissed her back, pronounced forgiveness and lovingly reminded her to be more careful in the future. 

Loosened from her mother’s embrace, Anneliese moved slowly over to her father and in a voice choking with her tears and sobs, stammered out her apologies for having disappointed him. 

“This is just a little bonus to make sure you don’t forget your lesson”, he told her as he wrapped his left arm around her and bent her from the waist.  Unceremoniously yanking up her skirt, he administered a brisk shower of stinging spanks to both cheeks, augmenting her copious flow of tears and told her to go to her room.  The girl did so eagerly, thankful that her punishment was over and that she would be allowed to complete her crying in private.

After Anneliese’s departure, they all sat silently, listening intently to the mournful strains clearly emanating from the girl’s room.  Finally, Kevin Hardy cleared his throat and nervously excused himself, proclaiming that he was already late.  Pointedly avoiding any mention of the events he had just witnessed, he thanked Martin for the meeting. “I … I’ll be in touch … ve … very soon”.


Several days later, Martin’s phone rang.  It was Kevin Hardy.  His voice had an odd quaver. “Hi Ma … Martin, I’m considering having you take on some more of our business.  Could we meet tonight. I … uh … could come to your home.” 

ready for your spanking, young lady?” she demanded.

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