Please Pull Them Down – Spanking Story

Posted by Jason Gilbert

A generous follower of mine sent me this story that he discovered, since he knows that I love spanking fiction.  I liked the story a lot, so I decided I would share it with you!!  Hope you like it!!

A Story By Otkforu


Carol Murphy stood before her husband of two years, as he scolded her. His words came at her, fast and furious as the 24 year old women tried to think of something to say. Oh, she knew that she was in for a spanking. There was no way around that fact. However, her thoughts were focused on the way her husband spanked her and on what she might be able to say to get him to alter his method from here on out.

During her childhood Carol was never spanked. She could not even recall a time when her mother or father even gave her one swat, let alone the bare bottom spankings she received from her husband. And that was the problem she was faced with now: trying to figure out a way to get her husband to spank her with her panties on. Carol had met her husband Brendan five years ago when they were both students at Pace University in NY. She was immediately drawn to his very outgoing, yet dominant personality. He could also be very
funny and witty when he wanted to be. It didn’t take very long until the two of them fell in love and became engaged.

Of course, no matter how well you think you know somebody, the simple fact is, there are always things about that person that you find out as your relationship grows. What Carol discovered about Brendan was his belief in domestic discipline. During their courtship, Brendan would often threaten Carol with a spanking when he was displeased with her. He never actually had to follow through with that threat, because Carol would quickly change her attitude upon hearing the word spanking. However, once they got married, Carol thought that she was safe to do as she pleased, and she began to
discount Brendan’s spanking threats. She soon found out that she had made a mistake.

Carol’s first spanking occurred on the morning of their first Thanksgiving weekend as man and wife. Brendan was upset because Carol was bad mouthing his mother and complaining that she didn’t want to travel to see her in-laws. Brendan explained to her that she should have voiced these feelings to him earlier, so they could have had time to discuss the issue, but his parents were expecting them today, and they were not going to disappoint them. Carol became a bit verbally abusive to Brendan during their argument, and Brendan said to his wife, “Carol, you have ten minutes to get dressed and ready to leave. If you are not ready at that time, I’m going to punish you with a spanking.” Now Carol had heard these threats in the past,
and she had never been spanked, ever. So, she was feeling very brave. She shot her husband an icy cold stare and shouted, “Fuck you and your threats!” That “threat,” became a reality very quickly. Brendan seized Carol by the arm and led her over to the dining room. He pulled out a chair from the table and sat down. Carol could not escape from her husband’s strong grip, despite her best efforts to do so. Brendan then began to lecture his wife. “Carol, it is very obvious to me, that you do not respect my wishes. If you had expressed your desire to me not to visit my parents today a few weeks ago we could have discussed it like rational adults. Having said that, how can you expect me to cancel our plans today, when you full well know my mom has been cooking all day long for today’s dinner? For the last few weeks you ‘ve been acting like a brat and I’m telling you that this behavior of yours is going to begin to change for the better today. You told me once that you’ve never been spanked. Well, today you are going to get your first spanking,
and I can promise you one thing: It is going to be a spanking that you will not forget any time soon.”

Once his lecture was completed, Brendan took his pretty young wife over his lap. Carol was as cute as a button. She was 5’4″ tall and weighed 115 pounds. She had long blond hair and blue eyes, with a silky smooth fair complexion. Her backside was arguably her best feature and if the truth was known, it was the first thing Brendan had noticed about her the day they had first met. She had a nice round bottom that was slightly big for her build, but certainly not way out of proportion. Brendan was an “ass man,” and while he did appreciate all of the female form, the buttocks had always held the
most sexual stimulation for him. And now, he had his wife, who was only wearing a T-shirt and panties, face down over his lap. And it was time to give Carol her very first spanking.

Carol still didn’t realize what she was in for and if she was anything
right now, it was angry. There was no fear in her, nor was there any
feelings of wrongdoing. She was just plain pissed. She was totally
unprepared for what happened next. She felt Brendan’s fingers in the
waistband of her panties and even though she had never been spanked before, she immediately knew what was going to happen. And like so many young ladies who would find themselves in similar situations, Carol did what any girl would do: She begged for her panties. “No!! Don’t you dare touch those, you fucking bastard,” Carol cried. Yes, Carol still hadn’t reached the scared or sorry stage yet. She was still only pissed.

Brendan ignored his wife’s outbursts and calmly took her pretty blue
panties down. Carol let out an anguished moan as she felt her panties making\ their way down her bottom, exposing her tender behind to her husband. Now Brendan had seen Carol’s backside more times than he could remember, but there was something extra erotic about seeing it now, stretched out over his lap, and soon to be made very red and sore. And it was different for Carol too, because in this case, she felt totally exposed and vulnerable and wanted her panties up. She continued to berate her husband, but to no avail.
Her furious retorts were greeted with her husbands palm making contact with her tender young bare behind. Carol yelled the moment his hand made contact and for the first time, fear set in. Carol never gave much thought to how much a spanking might hurt. To her, a spanking had always been something that happened to somebody else. Well now, it was finally happening to her.

Over and over again, Brendan spanked Carol’s behind. Before too long, the young ladies bottom took on a crimson hue and Carol became a blubbering mess. Her profanity-laced tirade had been replaced with the crying and screaming of any girl who was being punished with a spanking. Brendan finally brought the spanking to its conclusion when his wife, through heavy tears, said she was sorry and promised to be good. Carol jumped off his lap and quickly pulled up her panties. She then rubbed her bottom and walked
back to the bedroom so she could begin to get dressed. Yes, this had worked out just the way Brendan had hoped. His wife responded well to her very first spanking. She didn’t threaten him with divorce. She didn’t say he was abusive either. She accepted the spanking and promised to be good. And for the most part, after a good sound spanking, Carol was good at least for a while.

Through the years, Carol did accept her spankings, but one thing she
couldn’t accept was being spanked bare-assed. This was the most awful thing about the spankings. While her husband’s hand did hurt, the pain was certainly not unbearable. Perhaps she was simply getting used to being spanked, but she worried more about the humiliation she felt when he took down her panties, more than she worried about the discomfort of the actual spanking. Over the few years of their marriage, Brendan probably gave Carol around 40 spankings and each time, Carol always protested her panties coming
down. Brendan cheerfully ignored those protests, but recently, he began to give some thought to it. He also could tell that the spankings didn’t seem to hurt Carol the way they used to. Not that he wanted to injure his wife, because he certainly did not. He loved Carol and would have gladly given up his own life to save hers. However, he had no second thoughts when it was time to spank her. He felt spankings should either hurt, or be embarrassing enough to cause great distress. So, that is why he always spanked Carol bare. Brendan had made up his mind, that the next time he spanked Carol he would give her a choice.

That “next time,” happened three weeks later. Brendan was home from work with a cold and was working from their home. It was only a few days before Christmas and there were still lots to do. Carol had promised to finish buying all the presents for friends and family, but she had not done so. Brendan asked Carol to take care of the remaining shopping while he completed his work. Brendan was a computer consultant and was sometimes able to do diagnostic work from home. Carol began to complain that she wasn’t in the mood to shop and that he could finish his work and go shopping himself.
Brendan was in no mood for her attitude and he told her that she was very close to a spanking. Carol responded to Brendan by saying, “OK, I’ll do the fucking shopping!” and she walked into their bedroom to get dressed. Her first mistake was swearing at her husband, and the slamming of their bedroom door sealed her fate.

Brendan made a very quick detour for the bathroom to collect a hairbrush, then entered the bedroom and without saying a word, turned Carol over his lap. He immediately reached for the waistband of her panties, and as always, Carol cried out for him not to spank her bare. Carol knew her panties were going to come down anyway, but that never stopped her from voicing her displeasure about it. She was unprepared for what happened next. Brendan paused and let his hand rest on the seat of his wife’s panties. “Carol, I will make you this offer. I will not take your panties down, but if I leave them up, this spanking will not be with my hand, but with this hairbrush.” Brendan showed Carol the hairbrush, which was rectangular in shape. It was
made of ebony and was pretty heavy. Brendan had bought it a few weeks ago, for the sole purpose of using it one day on Carol’s behind. Once again, Carol’s inexperience with spankings caused her to make a very bad choice. “Yes, use anything you want to, but for Christ Sake, leave my panties the hell alone!”

“As you wish,” Brendan replied. He took an extra secure grip on Carol and positioned her so he could wrap his leg around hers. Carol felt a little uneasy and wondered why her husband was positioning her this way. For a fleeting moment, she thought about changing her mind, but she quickly reasoned that nothing could be as bad as having her panties taken down. Carol was wrong about that.

When the hairbrush landed on her panty-clad behind, Carol thought she was going to die. It hurt 100 times more than Brendan’s hand and all Carol could do was scream. Her ass was on fire and this was only after 10 licks with the brush. Carol managed to scream, “Brendan, PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!” Brendan paused for a moment and what he heard next was something he never thought he’d hear from his pretty wife. “Please, I’m sorry. I changed my mind. Take
down my panties if you must, but please just use your hand. I’m begging you.” Brendan had a smile on his face as he put down the hairbrush. OK Carol, we’ll do it your way. And for the very first time ever, Carol remained stoic while her husband lowered her panties.


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  1. I enjoy spanking my husband although he sometimes is not thrilled. I keep him shaved in the pubic area, He also must always have panties on, I inspect him weekly. Even one hair gets him a spanking. Recently I found several hairs in the anal area,
    Next morning we had breakfast and when finished I said pull your panties down. He did. Good Joe you shaved those hairs. Now go into the living room, open the curtains and bend over a chair. He obeyed. I came in with a hairbrush and his belt. What he didn’t see was a dildo. I began with the brush and spanked until he was wiggling to avoid it. Then he got it with the belt. No way to escape that. When I stopped I rubbed his anal area. He likes that. Then I began working the lubed dildo into him. It was the first time. When he asked what are you doing, I slipped it out and showed him. No, no please, no he begged. More lube and I got it all in him and began moving it in and out. I orgasmed twice. He is going to get it again.


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