Starting My Implement Collection: A Hairbrush

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I have a confession for you!!  I have not yet started a collection of spanking implements.  I know, I know, and I call myself a spanko, right.  Well, like I have said before, I fairly unexperienced when it comes to actual spanking play.  I have not had the opportunity to engage in any real spanking play with a member of the opposite sex, but I do hope that will happen in the near future.

Regardless, I thought it was about time to start a collection of spanking implements.  And I thought I would start with one of my favorites, the hairbrush.  I don’t know why I love the hairbrush so much.  Perhaps it is the loud whack it makes on bare skin that appeals so much.  I like it’s use in videos as it is an implement that is often used with a spankee over the knees of the person spanking them.  If you have been following my blog for any length of time, something you will quickly discover about me is that I love over the knee spanking.  I prefer over the knee to any other position, by far.  That is just what does it for me.

Now, you may be wondering, did I buy this hairbrush in hopes of using it on a consenting female bottom, or am I curious of how it will feel on my own bottom?  To both questions I say YES…lol!!  My curiosity about spanking is very much on both sides of an implement.  I often see wooden spoons and hairbrushes, and other seemingly ordinary items and think, ‘that would make a good spanking implement’, and ‘I wonder how much that would sting on a bare bottom’.  I don’t necessarily enjoy pain, per say, but I just have a curious nature when it comes to how an implement might feel on my own bottom.  But, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to use some of these implements on a consenting female bottom.  I know that a lot of spankos identify either as a submissive or as a dominant.  I however definitely identify as a switch.  Both sides of a spanking intrigue me, and I really do want to experience both getting spanked and spanking a female bottom.

The Hairbrush:

I want to talk to you a bit about the hairbrush I bought.  Like I said, this is the start of my implement collection.  I will do more of these posts as I expand my collection of spanking implements.

Now, I am going to go ahead and admit that I don’t know a whole lot when it comes to buying a hairbrush with the specific purpose of using it for spanking.  I did know that I had seen these hairbrushes in stores that have a very wide base, and what do you know, they are called Paddle Hairbrushes, how about that!! 

I am going to do a little unboxing of the hairbrush as it were to look it over and talk about it a bit, and I will attach that here below as an audio file. 

One thing I did want to mention was the I saw that the hairbrush I bought was made out of Bamboo.  Now, I believe that bamboo is supposed to be very strong, or at least that was what Rush Hour 2 told me.  That is right before the bamboo structure they are hanging from begins to bend, but to be fair, I don’t think it is actually the bamboo itself that breaks in that scene, but rather the material that is binding it together.  Check out this scene for yourself here to see what I am talking about and for a little laugh.  If you have never seen the Rush Hour movies, you owe it to yourself to give them a watch.

Now, to hear more thoughts on what I think about this hairbrush I just purchased, please listen to the audio file below:

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  1. Buying hairbrushes is fun! I’ve had a few bamboo one, and those are considered the more light weight ones (and, hate to be a downer..but mine have all cracked after a few uses). They are hard to find, but a solid walnut hairbrush is a fierce spanking implement. I’ve had mine for about three years and it hasn’t cracked. I hope you will let us know if you give yourselves a few whacks with it…the hairbrush really stings!

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    1. Hey Nora,

      I did give myself a few whacks with the hairbrush and yes, you aren’t kidding, the hairbrush stings like crazy!! I might do another short post about testing it out soon, just for fun!! Would be more fun if I had someone else that could really test it out on me…lol!! Need to find a cute girl that wouldn’t mind giving me a little spanking with it!! Maybe she would let me spank her with it too!! Hopefully one day soon that will happen!! In the meantime, I will do another post testing out the hairbrush and letting you know my thoughts!! And yes, not too surprising that they don’t hold up to more serious spanking sessions. I mean this was only a $8.00 hairbrush and that is Canadian dollars. That is probably only about $5 or maybe $6 USD. I will keep my eyes peeled for a solid walnut hairbrush though, thanks for the advice!!

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      1. No problem! I must admit…it gives me a thrill to see my wooden hairbrush sitting on my vanity. To most…it is just a regular item…but to my husband and I this hairbrush has a very special and specific application. Good luck testing it out. If I were that cute girl giving you a little spanking, I might suggest this: Five swats per side, applied firmly to your sit down spots. Five swats applied to each side on the tops of your thighs (be careful, you are much more sensitive there). Then… ten random spanks to EACH side. I know this is only 20 swats per side, but trust me…if you are applying these firmly, that will be plenty for your first spanking. After… you might stand in the corner, your bottom bare, and reflect on the experience… that should give you plenty to write about 🙂 XOXO

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