Aunt Margaret’s Surprise – part 1

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I wanted to share with another spanking story with you guys. This is another one that was in one of my spanking magazines. I am sharing both the scans of the actual spanking magazine pages, as well as an audio version of the story read aloud by yours truly!! I do enjoy doing these audio stories for you guys when I can. I hope that you enjoy listening to them as it is a bit more of a time commitment to do them, but like I said, I like doing them!!

Anyways, hope you enjoy this story!! Part 2 will come soon, so stay tuned!!

Thanks for tuning into another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!! Don’t forget to come by the Let’s Talk Spanking Forum and say hi!!


  1. Woman to Woman spanking e-mags from Scarlett Hills were an absolute treasure. I am so disappointed that the Scarlett Hills website closed won, they are sorely missed.


    1. Yes. Scarlett Hill Spanking was truly a treasure!! I was so sorry when it disappeared!! I actually contacted Barbara when it disappeared as I had her email as there was sometimes issues with me receiving my e-mags. She was always great about getting them to me. So when I noticed that their site had disappeared, I emailed her and asked what was going on. It was actually super tragic; her husband, who she ran the website with and was the technical brains behind things had passed away in June of 2020, after that she didn’t have the know how nor the drive to continue running it herself. I can definitely understand that, but yes definitely a loss for the spanko community for sure!!

      If I had the money and the technical knowhow to keep the Scarlett Hill website running, I would have purchased it and kept it running myself, but alas, I do not. I will have to contend myself with the large collection of the Woman to Woman Spanking magazines which I do have, which is almost all of them. I have a few others from other series as well, but the Woman to Woman were and still are my favorite!!

      This reminds me though, I have been meaning to do a tribute to Scarlett Hill Spanking!! It deserves to be remembered!! I will try to do a tribute post to Scarlett Hill soon!! Thanks for the comment and for subscribing!!


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