Why the Hairbrush?

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Why is the hairbrush such a common spanking implement?

Before I joined some of these forums and started chatting with real people, I would just have assumed that the hairbrush was only used in spanking fiction or in spanking videos and perhaps in decades past.  And while I certainly can understand spankos liking it as an implement that they either like to use or like used on them, I was kind of surprised by how prevalent it is for the spanking of teenage or adult children.

So, my question is, why the hairbrush?

Other than maybe a belt, I think that the hairbrush stands out as one of the most popular spanking implements.  Why is that?  Is it the sound that it makes when striking a bare bottom?  Is it the fact that it can provide a nasty sting without the long term effects of something like a switch or cane?  By no means the harshest of implements, it can still illicit fear in the one being spanked with it.  Or maybe it creates a sense of excitement for others.  I guess it would all depend on the type of spanking that one is going to be getting.

What other reasons could lead to the hairbrush being such a popular implement?  Is it that it can easily be seen as a common household item, more easily disguised for its other use?  A dedicated spanking paddle or a large strap are a little more difficult to explain away, whereas a hairbrush is a common household item for many.

And I do feel that I need to ask the question:

Is it more common for girls to get spanked with a hairbrush then for boys to get spanked with a hairbrush?

Is this true or am I wrong here?  It just seems that a hairbrush is more commonly used to spank female bottoms then male bottoms, although not exclusively.  Is this because it is often the girl’s own hairbrush that is used to spank her with?  Girls and women often will have a large hairbrush for use on their hair, as women do tend to have longer hair, in general!!  So, then the question becomes, is it just a implement of convenience much like a wooden spoon might be?   Or is there a deeper significance to the use of hairbrush as one of the most common spanking implements?

Please feel free to comment down below, or come join us on the forum as I will be posting the question there as well!!  Thanks for tuning into another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

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  1. Hairbrush vs hand: it takes away that “hurts me more than it hurts you factor” letting you deliver a harder more impactful spanking, without wearing out your hand. Plus some religious folk apparently feel it’s wrong to use the hand to cause pain to someone else (as in spanking). But according to their thinking, using a hairbrush or strap or wooden spoon is perfectly fine.

    Hairbrush vs paddle: the smaller size of the hairbrush lets you spread the spanking around the bottom more, rather than hitting repeated in one zone, which means overall you can give a longer, more severe spanking, without causing damage to that one limited area where the paddle would be concentrating its impact.

    Plus, as you suggest, there is the unthreatening anonymity of its presence. Who would suspect if was used for anything but brushing hair? And no explanations are called for if you accidentally leave it lying around the house and visitors see it. See my other thoughts on the subject posted in the forum.

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  2. Not sure about your assumption that more girls than boys get spanked with a hairbrush. When I was growing up there were 2 boys and 1 girl in my family. Far and away, both me and my brother got way more spankings from my mom with the hairbrush than did my sister. Okay, she was a goody goody.

    Also, many of my friends (mostly boys) were spanked with a hairbrush.


  3. The hairbrush is the one thing spankees most often rate as the most painful, even compared with the cane. This may be because the spankee does not expect it to hurt as much as a cane or larger paddle. The extra sting is necessary when you have a teenager you want to send a strong message to and make the sting–and redness–remind him of what happens when rules are broken.


  4. Growing up I was spanked with a hairbrush. When I was small, it was in private over my mother’s lap. Underpants down.
    When I was big enough to resist, my spankings waited until either my aunt or our next door neighbor were in the apartment. I submitted because mom made it clear she’d take out the enema bag.
    I had to take my underpants off and bend over the back of the couch. They each spank me then make me stand in the corner.


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