Anneliese – Part 2

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Title: Anneliese – Part 2

                      Author: Louise Vancisic

                         Warnings: M/f n/c

Shortly after Anneliese turned sixteen, one of Martin’s clients, Kevin Hardy, owner of six major office buildings and several shopping centers, came over to the little house for a meeting.  At the time, unable to afford the rental, Martin’s office was in the little cottage.  Mr. Hardy observed the cramped quarters, the cheap second hand furniture and other signs of the Dreher’s serious economic distress.  He found it curious that during his entire visit the young girl was kept busy doing household chores while Eva read a book.  Occasionally, Eva with a commanding view of the kitchen and tiny living room would call the girl over, speak to her sharply and then wave her away. 

At some point, Anneliese served them some coffee and cake.  Mr. Hardy thanked her warmly and she burst out into an appreciative smile.  The smile faded abruptly when she handed the cup to her father.  Her hand was shaking; some of the hot liquid spilled over the top, burning her little fingers and splashing onto the lap of her father’s trousers.  She uttered a little squeal of pain.  Unconcerned with her suffering, Mr. Dreher glanced at his wet clothes.

“Just look at what you’ve done, you clumsy idiot!” he snapped.    

Despite the pain in her burnt hand, Anneliese clutched the cup as she sought to set it down without further spillage. That accomplished she grasped her injured hand with the other, allowed herself a little whimper and then sought to mollify her father.

“Please … Daddy … I’m so sorry.  Please, I didn’t mean to spill it … honest … it was an accident.  I know I was careless … please forgive me Daddy … ooohhhhh”

“Never mind that”, Mr. Dreher sharply scolded.  “I’ll deal with you later.” 

This latter statement must have conveyed a portentous message, for the young girl’s cheeks flushed and a worried countenance imposed itself on her pretty features.  The girl completed her task, asked if everything was satisfactory and remained standing, hands submissively crossed behind her back.  As her father dismissed her without even a thank you, the sixteen year old curtsied and left the room.

The event that Kevin Hardy had just witnessed greatly excited him.  An overweight, sallow faced bachelor, Mr. Hardy had always been shy and insecure around women.  His social graces were noticeably under-developed and his few attempts to meet girls in high school and college were summarily rejected, or so he felt.  Fearing further rejection, Kevin retreated into his world of real estate and fantasies.  Now, the domestic scene he had just witnessed sharply awakened those fantasies.

He quickly sized up the situation; the Dreher’s cold strictness toward the girl and their need for cash.  He smiled to himself and started to play his hand. 

“I noticed that your daughter pays strict mind to you and your wife.  I must admit it’s downright refreshing to see a child exhibit such obedience to her parents. Please accept my compliments to you and your wife.”

Martin was both surprised and considerably pleased that the young businessman would have noticed. 

“Why, thank you, Kevin.  I’m rather flattered that you noticed.  She is quite a good girl, if I say so myself.”

“I can see that”, Kevin pursued. “And I suspect that’s due to the way she’s been brought up. I sense that neither of you puts up with any nonsense from her.” 

Martin chuckled, amused by the young man’s understatement. 

“You can be sure of that.  We have very high expectations for our daughter and she knows it.”

Kevin sat forward.

“And if she should fail to meet those expectations?” he inquired.

Martin saw the excitement in Kevin’s eyes and knew that the young man’s interest went beyond mere curiosity.  A plan quickly formed in his mind.  Mr. Hardy’s real estate company owned several large office buildings and shopping centers.  Martin provided service to only one of those buildings. If his hunch was correct, he might be able to persuade Hardy Real Estate to expand his contract tenfold; perhaps make him their exclusive servicer.  Visions of the elegant house and expensive cars he once owned appeared before him.  Kevin was a nice young man, socially awkward and lonely, eager for friendship and attracted to his daughter.  Martin would offer him friendship … and more.  He examined Mr. Hardy’s face; it was flushed and his breathing was uneven.  Smirking inwardly, he confidently decided to play his high cards.

“Then”, he responded gravely, “she will be soundly punished”

Kevin nervously asked if the girl would be punished for spilling the coffee earlier.

“Oh definitely!” came the emphatic reply. “But that isn’t the only punishment she’s earned. You see, earlier today, Anneliese had to be reprimanded for not making our bed properly.”

Martin paused, then continued.

“Well, instead, of immediately apologizing and thanking her mother for pointing out her fault, she instinctively made a sour face.  Then, realizing what she had done and what would happen to her, she, of course, then fell all over herself apologizing.  Well, my wife was not fooled for a moment and informed the little minx that she would give her a good one later.  As far, as spilling the coffee; nothing but sheer carelessness!  And she knows it.  Anneliese knows that she has been careless and disrespectful, she knows that she deserves to be punished and she knows that she will be punished.”

His pulse racing, Kevin interjected cautiously. 

“I noticed her reaction when you said ‘I’ll deal with you later’. She seemed quite worried and perhaps even a bit frightened.”

Martin offered an indulgent smile and chuckled lightly,

“That’s because she knows that she’ll soon be going across my lap for a good old fashioned hand spanking.  Then, after she “rests” in the corner, she has an appointment with her mother … and the hairbrush.”

“Oh … I see … but isn’t that rather severe for such minor offenses?”

“Perhaps”, Martin responded thoughtfully, “the specific acts may be trivial but the underlying faults of carelessness and disrespect are most definitely not.  These are deeply rooted deficiencies of character that require a continuous conscious effort by Anneliese to overcome.  Consequently, she needs strong guidance to help her make this effort.  So, putting it very simply, if the consequences of not making the effort are sufficiently unpleasant, then she will be motivated to make the effort.  For Anneliese, the threat of a spanking provides this motivation.  However, since you seem a bit incredulous, why don’t you stay here and watch.”

The unexpected invitation caused the chubby guest to become flustered.

“Oh my goodness … I mean … I wouldn’t think of asking   … I mean … I don’t want to embarrass your daughter …” 

Martin laughed the young man’s remark aside with an impatient gesture of his left hand. 

“Oh, that’s nonsense. Anneliese has had other people watch her spankings and besides the embarrassment is an additional penance which is very wholesome for her.  Please Kevin, I insist.  To be honest, Eva and I are rather fond of you and want you to feel like you’re with family.” 

The younger man’s eyes flicked in surprise but he was clearly moved by the sincerity and warmth of Martin’s words.

Wrapping his arm around Kevin’s rounded shoulder, Martin smiled engagingly.

“Come on, we’ll do it in the living room; it’s more comfortable.”

By this time, Kevin’s excitement had overwhelmed any scruples of conscience, and he eagerly accompanied Martin to the living room.  Martin ushered him to a worn club chair and cast a conspiratorial wink at his wife.  Martin remained standing as they waited for the girl to return from the kitchen.  Returning, she encountered her father’s stern expression. 

“Oh… hi Daddy,” she stammered, bending her head and stepping back. 

Noticing, Mr. Hardy seated in the room, she colored and her eyes widened.

Martin spoke, his eyes fixed on the frightened culprit, his voice thin and ominous.

“I believe we have some unfinished business, young lady!” 

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