Anneliese – Part 1

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Story posted with consent by the author Louise Vancisic. She has many stories posted on the Library of Spanking Fiction. She is allowing me to share this one with you. It is 5 parts long, so I will post one a week for the next few weeks. Give you a reason to keep coming back. This is a fictional story, so please read it as such.

Hope you enjoy this story!!

Title: Anneliese – Part 1
Author: Louise Vancisic
Warnings: F/f, M/f n/c

When Martin Dreher was working at his company’s German division, he and his wife, Eva, employed a young housekeeper from the former East Germany. Greta, who was nineteen at the time, had
an out-of-wedlock baby girl named Anneliese. Eva Dreher liked Greta and allowed both her and the baby to move in and live with them. In return Greta worked extra hard and accepted the Dreher’s strict rules including corporal punishment. For Greta, a few slaps now and then
seemed a tiny price to pay for the security of a home and three meals for her and her child. Furthermore, raised in the authoritarian culture of East Germany, Greta did not consider it odd that she should be corrected in this manner.

As the Dreher’s became more confident of their power over the servant girl, their use of corporal punishments, increased both in frequency and intensity. By her fourth year with the Dreher’s, scarcely a week went by that Greta wasn’t called to Eva’s bedroom. There to have her clothes pulled up and her naked bottom liberally visited by her mistress’ hand or leather strap, reducing her to tears and mournful promises of ‘being more careful’. Though Martin spent most of his time at the office, he nearly always seemed to be home to witness these formal corrections. This was doubly unfortunate for Greta. Not only did she endure the additional torment of being humiliatingly exposed before a man but Martin invariably urged
his wife to spank harder and longer.

When Greta’s daughter, Anneliese, was four, Eva Dreher, at the age of forty two became unexpectedly pregnant. Shortly before Anneliese’s fifth birthday, Eva gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom they named Carl. Anneliese was pressed into service assisting Eva in caring for the baby. Soon, her bottom too became well acquainted with the seemingly tireless palm of her mistress. On more than one occasion, both mother and daughter could be found lying on their beds, red-bottomed and sobbing. Like her mother, Anneliese accepted this treatment as normal and offered no resistance.

One year later an event occurred that would forever change all their lives. Martin was informed that he’d be returning to the U.S. Having come to East Germany with the promise of a major promotion upon his return, Martin had reason to be very excited.

Their seeming good fortune however would be Greta’s misfortune. When Eva broke the news about their upcoming departure to Greta, the young woman became greatly concerned. Prior to her employment with the Dreher’s she had known the misery of being homeless and hungry, and, even worse, of seeing her baby go hungry. Several times she had thought of abandoning the infant
but she had too much decency to do that. Now, conditions in her region were even worse. Fearful, of her daughter’s future, she prevailed upon Eva to take her and Anneliese with them.

Eva agreed to consider the request but the immigration authorities would not approve it. In desperation, Greta begged them to at least take Anneliese so that the child might have a chance at a decent life. It took much persuasion from his wife but in the end, Martin consented to adopting the little girl so they could bring her to live with them.

Events however changed radically when they returned. Anticipating a major step up in their standard of living, Martin and Eva purchased a large luxury home on four acres of land. Instead of receiving the promotion and the big raise that he could almost taste, Martin was
summarily dismissed in a corporate “downsizing”. Months passed quickly as Martin found that no one was interested in hiring an overweight and balding middle aged manager. Then his severance pay ran out and they were no longer able to afford the payments on their dream house. Forced to sell at a huge loss they could only afford to rent a small three bedroom cottage. Finally, after a year of futile searching, Martin borrowed some money and opened a
small business providing office cleaning services.

One day, one of Martin’s crews failed to show up to clean up a party at one of his corporate customers. Unable to find replacements on such short notice, Martin climbed into his truck and went to the site himself. As the young executives and their secretaries were laughing
and drinking, Martin swept and mopped up the drinks, food and garbage they indifferently dropped on the floor. Bottling up his rage, Martin tried not to look at the revelers but focused on his work. When the last guest left, Martin sat down and wailed like a wounded

At home, Martin’s frustration was turned against the little girl who, unwittingly of course, reminded him of what he once had. As the cost of raising her drained their meager resources, Eva too became resentful. They put all their hopes into their natural child, the boy they named Carl, and indulged him as much as they could. This preference became more pronounced as the children grew older. Although Carl was more than four years younger he was granted
privileges that were routinely denied to his sister. By contrast, instead of privileges, Anneliese was saddled with restrictions and responsibilities, enforced by the application of progressively stricter discipline. So numerous and demanding were the tasks assigned to the girl that she did not even have enough time to complete her chores and her homework, let alone any time for recreation.

As she passed through her teen years, Anneliese was required not only to perform her household chores but also to assist her father in his business. Twice a week after school and nearly all day Saturday, Anneliese performed a variety of secretarial duties and sometimes went out with the cleaning crews to clean offices at night. When her father had customers visit, it was Anneliese’s job to make them comfortable and serve coffee, tea and other refreshments.
Though she didn’t realize it, she also provided “entertainment” for some of her father’s “special” customers.

As Carl was not required to work, it was at home that the difference in their treatment was most pronounced. Carl was placed on a virtual pedestal; Anneliese was essentially treated like a serving girl. Nowhere, was the contrast greater than in the administration of
discipline. In virtually, every way, Carl’s punishments, which were infrequent to begin with, were far more benign, particularly as it related to the aspect of humiliation.

Examples of this favoritism confronted Anneliese at every turn. While Carl might receive a serious verbal reprimand once a month; Anneliese would receive a formal spanking at least weekly. This was in addition to the spankings that her father administered to her at the office. On those rare occasions when Carl was punished physically, it was done over his trousers, and privately. Anneliese, on the other hand, had to endure the humiliation of being spanked over her panties or on her bare bottom, often in the presence of others, including her brother.

Carl was never subjected to the indignity of corner time. After a spanking, Anneliese was often required to stand in the corner with her dress raised. A variety of delightfully provocative poses were employed in this emotionally charged ritual. The least onerous, for
Anneliese, was when she “only” had to display her panties. Of course, after a good solid spanking, the glow of her heated behind through the sheer material was so distinct that it left no doubt as to what had just transpired. More offensive to Anneliese’s sensitivities was the same pose …. sans panties.

But, the shame of having her naked reddened buttocks publicly exposed was nothing compared to the emotional devastation of being made to stand, her back to the wall, dress up, panties
down; shamefully exposed. For, an inherent component of this cruel penance was the requirement to keep her eyes wide open and behold her family and sometimes visitors, staring at her, commenting and quite openly enjoying her distress and humiliation. Forbidden to close her eyes, she could not escape, even for a moment, the stares provoked by the indecent spectacle she was forced to present. So profound was her emotional torment, she could not refrain from crying her heart out the entire duration of this ordeal.

Finally, though corner time usually concluded a punishment, it was sometimes merely the interlude between a preliminary hand spanking and the main event. Martin and Eva omitted little in the litany of indignities that they imposed upon Anneliese. One of Eva’s favorites was to have Anneliese request her spanking. Not surprisingly, she was also expected to acknowledge that her punishment was richly deserved. Carl, of course, was exempt from any such demeaning acts.

There was also, another, and more sinister, factor in the behavior of the Dreher’s toward their adopted daughter.

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  1. Seems like a very plausible storyline. The mood reminds me a little of the Netflix series “Babylon Berlin”, which was set in the period between WWI and WWII. Looking forward to the rest of the story.


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