Cheerleader Spankings – Website Review

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Reviews will consist of 4 areas. Presentation, Navigation, Value/Quality, Extras It will be a 5 Star Rating for each section

Cheerleader Spankings is part of the Sarah Gregory group of websites and is owned and operated both Sarah herself as well as John Osborne.  As far as I know, John and Sarah are still a couple and have been for quite some time.  They obviously work well together as they are both very involved in all the different websites that they opporate.

Cheerleaders being spanked is a pretty common fantasy among many spankos.  The idea of pretty girls, dressed up in cheer outfits and then getting a spanking in them is definitely a fun one to explore.  What could be better than pretty girls getting hard spankings, paddlings, and the strap or even cane at times for our viewing pleasure?  Answer: Not very much!!  Sarah works with some of the top models in the industry, so you will see girls that are able to take a hard spanking and more.  Mouth soapings and even some diaper punishment also come into play at times too.  There is always a detailed description of each scene, so you know what you will get before you dive in, which makes finding the content that you like very easy!!

So, without further ado, let’s dive into Cheerleader Spankings and give you guys an in depth review of their website!!


Upon entering Cheerleader Spankings, you immediately start to get a good idea of the content you will be getting here.  They do not skimp on giving you a very thorough preview of the content here.  In fact, you can browse through pretty much all the scenes, and there is even a video preview for quite a number of them.  This certainly gives viewers that are considering a membership here a good idea of what they will be getting for their money.  But as I currently, as of the time of the posting of this review, have a paid membership here, I will be able to dive in even further for a full and complete review for you!!

Staying on the theme of presentation for a minute more here, I will say that once logged in the presentation is clean, simple and quite attractive.  There are image banners at the top of the screen and the main page once logged in takes you to the most recent updates. 

I have to give presentation 5 out of 5 stars as I think it is excellent!!  Images to capture your attention right away, but a very clean design make it a pleasure to look at.

Presentation 5 out of 5 stars!!


The next thing I always like to tackle with these website reviews is how easy it is to navigate the website.  This is very important and makes finding the content you want to be a pleasurable experience versus becoming a chore.  Well, I am pleased to say that this site earns top marks for navigation.  Once you are logged in there are five main areas to go.  Again, you start out of the updates screen and it is very easy to see the most recent content that has been added to the website from here.  Click on any of the scenes and be taken right into them to be able to download the videos and the still images.

The five main areas are; Updates, Episodes, Photos, Movies, and Cast.  Movies and photos will take you to just that type of media with all the scenes displayed.  As far as I can tell, there is always video and still images of each and every scene.  Episodes is the way that I prefer to navigate through the site.  Currently there are 29 pages worth of episodes with about 10 episodes per page.  This allows you to click on any scene that captures your imagination.  Each episode has a detailed description of the scene as well as one main photo to draw you in.  Just simply click on Go to This Episode and it will take you right in to the episode and from there it is easy to see the files to download either a WMV file or a MP4 file for the videos and then still images below that.

I have to give navigation top marks for sure.

Navigation 5 out of 5 stars


There is a lot to love about Cheerleader Spanking.  Quality wise, all videos are high definition.  The action is always caught with multiple cameras, often giving both the bottom view as well as the facial reactions.  The scenes are set up great, lighting is excellent, with no problem seeing what is going on it the scene.  From a performance stand point, the acting is pretty good, for spanking videos that is.  Most of the models are pretty experienced in the scene and you can tell by how easily they fall into the role of brats being punished.  Many of the models can portray a look of apprehension, despite the fact that many of these girls have probably been in hundreds of scenes.  Just as important is the action, which in my humble opinion is also excellent.  Keeping in mind that you are watching role playing scenes in each and every video, the action is good in almost every one of the videos that I watched.  While not every scene may appeal to you, it is easy to find ones that you will enjoy.

With well over 200 scenes on the sit now, which equals thousands of still images, this all leads to lots of value!!  One quick note on the still images for a second!!  You can click on any still images and download that single one or, and this is my preference, you can download the whole thing via a zip file.  This is a huge time saver!!  So if you like a particular scene and want all the still images from it, you aren’t forced to download them one at a time.  And unzipping files is super easy after the fact.  I can’t praise the Cheerleader Spankings website enough for this addition!!

So, as you can probably guess, Value/Quality also gets top marks.

Value/Quality 5 out of 5 stars


This is a tough one.  There aren’t technically any real extras, however, there is more content here than you can possibly imagine.  As one of Sarah’s newest sites, it amazing how much content she has managed to produce on it.  I am sure a large amount of the credit also goes to John Osborne.  While both John and Sarah are not always in front of the camera, they are always working hard behind the scenes.

Since I don’t have any specific extras to highlight for you, I want to instead just restate the fact that I feel there is an incredible amount of value in the fact that you can download all photos so easily by downloading them as a zip file.  This to me is huge!!  This needs to become a standard option for downloading pictures.

While it would have been fun to see some behind the scenes videos done (bloopers, etc.), there is a place that you can view some behind the scenes content on one of their blogs.  Before you log into the website, there is an option at the top called Blogs.  There are a few there, but the one I found the most interesting was the first one, just called Spanking Blog.  One of the most recent articles on there, John talks about his trip back to the UK, which is home for him.  John dives into a bit of what a challenge it was to get back there, with all the new rules in place since COVID.  I find this behind the scenes stuff fascinating myself and it gives me a new appreciate of how dedicated and hard working both Sarah and John are to producing their content!!

I find this section hard to grade, as there aren’t technically a lot of extras here, but I think that this in no way holds this website back.

Extras here 3.5 out of 5 stars.


Cheerleader Spankings is absolutely a 5 out of 5 overall for me.  While there may not be a ton of extras, there is so much content here to love.  Beautiful girls, hard spankings, great disciplinarians, high definition it is all here!! 

Some of the highlights include a number of the multi-girl scenes, especially the Cheer Camp Series.  Even Michael Masterson appeared as a guest disciplinarian for one of the Cheer Camp Series delivering some of the hardest paddlings ever!!

When it comes down to quality of what is offered here, you can’t go wrong with Cheerleader Spankings!!  If you like girls getting spanked in cheerleader outfits, you will like this site, I promise you!!  While this site is primarily a role-playing and fantasy website, the action more than delivers on the scenes.  These girls get spanked for real, and it is fun to see how all the different girls react!!

Hope you enjoyed this review of Cheerleader Spankings!! 

If you would like to check out the website for yourself, here is the link:

Also, please drop by the Let’s Talk Spanking Forum and say hi!!


  1. Great review. It’s great that you can review it from the point of view of a subscriber, who is objective about it all, having paid for the subscription presumably with your own money — not sponsored by the site to produce promotional adulationI’m wondering how long you have been a member of this site. And how long do you typically continue to subscribe to one pay site before you move on to the next. How many pay sites do you subscribe to at one time?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow Karl!! Glad you enjoyed the review!! And that is a great question. First of all, no I am not sponsored or given anything from the sites that I subscribe to. That would be awesome if that were to ever happen!!

      I am going to answer your question honestly. I purchased a membership for one month, non-recurring for Cheerleader Spankings. While it cost just a little bit more to do a one month non-recurring than a one month recurring, I like the piece of mind of not having to remember to cancel. I try to download all of the videos that I am interested in over the course of that month and if I run out of time, I put it on a list tore-subscribe to again in the future. I don’t often subscribe for more than one month at a time as I personally prefer to explore different content!! It isn’t a matter of not feeling like their content is worth it, because if I felt that way, I wouldn’t subscribe in the first place.

      As far as your question as to how many sites I subscribe to at once. I try to keep it at just one. I have subscribed to a couple at once before, and even that can be overwhelming!! I prefer to focus on just one and get all the content I want from that before I move onto others.

      Thanks for the questions Karl!!

      Liked by 1 person

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