Celebrities that Spank

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I have a confession.  I bought a type of magazine that I would never normally purchase.  I was in line at Walmart the other day picking up a few things I needed and noticed this STAR magazine while waiting in line.  On impulse, I decided to buy it.  Any idea what caught my eye on the front cover?  Yes, it was the tell all about which celebrities spank their kids.  Now, I knew going into it, that the reality of the article would likely be disappointing, but I couldn’t help myself.  The article itself isn’t much at all to speak of, but it does bring up some questions in my mind, so maybe we can dive into those. 

First of all, the article itself is titled Kate’s Anger Issues.  Right from the get go this article seems to be less about spanking and more about Kate Gosselin’s lack of anger management.  This says to me, that there is still very much a negative focus on how people look at parents who spank their kids.  Celebrities just happen to be under a stronger lens with everything they do.  The article goes on to say that Kate loves her children, but when they misbehave she disciplines them how she feels it is appropriate.  Unfortunately, there isn’t anything more to the article as it would have been interesting to get more perspective both from Kate, and from the article writer.

I guess what struck me was that this was even on a front page of a magazine.  The spanking of kids is widely viewed as a negative approach to parenting anymore, so I was a little curious as to how they were going to handle it.  I was definitely hoping for more, and would have loved to see a more balanced and longer article on different approaches to parenting, with some who spank and some who don’t.  As it was, it was really just a short newspaper article that didn’t elaborate much on how this is viewed or get more perspective on why Kate decided to spank her daughter in that instance and why she uses it in general.  But it is in a fluff magazine that is not filled with a lot of substance, so that should be no surprise.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this short little article and enjoyed this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

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