Right Place, Right Time – A Spanking Letter

Posted by Jason Gilbert

While this is not a tale of a witnessed spanking, it is the next best thing. This true account tells of a man that overhears a very clear spanking threat and then a promise of a sound spanking to a young girl of 15. A mother/daughter argument ends with a promise of a sound spanking for the young girl in question. While the gentleman that witnessed this exchange didn’t get to see the following spanking, he was able, like us to picture it in his mind.

I hope you enjoy this short little true spanking tale. I know I sure did!!

I am including scans of the original article, as well as an audio version of the story, read by yours truly. I think you might like the audio version as I try to give emphasis where needed, to draw you into the story!!

Thanks for tuning into another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!!

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