Spanking References in TV and Movies: Still Standing

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I was reading through an old spanking magazine the other day when I came across this little article. It is always fascinating to find anything to do with spanking in mainstream media. I know that there are actually websites dedicated to spanking in movies and tv shows, and another website that highlights any spanking reference made in books that are not otherwise devoted to that topic. Always fun to find spanking references in mainstream vanilla media. Makes one wonder if there are some hidden spankos that produce some of this content, but in many cases it also goes back to a time when the use of spanking was far more socially acceptable.

For today’s little trip down memory lane I want to highlight a show called Still Standing. I have to confess to never having watched this show, but from the little I watched of it on YouTube, in an effort to find a clip for you of the scene in question, I would say that it is a pretty typical half hour sitcom. There are probably worse ones that you could watch, but I digress.

The clip features a mother coming to her daughter’s school to pick her up so she doesn’t have to walk home. The daughter asks her mother if she can instead take her to the mall and drop her off for two hours and then take her and her friend to McDonalds for food. Her mother’s response is amazing, “or I could take you to the mall and spank you in front of all your friends”. The line is delivered very tongue and cheek but is good non the less.

What strikes me is that even though this is very much played for comedy here, I don’t think it would fly today!! Some of you may have read my blog about the episode of Last Man Standing that tackled spanking and I feel like even by the time that show aired it might have been very controversial. These days spanking is either played for comedy or is part of adult play in TV Shows and movies. Even a spanking reference might be looked down upon in today’s overly PC society!!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little look at a short little spanking reference in mainstream television. I will try to bring you more of them from time to time, as I personally find them fascinating!!

Here is the original episode on YouTube. The scene is near the beginning right after the opening credits. If you skip ahead to about 1:36 into the video you will see it. It isn’t anymore than 30 seconds long.

Thanks for tuning into another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

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