Appreciating the Seasons!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Seasons!! They change too quickly!! For me, the change of seasons has been a big part of my growing up. Living in South Western Ontario in Canada, we appreciate each and every season. Summers that getting too hot and humid with being close to the Great Lakes, Winters that seem to go on forever, and Springs and Falls that are far too short in my opinion. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

To me Christmas is snow on the ground, and it doesn’t feel the same when there is no snow. Fall colours are some of my favorites (yes, I spelled colour the Canadian way, deal with it)!! And there is something about a dark stormy sky in the background with bright colourful trees in front of it that just pops!! Too often we complain about the weather and it will never satisfy everyone all at once, but there are those days that just about seem perfect. Days that you could go out for a walk and just go for hours!! Today was one of those days for me!! I love going for a walk on a nice warm, not too hot spring, summer, or fall day!! It just makes me smile!!

Sorry that this posts didn’t have anything to do with spanking!! Not to worry, there is lots more spanking related content coming your way!! I just thought it would be fun to share just a warm friendly message as the summer draws to a close. I got the chance to visit with some family this past weekend, something I haven’t done in far too long!! It is good to be reminded that we all still crave and need some social interaction in life!! So, if I can encourage you, if the weather is nice, get out, go for a walk, a hike, enjoy nature, and hopefully spend some time with friends and family too!!

Take care my friends and thanks for tuning into another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!


    1. Thanks. I pulled them from Google, so I can’t take credit. Maybe I should post some of my own pictures here from time to time!! I used to make personalized calendars for my grandmother and my parents. I haven’t done it in a few years, but I really enjoyed doing it when I did. I like taking landscape and scenery types of pictures, as well as close-ups of flowers.

      It is all so non-spanking related that I didn’t know if I should share it here, but who knows, maybe I will from time to time!! That’s okay to do here right? It is after all my blog!! Glad that you liked this post!! I will definitely share some of my own pics on here at some point, just for fun!!

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      1. LOL…yes it is my blog. And I guess people can just skip over posts that don’t interest them.

        One of my other biggest hobbies is photography. So yes, maybe I will share a little bit of that from time to time. It is nice to share some non-spanking related posts from time to time. I guess I already have with the Happy Father’s Day and Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day posts, and those did get some love too. There is much more to me than just spanking. But in the interest of keeping this Blog on topic, it will likely stay at least 90% spanking related content, with the occasional general interest piece about one of my other hobbies!!

        I can almost always talk about spanking, but it is nice to let people know that there is more to me than just my spanking interest!!

        Thanks as always for the comment Nora!!

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