On the Spot Spankings: Laura – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Time for another spanking video highlight.  This one comes courtesy of Wellspanked.  They have a clips4sale store with many videos to chose from.  There videos often feature straight forward plots and hard hitting action.  The models take some genuinely hard spankings and they react in very realistic ways to them.

This is part of their On the Spot series and features Laura getting a spanking from her dad.  Laura was asked to be home at a certain time to help her mom with some things around the house.  She arrived almost two hours late and as a result was no help to her mom.  Dad is upset as he bought her a car to help her get to and from school, with the understanding that she would still help out around the house.  Her car is a privilege and one that she has been abusing.  Dad confronts Laura and gives her a choice; either hand over her car keys for a week, or get a sore bottom from dad.  She reluctantly choses the spanking, and her dad makes sure it is a good one.

Starting out over her thin cotton bottoms, he spanks her hard with a slipper.  Over and over the hard spanks rain down, leaving her to cry out and tell her dad how sorry she is.  After about a minute over he thin pants, he has her pull them down and continues over her panties.  And then eventually those come down too and it is bare bottom time.  Wow!!  Does she ever feel that!!

This is an over the knee spanking delivered in a unique way.  Dad puts his foot up on a footstool and pulls Laura over his one knee.  Her bottom is much higher up then a traditional OTK spanking, and it makes for a perfect target for dad.  I do love traditional over the knee, especially when the spanker is sitting on a chair, but I have to confess to really liking this position as well.  I would still consider it over the knee, but it is a fun variation!!

Anyways, as I hope you can tell from both the gifs and the audio files, these spankings are very real and very sound.  Although a smaller studio and one that I don’t think is super active anymore, they did produce some excellent content.  Video quality is usually a bit lower, but the action more than makes up for it.  Great scolding and hard spankings!!  High recommendation from me!!

Here is a link to the clips4sale store where this video can be purchased:


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    1. Agreed Nora!! He sells the father figure very well in all the videos he is in. And I find a lot of the models there can sell the scolded and in trouble girl very well!! Whether these models are just fascinated by spanking or were spanked as kids growing up, they can certainly commit to the naughty girl act quite well and almost all of them can take a good hard spanking!!

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