Vintage Spanking Pics

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I just thought I would share a few vintage spanking pics that I currently have in my collection!! Part of having these collections is being able to share them with you guys. I will confess to taking a cue from Richard Windsor as he often does that on his blog. There is a link to his blog in the links department of my site. I like his content and he seems like a very genuine down to earth kind of guy. I have never connected with him personally, but I would love to as he seems like a very kind gentleman!!

Anyways, this is just a few images that I came across in my collection today and I thought I would share them with you. I believe that most of them are from Nu West Spanking, one of the true pioneers of the spanking scene!! Great images that we can easily use our imaginations to imagine why these girls might be in these situations. Most, if not all of the images feature the very maternal side of a traditional over the knee spanking, my favorite kind!!

Anyways, hope that you enjoy this little collection of vintage spanking pics!!

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  1. These pictures remind me of a neighbors son who’s Mom found this material in her sons bedroom. She let me sit on his bed and spank him.


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