Spanked for Stealing – Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This highlight comes courtesy of Momma’s Spankings, part of the Sarah Gregory group of sites.  I was a subscriber to Momma’s Spankings in the much earlier days of the site about five years back.  Even at that time, there was a plethora of great content on that site.  Now, five years later, the amount of content on that site is overwhelming, but in a good way!!

This was not the first video from that site that I fell in love with, but it is one of my favorites since I discovered it, and remains so to this day.  While I do like the entire video premise (more on that in a bit), there is one main reason that I fell in love with this video, and that is severe hairbrush spankings at the end of the video.  The hairbrush is featured a lot on most of Sarah Gregory’s websites which is okay by me.  Why I feel this video deserves a special mention for its use of the hairbrush is both the severity of the spankings and the reactions from both of the models while they are being spanked.  Harley Havik is one of those models that isn’t afraid to show tears and react realistically.  This video is a prime example of Harley’s ability to both take a hard spanking, but react in a realistic way to it.  Her arm even comes back to protect her bottom at one point, only to be quickly snatched up by Sarah’s mom (played wonderfully by Dana Specht) and for the spanking to continue much to Harley’s dismay. 

Quick side note: I have often wondered how real a girl’s reaction are during a spanking video.  Some seem either exaggerated, while others don’t react that much at all, but some seem very real to me.  I guess I sometimes second guess whether the more experienced models are just putting on a show or if their reactions are genuine.  That being said, I definitely buy the reactions from Harley in this video.  She cries like a real girl, getting a very hard spanking.

Now, Sarah Gregory is also excellent in this video.  Being that Sarah is probably one of the most experienced models in the industry today, she doesn’t always react as big to a spanking.  This is one of the few videos I have seen tears from Sarah.  Now, how she managed to do that for this particular video, where I have seen others where she gets spanked just as hard that she doesn’t cry.  Was it her emotional state of mind, or was she able to just immerse herself so fully in the part that crying came naturally?  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how she did it, all that matters is that the tears seem real.  And that is why I truly love this scene.

Now, the premise of this video is simple.  Two girls get caught stealing and it is up to Sarah’s mom to handle things, and handle them she does.  Starting with one of Dana Specht’s patented scolding’s, two sorry girls are informed that they are going to be spanked.  These are long drawn out spankings, starting with over the knee hand spankings over clothes and eventually bare bottom.  Most action is over the knee, my personal favorite.  There is a small section that Sarah and Harley are both on the couch kneeling side by side with Dana smacking both of their bottoms.  Then my favorite part comes next, the hairbrush spankings.  These are no joke and Dana Specht is a true master at delivering hard hairbrush spankings.  I love watching her in action with the hairbrush.  The tears stream down the girls faces as they both endure a very sound bare bottom spanking with the wooden hairbrush.  Listen to the audio files I’ve included here if you have any doubt of the effectiveness of these spankings.

One more thing I like about this video is that it does seem more believable than some videos from Sarah’s sites.  It is a believable reason that these girls would be in so much trouble as they were caught doing something illegal, something that could end with them having a criminal record.  If ever there was a time to spank your adult child, I would say that doing something illegal should be high on that list.

Anyways, I know I had a lot to say about this video.  I wanted to give you some insight as to why I liked it.  I realize that my tastes may differ from other peoples, but I do want to share my favorites with you and why I have picked them as my favorites.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

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