Aunt Susan – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Time for another spanking video highlight.  I have to confess that I really like bringing these highlights to you guys, as it gives me a reason to revisit some videos that I haven’t watched in a while.  I just found this video recently and it is absolutely one of my favorites.  On the shorter side, it wastes little time in getting right to the action.  A little scolding to get things started and then it is straight over the knee for Emma who is staying with her strict aunt while going to college.  Aunt Susan, as the video is called, is very upset with her college aged niece and has decided to take a more active hands on approach with naughty Emma.  Aunt Susan gets a call from Emma’s college informing her that Emma is in danger of being kicked out due to her unsavory behavior.  Emma tries to maintain that she is not going to be kicked out, but Aunt Susan isn’t having any of it.  It is straight over aunties knees for a sound hand spanking that starts out over skirt, which quickly comes up and is continued over panties and eventually those come down too for a bare bottom spanking.  Like I said, this is not an overly long video, clocking in at a little over 3 minutes.  More of a short and sweet and right to the point, this video hits the mark with good scolding and hard hitting action. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that this video comes courtesy of Punished Brats.  I know I feature their videos a lot.  I don’t mean to come across as biased, but I do really like a lot of their videos.  The more I revisit their videos, the more I realize that they are one of my favorite producers.  This particular video is a great example of one of their role play scenarios played out to perfection.  The acting is pretty good, the action is solid, and Emma’s reactions are excellent.  Emma plays the part of a girl that grew up without a lot of discipline really well.  A girl that is now being taken in hand by her strict aunt for some more serious punishment.  She seems genuinely surprised by how much a spanking hurts and is promising to be good at the end of her spanking.  I love how the video ends with Aunt Susan promising that this is only the beginning if this kind of behavior persists.

This one gets a high recommendation from me!!  I hope you enjoyed this edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

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