Jenny’s Hard Strapping – Spanking Story

Posted by Jason Gilbert

A completely new and original spanking story written by yours truly. I hope that you have as much fun reading this story as I did writing in.

Content Warning: This story does contain some descriptions of sex, contains some profanity, but not much, and describes a severe strapping that a girl receives from her father. This story is a little more intense than some of my other stories, so just be warned.

Jenny’s Hard Strapping

Story written by Jason Gilbert

Jenny Walker was smitten with Stephen Williams, a young man of 24 years.  She wanted to be with him every second of the day, no matter how bad her dad didn’t want her to see him.  Jenny’s father felt that Stephen was a bad influence on Jenny, getting her into all kinds of rebelliousness that her father didn’t approve of.  First and foremost, there was there age difference.  At only 18 years of age, there was almost 6 years between them, although that mattered little to Jenny.  She just knew that she liked Stephen.  He was tall, and had a pretty great body.  He was in good shape with strong muscular arms, but not too big.  He was a bit of a bad boy, drove a motorbike and Jenny loved to go for rides on it, much to her father’s distaste.

Stephen had introduced Jenny to drinking beer for the first time in her young life only a month back and she loved the feelings that it gave her.  Her dad would kill her if he knew that she had been drinking beer, but thankfully he had been out of town at the time and had never found out.  If he had found out, Jenny was sure that her dad would have given her the spanking of her life.  Even though she was 18, almost 19 years old, she still got spanked by her father on occasion.  Her dad was pretty strict with her, with strict curfews and rules to be followed and when they weren’t, she didn’t get a lot of second chances.  It was up to her bedroom, where her dad would take out her vanity bench, take Jenny over his knees and spank her until the tears were streaming down her face and her voice would go hoarse from yelling and screaming.  Her dad usually only spanked with his hand, but being that he was a construction worker, he could spank plenty hard with just his hand.  Jenny hated getting spanked, but she was glad that she didn’t get taken out to the woodshed like her older brother did sometimes.  Her brother, Ben, would get the leather strap and he would yell and scream every bit as loud as she did during her spankings, maybe even louder.  Jenny always shuddered when she would hear that awful loud cracking noise of the strap hitting her brother’s bare bottom, and then the subsequent screams of pain from her brother.  She was very glad that her dad had never used it on her, although he had threatened it a couple of times.


Friday June 24th was a beautiful day and Jenny was looking forward to seeing Stephen again.  Her dad had forbidden her from seeing him, but she didn’t care.  Stephen parked his bike in behind some trees on the Johnson’s large property.  It wasn’t a farm, but there was lots of room to run around, and places to hide to have a little roll in the hay with Stephen as Jenny knew they would be doing this afternoon. Her dad was working all day, so there was almost no chance of getting caught, so they would have all afternoon to make out and do whatever they wanted.

“Hey Babe”, Stephen said with his usual charm and Jenny could feel her cheeks flushing when he said that.  “How long is your dad gone for”, Stephen asked Jenny.

“Should be gone to at least 5 o’clock, so we have lots of time for some fun”, Jenny said and smiled at Stephen.

So far they had only kissed and touched each other over top of their clothes, but today she was hoping to do more, much more.  They both headed towards the one old barn like building on their property.  Jenny’s dad mostly just used it to store some of his tools.  There were some bails of hay in there and as they arrived in the barn, Jenny took them both over to a spot she had picked out for their make-out session today.  She had brought in some blankets and pillows in anticipation of spending some quality time with Stephen.

“Wow…looks like someone has been busy”, Stephen said with a smile.  “I get the idea that you just like me for my body”, he continued in a teasing manner.

“Maybe I do”, Jenny said with a devious smile on her face.  “Is there something wrong with that?”, she asked with a big smile on her face.

“No, no problem at all.  Because I just like you for your body too”, Stephen said in a teasing manner.

Jenny pretended to try and punch Stephen but it was very half hearted.  Grabbing her hand in his, Stephen drew Jenny in close and began to kiss her very passionately.  In no time at all, Jenny started to pull off her shirt as she couldn’t wait to be intimate with Stephen.  She wasn’t thinking about the fact that her father would skin her alive if he found her in this predicament.  All she was thinking about was Stephen’s hot body against her own.  They started kissing each other as Stephen followed suit taking his shirt off.  Jenny giggled as they he felt Stephen’s hand on top on her breasts still waiting in her bra.  With a big smile on her face, she unclasped her bra and let it slide down to the floor.  She held her arms in front of her breasts for a second then let them into full view.  Stephen smiled as touched them with his hands.  Caressing Jenny’s soft breast in his hands, Stephan was getting very turned on.  Then Jenny did what she had wanted to do for a very long time and began pulling Stephen’s underpants down.  His raging erection was sticking straight up in the air and Jenny just giggled some more. 

“Go ahead, you know you want to taste it”, Stephen said as Jenny looked unsure of what to do next.

“Just kneel down here and put it in your mouth”, Stephen instructed Jenny.

Jenny knelt down and put the tip of Stephen’s penis in her mouth and began to work it in and out as she had seen in some porn videos that Stephen had shown her.  She kept working it in and out, while Stephen kept fondling her breasts and putting his mouth on them.  Jenny came up for air as Stephen placed his hands at the top of Jenny’s panties and began to pull them down.

“Lie down on your back Babe”, Stephen said to Jenny and she did so.

With her panties all the way down, Stephen put his mouth to Jenny’s clit and began to lit.  ‘Oh My goodness, this is heaven’, Jenny thought to herself as Stephen worked is tongue into her most delicate areas.

Without much warning there was a creak of a door and then a loud booming voice from the doorway.

“Just what the FUCK is going on here young lady”, came the voice of her extremely angry father.

“Daddy!!”, was all Jenny could say.  Surprise, shock, and horror of being discovered in such a compromising position was making Jenny feel an overwhelming sense of panic.  She was DEAD!!  She would never again see the light of day; her dad would make sure of that.

“I said, what the FUCK is going on here”, Jenny’s dad didn’t often swear and it took a lot to make him this angry.  When her dad did swear, then his was really pissed, which was never a good thing.  She could remember a time when her brother had been caught smoking weed behind the barn and dad had caught him.  The string of profanities that came from her father’s lips that day would make a salor blush.  But that was nothing compared to the severe strapping that her brother got for his behavior.  Jenny couldn’t remember ever hearing her brother scream that hard before.

Stephen was stumbling over himself as he struggled to get redressed in a hurry, and Jenny was doing the same.  Both of the young adults had flushed looks on their faces having been caught almost naked by Jenny’s father.  Stephen didn’t even want to look Jenny’s dad in the eye as he was terrified of him at that very moment. 

“Sir, I just wanted to say that it wasn’t Jenny’s fault”, Stephen tried to stick up for Jenny seeing the look of fury in her father’s eyes.

“Young man, you better get the Fuck off my property in record time, or so help me, I will find my shotgun”, Jenny’s father said in a very serious tone of voice.  Stephen didn’t know whether he was kidding or not, but he was not about to stick around to find out.  As much as he wanted to stick up for Jenny, right now he was in even more fear for his own life.  Jenny’s father had often said how much he didn’t like Stephen, so he wouldn’t put it past him for the man to get his shotgun out.

Grabbing his shoes and slipping them on quick, Stephen didn’t even bother to tie them up before hightailing it out of there.  He was scared for dear life and as he mounted his motorbike he could not get out of there fast enough.

This left a very terrified Jenny alone to face her father’s anger.  Jenny had managed to get redressed as she watched Stephen hightailing it off their property.  Her father just stood there watching from the doorway as Stephen left to make sure he was gone.  Her father’s whole body was stiff and a vein was popping out of his forehead.

“Jenny, follow me young lady”, was all her father said to her as they headed out of the barn.  As they were walking away from the barn, Jenny suddenly realised that they weren’t walking towards the house, but towards the woodshed.  ‘Oh no’, Jenny thought to herself, panic setting in.  She knew that she was in serious trouble, and knew that her dad was likely going to give her a serious spanking, but if they were headed for the woodshed, this was going to be even worse. 

Entering the woodshed, she could see some stacks of wood, some barrels with who knows what in them, and a tiny little step stool.  Hanging on a hook right next to the door was a well worn leather strap.  This was the strap that her father sometimes used on her brother, but it had not yet been used on her.  Jenny was terrified that this was the day that would all change, and she was right.

Without a word to Jenny, her father took the strap off its hook next to the door.  Jenny’s bottom started to clench and unclench.  She was feeling a sick feeling to her stomach as she was absolutely terrified of what was coming.

Jenny is getting the Strapping of her Life!!

“Go ahead and take your panties right off Jennifer”, her dad’s tone of voice steely.

“Daddy please”, Jenny whined.

“NOW”, her father’s harsh reply prompted her into action.  She could see that any delay was only going to make her father angrier.  She was going to get the strap, there was just no avoiding it.

Once she had her panties completely off, her father put his one foot up on the little step stool and pointed his finger at a spot on the floor on his right hand side.

“Come over and stand right here young lady”, her father said as he continued to point at the same spot.  Her father’s gruff voice sent shivers down her spine as she dread overcame her.

“You know exactly why you are getting this young lady, so I am not going to even bother with a lecture at this point.  My leather strap here should be most effective in communicating to you how inappropriate your behavior was today”, Jenny’s dad finished his speech and grabbed Jenny’s arm.  Using both his arms, he managed to hoist Jenny over his one knee that rested on the little foot stool.  With the hand still holding the strap he flipped Jenny’s skirt way up over her back.  Jenny could feel the cool summer air across her bare bottom and it gave her goosebumps.

Holding her tightly with his left hand, Jenny’s dad held onto the strap with his right hand.  Bringing it up high, just above shoulder height, he brought it down on Jenny’s bare bottom with a resounding “CRACK” that echoed through the entire woodshed and out into summer air. Jenny let out a scream as the pain was far worse than anything she could have ever imagined. 

“Ahh…DADDY PLEASE!!”, Jenny tried to buck and squirm but it was no use.  Her father held her tightly around her waist and wasn’t letting go.


Another loud crack from the strap, followed by an earth shattering scream from Jenny.  Only two swats from that awful strap and Jenny was screaming and crying and bawling her eyes out.


Jenny’s dad quickened the pace of the swats until they were falling with barely any time between them.  A raging fire was now erupting from her behind as the pain of a thousand hot needles punctuated each and every swat from the strap.  Jenny’s voice was going hoarse from screaming so much.  Tears and snot rained down off her pretty face, a face that was creased with anxiety and pain.  This was far worse than any spanking she had ever received.  She didn’t know pain like this was possible.

And still the punishment continued.  On and on the strap cracked across her scarlet red bottom.  Jenny couldn’t fight anymore as she had nothing left in her as her father just kept whipping her bottom with that awful strap.

Finally, without any warning, it stopped.  Jenny was still choking out sobs as she didn’t even realise her father had stopped.  As her father put her back on her feet, she felt stiff with pain.  She didn’t feel like she would be able to move.  She could barely stand up, let alone sit down.  Still hiccupping out sobs, she couldn’t not stop crying. 

“I don’t want you to ever see that boy again, do you understand me Jenny?”, her father asked, making sure that the message had been received.

“Yes sir, I understand”, was all she could say as made her way, very slowly back to the house.  Her bottom was on fire with a heat and pain that ran deep.  There was a deep rooted ache that was not going to go away for several days.  Jenny felt sure that she would never sit comfortably again.  One thing is for sure, she would never again defy her father by seeing a boy that he didn’t approve of!!

The End!!


  1. This is a great story, true to form from an Era long sense past. When I was young there were many dad’ s
    like the one in this story. They were men who loved and protected their kids
    Great job.


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