She’s Not a Little Girl Anymore…Well maybe a little – Spanking Story

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Here is another favorite from the Urjaywall website. This one features one of my favorite types of spanking stories, those told from a witness’s perspective. Not an overly long story; just short sweet and to the point with a little spanking scene played out for our imaginations. The spanking described is not overly severe at all, but is a nice description of a loving scene of discipline between a mother and daughter. The scene is witnessed by a young gentleman of college age, who is staying with the family for a couple of days and witnesses this intimate scene!!

You will have the option to read the story for yourself or you can listen to an audio version of the story read aloud by me. I like to do these audio stories once in awhile for your enjoyment; well, at least I hope that you enjoy them. But again, the text will be here as well, so you do have the option to read it yourself or listen to the audio version.

Hope you enjoy this short little spanking story!!

She’s Not a Little Girl Anymore…Well Maybe a Little

I was spending the day with the Jamison family, actually, a few days. I was in transition, going from one college to another, and I needed a place to sleep. My parents told me that Nicole Jamison lived out there, and was willing to give me a place to sleep for a couple days. I was very happy to have the opportunity.

Nicole and her husband had been family friends for a while. I had not known them very much. The times I was around them, I remember Nicole being a very conservative, straightforward woman, the kind that gets on your nerves but you don’t quite know why. But she was always friendly, maybe a little stiff, not exactly the life of a party. I asked my parents if Nicole and her husband had any kids. They said that they had a daughter named Danielle, who, by now, was 13 years old.

I arrived at the house and was greeted by Nicole, her warm but stiff smile. I was shown my room. As I walked there, I saw Danielle, who appeared very shy, but a nice looking young lady, having the same warm demeanor as her mother. I got out a book and began reading, once I was settled.

The day went by, awkward situation after awkward situation, trying to grasp the family’s personality. Nicole had no interest in trends, had no interest in what most people call “fun,” had no interest in jokes or even taking things less than seriously. She quoted the Bible more than any person I’ve ever seen, and I was impressed.

The next day came. Still the same stuffy house, but I was happy to have one. I sat on the couch in the family room, conversing with Nicole about college life. She seemed to fake interest, trying to be a good host.  Then things got interesting… All that day Nicole had been pestering her daughter about cleaning her room. My guest room was a mess, so I felt kind of guilty. But I guess this was a rule in their house for their daughter. Nicole seemed a little anal about cleanliness, and just as much about obedience. We were talking on the couch when Danielle walked by.

“Danielle… Did you clean your room like I asked?”

Danielle paused, obviously guilty. “Yes…”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. I knew this was trouble.

“Wait here, Danielle, I’ll go check.”

Nicole got up and left to check. Danielle looked like she was about to cry, her throat in knots and hands behind her back. Nicole came back walking very sternly.

“Nope. Its not clean at all. Do you know what that means Danielle? I warned you many times today, and gave you your final warning last time. And you disobeyed me. You know what that means, Danielle?”

“A spanking?” Danielle lets out hesitantly and shyly.

“That’s right. A spanking.”

Nicole walked over to a chair in the room and sat down, patting her lap with her hand.

“Come on, Danielle, let’s get this over with.”

Nicole was crying by now. Poor girl, I thought. It must be hard having such a strict and uptight mom, not to mention a pro-spanking one. I was surprised that she was going to spank her right in front of me. I felt guilty watching, but I felt guilty getting up and leaving, as it might suggest disapproval with her parenting methods. But she didn’t even seem to notice me, it was like she forgot. Danielle walked towards her slowly.

“Mom, if I clean my room now will you not spank me?”

“No, Danielle. You disobeyed me. You know the rules in this house. If a child disobeys their parents, they need to be punished. And in this house, the punishment is a spanking.”

“Are you gonna spank my bare bottom?”


“No…” Danielle begins to audibly cry.

“It hurts!”

Nicole, a little impatient, grabs her daughters arm and pulls her in closer.

“Yes, its supposed to hurt. If a child misbehaves, its a mom’s job to teach them to behave by making their bottom hurt by spanking it.”

I was confused. I didn’t see Danielle as a little girl, but in this exchange, she seemed like one. Nicole seemed to be treating Danielle like a child still. But it was odd that Danielle accepted it. I guess if a household functions in a unified manner there’s no harm in it. That’s the way their house worked. I watched as Nicole pulled Danielle’s panties down, very neatly and decisively, bunching them up at the top of her thighs, but exposing her bare bottom completely.

Nicole guided her daughter across her lap, Danielle being very cooperative. I was surprised to see Nicole use the over the knee method for a girl that age, but I guess that’s what they knew in that house. Danielle didn’t seem embarrassed at all. She just prepared herself for the coming pain.

Nicole paused for about 5 seconds, as Danielle was getting more and more nervous. Without saying anything, Nicole gently raised her hand high in the air, forming a flat palm that was bent backwards, aimed for the spanking. I thought this would be a prissy little spanking, hardly effective. But I was wrong. Nicole began the spanking with a bang, making a loud slap on her daughter’s bottom. She relaxed for a second or so, then raised her hand up again, repeating the motion.

The spanking was slow, agonizingly slow. Nicole let the sting last before delivering the next spank. Danielle lay there crying during the entire spanking. This method actually made the spanking very controlled, and I was surprised. It seemed effective. After about 8 swats, it was over.

“Now, what do you say, Danielle?”

“I’m sorry mommy. I disobeyed you and needed to be spanked. Thank you for disciplining me.”

I thought that was bizarre. Danielle had had to learn a certain response. As weird as it was, I guess it was decent parenting. Danielle went to her room and began cleaning. I turned to Nicole, awkward as ever.

“So, do you always spank?”

Nicole looked up, having forgot I existed. “Huh? Oh, yes. We use spanking as the discipline in our household. The Bible says that spanking should be used to correct a child. So we use it for that purpose.”

“Why do you have her bend across your lap? She seems like a big girl? Old, I mean.”

“Well…” Nicole thought for a second. “That’s just the way a spanking is given. I always have done it that way. You place the child across your lap and give them a spanking with the palm of your hand.”

I had to agree, having nothing more to say. I guess households are households, there’s not changing them.

The End!!

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