At a Friend’s House – Spanking Story

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This is yet another story from the Urjaywall website based on a GJC drawing. All it takes is one of George Jackson Churchward pieces of art to capture the imagination. Well, someone decided to write a fun little story based on the following picture. It is a fun little story of two very naughty girls getting the punishment they deserve.

You will have the option to read the story for yourself or you can listen to an audio version of the story read aloud by me. I like to do these audio stories once in awhile for your enjoyment; well, at least I hope that you enjoy them. But again, the text will be here as well, so you do have the option to read it yourself or listen to the audio version.

Hope you enjoy this short little spanking story!!

  “At a Friend’s House”

“Come on… we won’t get in caught!”

Lindsey coaxes her friend Marcy into a fun prank. Marcy is spending the next two weeks, an entire fortnight, with her friend, living at her friend’s house, while her parents are away on vacation. The two girls, both in high school, have the teenage spirit about them- now that we’re here together, let’s have as much fun as we can.

“What about your parents? Won’t they find out that it was us, if we go around painting on everyone’s houses?”

“They won’t!” Suddenly, the door opens.

“Girls, I’m going to the store for a while. Lindsey, your father is at work, so its just you two alone. Behave yourselves…”

Lindsey’s mom leaves, have joking about the behave yourselves, but half-serious, being a parent much concerned with a child’s behavior, paranoid of the two teen girls and their antics.

“Good. We are all alone. We have plenty of time. Let’s just grab the paint out of my garage… we’ll be done in like 10 minutes. Let’s just go house to house, painting smiley faces.”

Marcy thinks for a second. “Okay.”

The two girls walk into the garage, grab the green paint, then proceed house to house, swiftly painting smiley face symbols on the walls, covertly making sure nobody finds out. All the moms on the street are at work, they think. But as they return to their house, one woman, an elderly grandmother, sees them run into the garage to return the paint.

“That was awesome! This is going to be funny! Nobody knows its us, either! Nobody will suspect us, not with Jimmy and Rex down the street!”

The girls giggle happily, shutting the garage behind them. Not long after, Lindsey’s mom returns from the store. As she unloads the groceries from her car, she is approached by the elderly woman.

“Oh, hello Edna? What brings you here today?” Lindsey’s mother greets the woman, still holding groceries.

“Well, if you hadn’t have noticed, there is graffiti all over our street, on everyone’s house, including mine!”

Lindsey’s mom looks around, then drops the grocery bags.

“Oh my! That’s awful! I wonder who could have done it!”

“Well, that’s why I came here. I know who did it!”


“It was your daughter and her friend. I saw them running back to your house with paint and paintbrushes. I guess they figured it to be a childish prank.”

“No! Really?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so… you know, in my day a child who did something like that would be punished with a good sound spanking.”

“Oh, they will be punished. In fact, I think they both have an appointment over my lap. Listen closely, you’re about to hear two sorry girls getting a spanking of a lifetime.”

Lindsey’s mom rushed inside, forgetting the rest of the groceries.

“Lindsey! Marcy! Get in here!”

The girls obeyed and walked into the room paranoid as ever.

“Do you girls know anything about the graffiti around the neighborhood? Did you see anyone running around with paint this afternoon, or hear them?”

The girls look at each other, scared.

“No. Honest. Why? Is there graffiti?” “Marcy? Did you see?” Marcy shakes her head. “No. We were inside the whole time.”

“You’re both lying. Edna down the street told me she saw you two outside running with paint.”

The two girls knew they were caught.

“We’re sorry Mrs. Underwood…” Marcy says. “Mom, it was just a little prank. We can clean it up easy.”

“I’m sorry, but you made a lot of people angry. This behavior is not acceptable! You two need punishment!”

“What are you going to do?” Lindsey asks, Marcy still quiet.

“Well, Edna suggested it and I think it is the best way to handle the situation.  You two naughty girls are going to go over my knees for a good old fashioned spanking!”

“What?” Marcy breaks her silence. “You’re both getting a spanking.” “But I never get spanked! My parents don’t believe in it!”

“Well, I do, and while you’re in my house you’re under my rules… I’m sorry Marcy, but today you are going to find out what a spanking feels like! And let me tell, you are not going to like it!”

The girls don’t know what to say, half-embarrassed, half-scared. So go wait in the living room, I need to grab the rest of the groceries. The two girls go to the living room and wait.

“I didn’t know your mom spanked you, Lindsey?”

“She hasn’t since I was like 10. This is so embarrassing!”

“Does it hurt?”

“You’ve never been spanked before?”


“Yeah, it hurts. Hopefully she won’t bend us over her knee. That is embarrassing!”

“Over her knee?”

“Yeah. Like you lay on her lap and she spanks you. You feel like a little kid.”

“I’m scared…”

Just then, Lindsey’s mom walks in with the last of the groceries.

“Now, that my arm is warmed up, let’s get to it. Lindsey, bring that chair to the middle of the room. You’re first.”

Lindsey obeys her mom, reluctantly. Her mom sits down and brings Lindsey towards her. She then begins to bend Lindsey over her lap. Lindsey resists.

“Mom! No! I’m 16 years old! I’m too old to bend over your knee!”

“We’ll see about that!”

Lindsey’s mom puts in some extra strength, overpowering her daughter and placing her into position. Lindsey actually fit snuggly over her lap, her whole weight supported.

“See… 16 is not too old for a proper spanking.”

Lindsey’s mom begins to spank, giving about 3 swats over her daughter’s skirt Lindsey isn’t harmed too much by it, just uncomfortable by the pain.

“You know what. That skirt is too much.”

Her mom lifts her skirt up and pulls down her panties.

“Mom! What are you doing?”

Her mom spanks her a few more times, Lindsey letting out some screams.

“Yep, this will do. Now stay still.”

Lindsey’s mom lets loose, spanking her daughter over and over again, each slap harder then the previous.  Lindsey cries like a little girl, the pain being too much for her. Marcy watches in horror, knowing she’s next.

“I’m sorry mom!” Lindsey chokes out the words. Her mom gives a few more hard slaps then stops.

“Now how did that feel, Lindsey?”

“It hurts!” She says crying.

“Next time you do something like that, you’ll feel the same thing! Now get up. Marcy, its your turn!”

Marcy approaches her, crying. Without saying much, Lindsey’s mom brings her over her lap.

“Oh… please don’t…” Marcy cries to herself. As embarrassing as it is for Marcy to be bent over her friend’s mom’s lap, it becomes even more so as her friend’s mom pulls up her skirt and pulls down her panties, exposing her bare bottom.

“Marcy, this is what all good parents should do once in a while… It’s about time you experienced a spanking.”

“Please Mrs. Underwood! I’m sorry! I’ll never do it again!”

“I already gave Lindsey her spanking. She’s done. It’s your turn to reap what you sow.”

With that comment, Marcy notices Lindsey in the background, who is still crying, rubbing her bottom.

“Ready Marcy? This will hurt a lot…”

She raises her hand to spank. Marcy prepares, ready to explode with tears. The first smack comes down on her bare bottom. The tears explode as Marcy cries from the pain. Mrs. Underwood keeps spanking. She’s only spanked Lindsey before, so spanking a different child is a new experience for her as well. She actually uses this as an incentive. She wants Marcy’s first and perhaps last spanking to be memorable. She spanks away, really trying to turn her bottom red. Marcy cries away, forgetting about the embarrassment of being spanked as the pain becomes greater and greater.

“Oh my God, it hurts so much!” Marcy cries out.

Mrs. Underwood smirks a little and keeps spanking. Finally, she finishes. Marcy is practically screaming, unable to control the tears. Mrs. Underwood stands her up and pulls her panties back up.

“There. That’s what you get, girls. You painted those houses green, I painted your bottoms red!”

The End!!


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