On the Spot Spankings – Becca – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I have another Spanking Video Highlight for you.  This is from a studio that I haven’t highlighted yet.  The studio is called Wellspanked and features a few different professional spankers, with one gentleman being in a vast majority of the videos.  He has a bit of a scruffy look, but man can he give a pretty good spanking.  They do not have a subscription website unfortunately, but you can purchase their videos on clips4sale.  Some of there videos are floating around the internet on the free sites, but I do not support that as I believe that studios should get paid for the hard work they put into shooting these videos.

I actually really like a lot of the Wellspanked videos.  I have taken a chance on a few of their videos and was generally pretty happy with most of the videos that I purchased.  I truly do wish they had a pay site as I would have likely subscribed to it by now as I do feel they have enough content to warrant a subscription based model. But I guess that may be more work to do.  One of the things I really like about their videos is the girls in them.  Good models that can take a good spanking and react realistically can make or break a scene for me.  All the best set up in the world doesn’t mean a thing if the girls cannot take a hard spanking or if their reactions aren’t that realistic to it.  That is one area that I think that Wellspanked excels at.  Their models are pretty but they can also take a hard spanking, and just as important they give great reactions to their spankings.  Nervous anticipation before the spanking, crying and begging for it to stop once the spanking starts.  Often the girls come off their disciplinarians knees still sobbing, especially when the spanking involves the belt or the slipper.

So, with all that background for you, I bring you to today’s video highlight.  Part of the On-the-Spot series this time featuring Becca.  The discipline happens in stages going from a few quick swats to get her attention to a full blown over the knee hand spanking, and then the dreaded slipper on her almost bare bottom.  The action is intense and convincing throughout. 

The scenario is that Becca has been seeing a boy that her dad has absolutely forbid her from seeing.  She has been going behind her dad’s back and seeing this boy anyways and dad found out and is very upset with her.  She digs herself a further hole by lying to her father, which only gets him more upset.  It isn’t until he takes her over his knees for a hard hand spanking that she confesses to seeing this boy behind her dad’s back.  Once she has made her confession, then the real discipline can begin, and what a discipline session it is.  Sent to fetch the slipper, she goes back over dad’s knees, her thin nylon pantyhose are pulled down and she is given a blistering spanking.  A spanking that doesn’t end until she is promising through her sobs never to see this boy again.

A quick warning: This video is not for the faint of heart.  It features some hard spanking action with very realistic reactions.  Becca ends up crying and openly sobbing throughout and even letting the occasional scream at points when the spanking gets too intense for her.  I am going to include an audio clip as I normally do for these video highlights, but I strongly recommend caution and perhaps earphones when listening to it, especially if there are people in your house you don’t want to hear it.

Anyways, if you can’t already tell, this video gets my full recommendation.  It is a more intense spanking with hand and slipper, but not brutal.  The girls bottom is very read at the end, but it isn’t bruised like with some wooden implements or striped like with the cane or a switch.  Just a very sore red bottom, just the way I like it!!

I hope you enjoyed this spanking video highlight!!  I enjoyed writing about it as it gave me a reason to revisit it!!

If you want to see more of a video preview of the video, there is one on spankingtube.com and you can find it on the link below:


Or to purchase the video for yourself here is the link to it on clips4sale:


You may also want to check out my many other spanking video highlights!! Thanks for tuning into another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

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Jason G.

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  1. Wellspanked is probably my favorite producer of spanking videos. He is quite stern with the girls and as you wrote, delivers one heck of a spanking. I also like how the girl’s reactions to the spankings feel realistic…spankings hurt…and their reactions demonstrate that! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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