Stepmom Steps Up – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Time for another spanking video highlight for you!!  This is another one that comes courtesy of Punished Brats.  Yes, Punished Brats is one of my favorite spanking pay websites!!  I love the scenarios, I love the beautiful girls and I absolutely love the hard spankings.

This one is kind of fun video, but based on a very serious matter.  Andi is in serious trouble and her stepmother has finally had enough and is going to do something about Andi’s behavior.  Bad attitude, laziness, skipping school are just the start, but the icing on the cake is that her stepmom, Susan, had to pick her up from the Police Station the previous night.  I love how this video starts out as just a calm discussion like one might have with say a girl in her early to even mid twenties.  There is genuine concern on the part of Andi’s stepmom and she is going to start enforcing the “my house, my rules” mentality with her stepdaughter.

Another thing I really like about this video is the change in attitude that Andi goes through during the course of her correction.  Andi starts out with a “I don’t care” attitude.  When asked how much farther she is going to go, she cannot give a good answer as her rebellious streak seems to be spiralling out of control.  She is a young lady in need of some much needed correction, and stepmom is stepping up to the challenge.  One can assume that, as the stepmother she observed this behavior from her step daughter for some time before deciding to take action.  At the beginning she preferred to treat her step daughter like an adult, but when she saw the self destructive behavior that Andi was getting herself into, she decided that a more direct approach was needed.

Andi’s attitude of defiance is quickly changed over the course of her spanking.  In fact within the first 5 hard smacks of the brush Andi’s tune quickly starts to change.  Obviously not prepared for just how much a spanking can hurt even a 23 year old she starts to cry out and object and eventually promise good behavior just to get her stepmom to stop spanking her.  While this may not have been Andi’s last spanking from stepmom, it sure leaves quite the impression on her.

There is lots to like about this video in my opinion.  I like that the dialog is a calm but concerned mother talking to her daughter that she obviously cares about.  I think Susan does a great job as the stepmom here.  Susan can give a great spanking and she is one of my favorite female spankers on the sight, right behind Miss Veronica!!  I think this video does a good job of portraying loving discipline to a girl that desperately needs it!!  There is a moment that Susan says that Andi will thank her for the discipline one day, to which Andi replies, “I don’t think so”, which just prompts Susan to spank her hard and fast with the hairbrush!!  Andi quickly goes back on her previous statement by saying “thank you” over and over again, in an effort to get her stepmom to stop!!

Absolutely an excellent scene!!  I highly recommend it!!

Quick note: I always try to include a link to the stand alone video on clips4sale just in case people want to purchase it.  I am not endorsed or funded by any of these pay sites, I just think that they should get credit for their work and I like to show where you can find it.  Unfortunately, I could not find the standalone video on clips4sale, so I apologize.  It is just one of many great videos that are part of the Punished Brats website.  Subscription to their site is very reasonable and even if you just try it for a month, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Here is the link to Punished Brats if you want to check it out for yourself:

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