“No Time Like Bedtime” – Spanking story Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Here is yet another spanking story highlight from the Urjaywall website I told you guys about. Once again, I cleaned up the editing and the spacing of the story to make it more readable. I also added a bit to the description of the spanking.

Hope you enjoy this short story!!

“No Time Like Bedtime”

Janet was scared. She sat on her bed, awaiting her fate. Earlier that day, Janet had gotten into an argument with her mother, that being the climax of a long string of sassy remarks and disobedience. Janet had an attitude that needed to be adjusted, as her mom would put it.

It was in that final argument earlier, as her younger sister couldn’t help but overhear, that Janet had added the one straw that broke the camel’s back, by yelling at her mom saying

“You’re stupid, mom! You don’t know anything!”

Janet’s mom had taken offense to that remark, and after enduring the constant sassiness of her daughter, decided punishment was in order.

“Okay, Janet. That’s it. You earned a spanking.”

That’s all she said, then walked away, preparing to get ready to go to work at her night job. Janet was shocked and intimidated, quivering

“A spanking? No, mom…”

Her mom did not reply, but went about her business. You see, in that house, physical punishment was rare, only given for specific things and specific occasions. Their mother had tried to shy away from using corporal punishment on her two daughters, yet when the time came, she was not hesitant to administer a painful spanking.

Her mother also added another policy: all spankings should be given before bed. She made this rule so that her daughters would have to fall to sleep thinking about their punishment, no distractions. This would help them learn better.

So there Janet was, awaiting her spanking. Her sister walked into her room, also getting ready for bed.

“Janet? You’re going to get a spanking? I bet it’s going to hurt so much!”

“Shut up! It’s not funny! I hear you crying so loud when mom spanks you. I know that you know it hurts!”

Suddenly, the front door is heard opening, as their mom arrives home from work. Janet’s sister hurries out, and Janet lets out a half moan half cry, nervous as can be. She hopes her mother will forget about the whole incident. Minutes seem like hours, as Janet hopes her mom will turn in for the night. It seems like Janet got off easy, as her mom heads into her own room, which Janet hopes means bedtime for her. Janet sighs in relief and lays back on her bed. Suddenly, her door opens and her mom enters, holding a large bath brush, her implement of choice in the past.

“No!” Janet cries out, trying to hold back tears as her heart starts to race.  Her sister hears this cry from her room and knows Janet is about to get a spanking. Her mom walks over to the edge of her bed and sits down.

“Janet, get up and come over here. Let’s get this over with.”

Janet obeys her mom, about to start sobbing, and walks over to her mom, standing up and facing her as she sits on her bed.

“Janet, you’ve been very defiant today, and very sassy. You know I don’t tolerate that kind of attitude.” “I know, mom, I’m sorry.”

“Good. Now, assume the position.”

Janet sighs and bends over her mom’s left leg, resting on the bed. Her mom then grabs her waistband on her pants and wiggles them down.

“Mom! No! Not on my bare butt!”

Janet’s mom doesn’t listen, but concentrates on the task at hand, rolling up her sleeve. She positions herself and begins wailing on her daughter’s bottom with the brush. The smacks are loud, and Janet’s cries are louder. Her mother rotates one butt cheek to the next, with red circles forming from the brush. While Janet’s mom didn’t spank her girls often, she always made an event to remember when she did.  She preferred a slow methodical spanking that would stay in her daughter’s minds for some time.  Her mom would lift the brush up to shoulder level each time and bring it down with a resounding “Crack” that filled the room with the sound of hard hairbrush landing on a young girl’s bare bottom.  The sound that followed would be the howl of pain from the errant daughter that squirmed over her knees.  Spacing out her swats, giving time for each painful visit of the hairbrush to leave it’s mark, Janet’s mom spanked on and on.  For what seemed like an eternity Janet endured the painful smacks of the hard wooden hairbrush on her bare bottom and by the end was screaming and crying for her life.

Tears ran down Janet’s face as it seemed like the spanking would never end, but then suddenly it stopped.  No more swats were coming, but Janet could not stop the tears.  Her bottom felt hot and scalded and she knew that she would be sleeping on her stomach that night.

 Her mom pulled her pants back up. She then got up and told Janet

“Now, go to bed and think about how you’ve been behaving.”

Janet didn’t have nightmares that night because she had just lived one of her nightmares, for real.

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