Hear My Name – Music Video that features lots of spanking!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I came across this video a little while back and was kind of blown away by it!! A mainstream video that heavily features spanking. Two very attractive females sit side by side on chairs and people are lining up to get spanked by them. I don’t know what the reason is that they are getting spanked, but who cares, because it makes for a super fun video. At first it is a guy that comes in and goes over one of the lady’s knees for his spanking. Not super interesting to me, but then a lady walks in and goes over the other lady’s knees for her spanking. This is repeated throughout the video, with one lady spanking a guy and the other spanking a girl at all times. One thing that seems interesting to me is that they do tend to show more of the women being spanked then they do of the guys being spanked. What I mean by this is that they show the girls panties and show their skirts being lifted at times, with the girls often wearing sexy panties, whereas the guys pants may or may not come down, and if they do they are wearing full fitted underwear. I think that they knew that showing more of the girls and their pretty bottoms was likely to go over better than showing the guys bottoms…lol.

The whole video is played for fun as I wouldn’t say that any of the spankee’s are in any real pain. Perhaps a little embarrassment for some of them, although I am pretty sure that one of the older guys in the video was smiling while he was getting spanked!! The spanking is done in time with the music being played. The two lovely ladies sit on the chairs, singing the song and spanking the bottoms presented to them.

Anyways, watch it for yourself. It is sure to make you laugh or at the very least put a smile on your face!!

Here is a link to the video on YouTube:


      1. I am investigating to see if there is someone behind the scenes and/or how this music video was filmed.


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