“The Old Lady From Church and the Girl She Raises” – Story

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I don’t know if this story was written by Urjaywall as it doesn’t say so. It isn’t as good as the stories that have his name on them, so maybe he didn’t write it. I wanted to highlight it since it does feature one of my favorite things, stories told from a witness’s perspective. This is a short story with a piece of spanking art used as inspiration. I actually happen to know that this is a trimmed down version of the original picture which includes an older gentleman in it as well, standing off to one side. They obviously didn’t want that as a part of the story so they decided to crop it out. Regardless, this is still a fun little story!! By no means the best there is, but a fun shorter story with a picture to spark your imagination!!

Hope you enjoy the story!! I did try to clean up the formatting as the story was almost all one paragraph and was very unclean and unedited. I just moved some things around to make it a little easier to read!! Again, I hope you enjoy it!!

Once upon a time there was this old lady from church and this girl she was raising. Actually, the girl was her granddaughter, but she had raised her since she was a baby. Supposedly her own daughter had gotten into drugs and ended up having a child, the whole thing was a bit scandalous, therefore it was never talked about at church. But all I knew was there was this old lady and this awkward girl and apparently there were mother and daughter, daughter and mother.

She was much too old to actually have any children that girl’s age, since she was 13 and the lady must have been in her 70’s. This was unique though, I always thought for the in a bad way. You see, that girl was in our church youth group and she was always kind of annoying, simply because she was a bit socially awkward. She was loud at inappropriate times, never seemed to get our humor, tried to hard to be friendly at times while coming off as mean at other times.

I felt bad for her because I’m sure it was because she was a little on the sheltered side, being raised alone by this old lady, who by all my memories, was awkward herself. She was very conservative, not really connected very much to the secular world and not caring to be, and a bit on the serious side (and “a bit” is being generous). She wasn’t exactly mean or cranky, just serious. I don’t think I ever saw her laugh, though she did smile a lot. Anyway, the thing I remember most about this odd family was the time I saw her give her 13-year-old daughter a spanking.

I always loved hearing different moms at church mention the word spanking, though it was rare to get anything more than a mention. And mostly it had to do with “bad boys” and how they needed a spanking, not something I cared about hearing. In fact, for the longest time I figured girls didn’t even get spanked at all!  But if any girl was probably on the receiving end of a spanking, it was this girl. Anna was her name.

I remember various occasions when that old lady would glance at Anna, raising an eyebrow, scolding her with “Anna…” but nothing more was said. Anna shaped up immediately, it seemed. I do remember her saying “I’m going to count to three,” but Anna shaped up at like 1.5 seconds so I never got to see what happened. I also remember Anna mentioning that if she disobeyed and watched a rated R movie she would get in trouble. So clearly she did get in trouble (breaking the stereotype of the grandparents who spoil their kids). But finally I realized something. Anna and her mom/grandma lived in a house with lots and lots of windows. I was never one to be a peeping Tom, but at the same time, if I was ever going to start being one, their house was going to be where I got my start.

So that is exactly what I did, for about a week straight. I had a baseball, so just in case they spotted me, I could pretend to be looking for it. My excuse for being in their yard, which was a few streets away, was that I happened to have a friend next door to them (which I did, but he had no idea what I was doing). But for that week I watched intently. They were more awkward at home then at church. I won’t go into the activities they engaged in from day to day, but I’ll just say it was not exactly modern. In fact, their TV was probably from the 60’s. I could hear pretty well inside, so I knew if something did happen, I would be able to both hear and see, if it happened to occur in the living room.

By the weeks end, I figured my mission was a dud, until I overheard the mom/grandma scolding Anna.

 “Anna, what did I ask you to do?”

“Mom, I am gonna clean up my room later, okay.”

“Anna…” “What?!” Anna replied, sounding a bit sassy, something I knew could lead to something.

“Anna, when I ask you to do something, you need to obey. Do not be sassy with me.”

“I’m not.” Now, I may be tone deaf, because, to be honest, Anna sounded like she was being totally reasonable, but apparently she was being sassy.

“Anna, I’m warning you. If you don’t stop the sassy talk and go clean up your room you are going to be disciplined.”

 There it was, the word discipline. At this point, I figured I would get some sort of insight into how she handled discipline in that family. I figured that she would ground Anna from her dolls (yes, she was 13 and still played with them) or some weird thing, but come on, spanking a 13-year-old? I figured it was wishful thinking. I figured Anna would turn obey, as she tended to do at church. But instead, Anna rolled her eyes and just stood there.

“Anna…” Her mom paused. Anna just stood silently. It was getting tense and I was getting excited.

“Okay then. I guess we need to have a discipline session.”

Discipline session? Now things were starting to get interesting.

“No mom! Please! Okay, I’ll go clean my dumb room!”

“No, Anna. Your attitude is unacceptable, and not obeying immediately is disobedience, we have gone over this. And you know what I need to do as your parent when you disobey. So let’s go.”

 The old lady grabbed Anna’s hand gently and guided her down the hallway into the living room. Things couldn’t have been more perfect because I had a full view of the room they headed into. Anna was frowning and looked clearly upset as they walked to the room. Her mom sat down on a chair and began lecturing her. I don’t remember the exact words, I do recall a number of Bible verse references and things about obedience.

For a second, I thought that maybe discipline session meant a long lecture. How boring would that have been! But then it happened! She finished wrapping up her speech, paused and looked at Anna, then said

“Okay Anna, bend over…”

 Anna started crying as her mom/grandma guided her over her lap. I couldn’t believe it! I had seen little kids (those “bad boys”) get spanked over the knee before, but this was a 13-year-old girl getting bent over this old lady’s lap! I stared intently at how awkward the situation was, a 13-year-old girl bent over her elderly mother’s lap, with her big butt sticking up in the air, about to get a spanking! What I failed to realize until a few seconds after it happened, due to being so stunned at the fact that Anna was about to get an over the knee spanking, was that her mom/grandma lifted up her dress and pulled down her panties. I realized what I was staring at was Anna’s bare butt and I felt both excited and a bit grossed out at seeing Anna’s bare butt (had she been the hot girl from school I had my eye on it would have been a much different story!). But I didn’t care. I wanted to see this! I had never seen a girl’s bare butt before, actually, so my initial gross out turned into that male curiosity that drives us to remember such things. I just remember how big her butt was and how awkward she looked.

Then my daze was interrupted at Anna screaming

“No, mommy, please!”

“Anna, you have been disobedient and are getting a spanking, so here it comes, I want you to be still during the spanking or I am going to start over.”

Anna, crying already, replied with

“Okay…” “Ready…” I certainly was.

Then it began.


Anna started screaming as her mom/grandma spanked her butt with her hand. I was surprised at how little pain tolerance she had for a 13-year-old. But then again, she was kind of a weird girl.

It kept going!!


I heard Anna yelling “Mmmmmoooooommmmmyyyyy! It HURTS!”


Then, as suddenly as it began, it ended. Anna was still screaming and crying and her mom/grandma let her lay across her lap for about 30 seconds before lifting her up. Anna pulled her panties up and started rubbing her butt. Then the awkwardness got more awkward as the old lady started praying with her daughter, about how her daughter was being disobedient and for God to help her be more obedient in the future. She ended with “amen” and Anna started to calm down.

“Now, Anna, you need to obey me when I ask you to do something. As your mother, I have the authority to raise and discipline you. So when you act the way you did, it is my job to give you a spanking like I did to discipline you. I hope I don’t have to discipline you any more but that is up to you. The next time you act like this expect to get another spanking. Understand?”

 “Yes…” Anna said. “Okay. Now go clean up your room please.”

I figured I had pushed my luck enough so I ran back home, full of adrenaline from the spectacle I had just witnessed.


  1. Kinda reminds me of my “Auntie” Sarah growing up. I was rather an awkward girl as a teen and spent my summers with “Auntie” Sarah who was actually the mom of my mother’s best friend. But I had been told over the years to call her Auntie. She was around 60 years old when I was in my teens between 14 and 19. She and my mom had an arrangement where I spent my summer vacations with her at her place out in the country. She was a very strict Pentecostal, and highly respected in the church. When I say strict, I mean old school, no nonsense, punishment for the slightest offenses strict. And with “Auntie” Sarah, there was only one punishment for a “very bad girl” like me, and that meant spankings. Very hard, very long spankings with my skirt lifted, and my panties down, with me turned over her left knee while she had her foot up on a stool, or me bending over the back of her couch. Or I would be taken to the bathroom and bent over the toilet if I got spanked by her at church. I don’t recall any boys getting to actually witness her spanking me, though anyone could hear it in the church bathroom. But quite a few of the other ladies at church that came over for brunch after church as well as their daughters got to watch my bare bottom smacked until it was dark red with her palm, or a slipper, or whipped black and blue with a doubled leather belt on many occasions. And I do remember at least three times over the years when one or two of those other mothers spanked me also after “Auntie” Sarah was finished. I admit I fully deserved every single spanking she and the other ladies gave me, probably many more I never got. The last spanking she ever gave me was by my own request on my 21st birthday. Instead of the usual light smacks for each year, with one hard one “to grow on”, I took the old belt off the peg it hung on by the fireplace, and asked her to give me proper whipping “for my own good”. I then bent over the back of her couch, flipped up my skirt, and took my panties down just like when I had been in trouble as a teen. She whipped very hard for a long time in front of four of those ladies from church, just like when I used to “pay for my sins”. My bottom and upper thighs were completely black and blue for over a week, but it was worth every smack of that belt.

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