The New Old Nanny – A sequence story by Urjaywall

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Note: Here is another spanking story from Urjaywall based on a series of George Jackson Churchward art. Another example of loving correction given this time by a nanny!! Great story!! Hope you enjoy!!

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Chapter 1: “Life in the Old Days”


“Megan, dear, please quit dillydallying and finish your homework.” Megan huffs as her nanny, Mrs. Ruth Flannery, halts her phone call with the boy at school she has grown fond of. “Mom and dad let me do my homework whenever.” Megan rebuffs following her huffs. “Well I am your parent now, as your parents will be on their frequent business trips for time to time. So you best adapt to my rules.” “Or what?” Megan scoffs. “Megan, I’ve raised children of my own. I know how to deal with a disobedient boy or girl. Just go to your room and finish up your math problems.” Megan pouts and goes into her room. Of course, she has no plans on doing any homework, waiting for the right moment to slip out and get right back on the phone. As she sees Ruth leave to begin preparing dinner in the kitchen, she takes her chance and heads to the living room where the phone is located. A minute into her conversation, she is interrupted once again. “Megan, I asked you to do your homework. Now hang up the phone and get to it!” Ruth grabs the phone out of Megan’s hand and hangs it

up forcefully. “What do you think you’re doing!” “Precisely what you should have been doing, hanging up the phone! Now obey me, Megan, and finish up your homework like a good girl.” Megan frowns as Ruth walks back to the kitchen. Megan stands, trying to figure out her next step. From the kitchen, she hears Ruth’s voice saying “And you’d better not be on that phone when I come and check on you.” Megan is annoyed. Who is this Mrs. Flannery, who comes in her house and acts like her mother? Megan thinks she owns the house. Rules were never a huge part of her upbringing, being from a somewhat wealthy family, the kind who actually goes on business trips. So Megan decides to show Mrs. Ruth Flannery who is really in control. Megan picks up the phone and dials the same number. A boy answers and she apologizes for the inconvenience and begins talking. But that inconvenience comes right back into the room. “Okay, I’ve had enough.” Ruth once again hangs up the phone. “Megan, you have disobeyed me again and again. You need some discipline.” “Fine, tell my parents. They won’t care. As long as I get my homework done eventually. They let me talk on the phone whenever I want.” “Well I am not your parents. I have rules different then they do. Old fashioned rules. Rules that worked on my children and work on all children. In my house, when a child disobeys they receive a punishment.” “A punishment?” “Yes. When my children disobeyed me they would always receive a spanking.” Megan laughs. “A spanking? What am I, five years old?” “You are sure acting like it. But you are not too old for a spanking. And I am not too old to give one either.” Megan, fearing that Mrs. Flannery was actually serious, gives in. “Fine, I’ll go do my homework.” Ruth watches as Megan walks to her room and opens up her math book. But Ruth follows her to the room. “Megan, meet me in the living room, please.” “What?” “I told you, children who disobey me are spanked. Its my rules. And when you disrespected me earlier by going on the phone after I had told you several times not to, that is disobedience.” Megan sighs and stands up. She turns around and sticks her bottom out. “Fine, just spank me and leave me alone.” Ruth walks over and grabs her arm, walking her out into the living room. “That is not how its done. Surely you’ve been given a proper spanking before.” “My parents don’t spank. Well they did when I was like a baby but it they just said turn around and spanked me. What are you doing?” Ruth and Megan reach a chair in the living room. Ruth sits down on it. “Today you are getting a proper spanking.”

 Chapter 2: “Oh That Kind of Spanking?”

“So now what?” Megan says, standing before Ruth Flannery rather nervously. “Now it is proper for the child to bend over the parent’s knee.” “Their knee?” “Their lap. You need to come here and lie across my lap.” Megan realizes what she means. “Oh my God, really? Come on. That’s for little kids. And that’s so weird. You did that to your kids?” “I do that to all children who disobey. It is proper for a child to assume the over the knee position. It is s sign of submission. Plus it is easier for me to spank your bottom if it is resting on my lap. And you will be wanting to kick your legs around so this way you won’t cause problems.” “Kick my legs?” “Because of the pain. When I give a spanking, it hurts. Your parents may have spanked you before, but you’ve never endured one of my spankings. My children were obedient for a reason, you know.” Megan tries to gain some confidence. “But you’re old now.” “I am never too old to properly discipline a child. It is my duty as a caretaker and nanny.” “Okay, come on. Can I just go do homework. I’m sorry. This is just getting really embarrassing. Its not the 1940’s anymore. You’re an old lady and I’m 14 years old. You really think a spanking is going to do anything? I’ll be good, just let’s not do this whole thing.” “Megan, I am a woman of my word. I do things a certain way. You disobeyed, so my rules call for a spanking.” “Its embarrassing hearing you say that too. Nobody calls it a spanking. That is like a something you say to little kids to make them all scared. They just say whupin’ or something.” Ruth lets out a small and short laugh. “Well I’m fine calling it a spanking because that is what it is. Now are you ready for your spanking?” “Fine,” Megan sighs. “Good. Now bend over…” “How?” “Like this…” Ruth pushes Megan forward, causing her to fall forward onto her lap. Ruth adjusts Megan, fitting her hips onto her own thigh so that she rests comfortably, her legs hanging on one side, her head on the other. “Just hurry up and spank me. When are you going to actually slap my butt?” “A spanking is more than that. A spanking is a process of learning. Of learning consequences. Through pain, but also through the humbling of yourself to the authority figure.” “Whatever. Just hurry it up.” Ruth lifts up Megan’s skirt. “Hey!” “What?” “Just spank me over my skirt. You don’t need to see my panties. Its weird. “Oh, I’ll be seeing more than your panties. I’m pulling those down next.” 

Chapter 3: “What Comes Next”

“What? Oh my God, you can’t do that!” Megan begins to squirm, trying to back out of her foreboding punishment. Ruth Flannery calmly but sternly holds her in place and grabs the waistband of Megan’s panties. “What are you doing?” Ruth silently slides her panties down to the edge of her knees. Megan begins to panic, this being a new experience, and already a very humiliating one. “I’m fourteen! Have you heard of privacy lady?!” “Oh hush. I am a mother. I have seen this sort of thing many a times. It is just a bare bottom, nothing special.” “You do this to all your kids?” “I did this, yes. A spanking is no good over clothing. You need to pull the underwear down so that it really stings. Now I’m sorry that it is embarrassing for you. It is nothing weird for me though. I’ve seen bare bottoms lots of times. It is simply a part of the body, a part that happens to be ideal for spanking it.” “Oh my God, no!” Megan kicks her legs, struggling. Her parents always respected her privacy, so this moment is incredibly humiliating to her. “Oh this is so embarrassing!” “It should be. A spanking is a very undignified experience for a child, especially one of your age.” “Isn’t this embarrassing for you, seeing my butt crack and everything? God, this so humiliating!” “Megan, when I was first a mother, I hated spanking my children. It was the most awkward thing for me, to have to pull their pants down and spank their bare bottoms with my hand. I didn’t like it one bit. But over the years, and many spankings later, I am used to it. Plus, I know I am doing my duty. You were acting like a child, and this is a punishment befitting of a child. This one I must administer, as your parental authority at the moment.” “Just hurry up.” Megan’s face is blushing at the image of her lying on this old woman’s lap with her bare bottom exposed in the air. “In my day, children took their spankings with more dignity than you are now. They understood the rules and consequences, that it had to be done. And they trusted their parents. You see, I’m doing this for your own good.” “You’re treating me like I’m a baby!” “Megan, fourteen is still a child in my book. You disobey, you reap the consequences befitting a child. Now I’m going to give you a spanking, one spank per age. So you’ll be receiving fourteen spanks on your bottom. I want you to stay in position over my lap for the entire time, is this understood?” “Yes.” Megan sobs, almost ready to cry out of embarrassment. “Like I told you, I spank hard. So feel free to cry, it is normal for a child during a spanking.” “I’m not a child. I’m not gonna just cry like a baby because you spanked me or whatever.” “We’ll see. Now, are you ready Megan? And don’t try to block the spanks, that will mean more spanks. And trust me, you won’t want any more spanks.” “Okay. I’m sorry. Just go.” “I am sorry I have to do this too, Megan, but its for your own good. Now, ready…” Megan waits in anticipation. Ruth lifts up her right arm into the air, preparing to spank Megan.

 Chapter 4: “Spanks  One Through Seven”

SMACK! Ruth Flannery’s first spank lands squarely on Megan’s right buttcheek. Megan lets out a yelp and begins to squirm. “I told you it will hurt. Now that was only one. You have 13 more to go.” “No, please, I’m sorry!” “Let’s get this over with, Megan. Ready, here comes number two.” “No please I’ll-” SMACK. Megan interrupts her sentence with another yell. Tears begin forming in her eyes. Clearly this is hurting more than Megan had imagined it would. Mrs. Flannery gives another spank, followed by another. Four spanks in and Megan had just figured out why children hate getting spanked so much. At fourteen years old, she is crying like a child, bent over Ruth’s elderly knee. Megan feels the sting of Ruth’s palm against her bare bottom, her skin boiling red with each swat. She feels the cold air reacting most unkindly to her bottom, amplifying the stinging senstation. She feels the helplessness as she cannot move out of position, with Ruth holding her in place. Bent over, bottom in the air, a stinging bottom in the air, she can do nothing but endure. She nervously awaits each spank, each one hurting more than the last. Math homework seems like paradise right now. Ruth Flannery is a pro. She has raised five children of her own, disciplined them and taught them how to behave. She is cold hearted during moments like these. She used to feel empathy when her children would cry out during a spanking. But she has learned how to control herself, to remained dignified in this dignifying situation. She is a utilitarian, an old fashioned values kind of woman. She knows that rules must have consequences, but more importantly, that consequences must be followed through on. In her past, she has given lots of spanking, to other children as well when she babysat. But most of the time they were younger children easier to deal with. Megan, the teenage girl, is quite an event for Ruth. However, at her age, all children become the same age. She sees the teenage Megan as the six year old Megan who misbehaved and needed a little spanking. Except she does know that this is a big spanking. Fourteen spanks. But she simply goes into a rhythm, internally counting each spank on Megan’s bottom. Megan has lost count, not ready for how much a spanking hurts. Ruth knows how much it hurts, from all her parenting experience. Her solution to rebellious teens is simply, put them over your knee, pull down their pants, and spank their bottom. That will get through to them. She is old fashioned, does things how elderly people are expected to. So it is no surprise when Megan, under her care, disobeyed, it ended up being this scene: the fourteen year old Megan bent over an elderly woman’s lap, panties down, with the elderly woman sternly but calmly spanking the teenage bottom again and again. Ruth knows the proper form for spanking. Even if Megan does not, she is now being shown. Another few spanks burn into Megan’s bottom. Megan reaches back trying to rub the pain away. As she does, Ruth’s hand lands on Megan’s. “Megan, I told you. Now that’s three more spanks.” “No! I’m sorry!” “Does it hurt, now?” “Yes!” “I told you. Now, lay back into position. We are halfway there. Seven more spanks, plus three more for that hand incident.” Megan doesn’t say anything, rather, she weeps in regret and fear.

Chapter 5: “The Other Seven, Plus Three More For the Hand Incident”

Then came the rest of the spanking. The second half was no less painful than the first. Resting firmly on Ruth Flannery’s knee, Megan endures the series of stinging swats to her bottom. She cries freely, dignity out the door. Her parents never spanked her, not because she was spoiled, but because they were. It is some difficulty to have to spank a teenager, having them react like a child. So un-dignifying. But if anyone can handle it, it is an aged elderly woman, who’s sense of sympathy, empathy, and social norms are in the past. She does what she feels has to be done. It is a sense of duty. Even with a girl crying on her lap, even as she slaps a teenage girl’s bare bottom over and over again, she feels like a parent again, nothing more. With that sense comes a sense of pride. Ruth knows she is doing what has to be done. Megan thinks differently, or thought differently. Now all she can focus on is the painful spanking. TEN, ELEVEN, TWELVE… Megan tries to count them in her head. But she loses count as her brain tells her that her bottom is burning. It is not fire, it is Ruth’s hand. Tears fall to the floor with each shake Megan makes, the most violent shakes of which come following the contact of Ruth’s hand on her bottom. Ruth finally reaches thirteen. “There.” Megan, sobbing almost uncontrollably, reaches back to rub her bottom. “No, we still have three more, for when you blocked my spank.” “No!” Megan screams. “I’m sorry, rules are rules.” Ruth reaches back, as Megan once again starts up her crying. ONE, TWO, THREE and that’s the end of it. Megan kicks her legs violently and Ruth rests, catching her breath. “That was quite a spanking.” Ruth says to Megan.

  Chapter 6: “And Furthermore”

“Now Megan, what you just experienced was good old fashioned discipline. Children need to respect their elders. I am your elder, your nanny and your caretaker. You disobey me, you get spanked. Its that simple. You aren’t the first child to be taken over my knee, and you won’t be the last. I know you are in pain right now, so remember this feeling. You need to learn to behave and respect those in authority. You are not too old for a spanking, far from it. You just found that out the hard way. I am not shy to taking a teenager over my knee, and I’m not shy about doing this to you again if you need it. So I want you to obey me. I want you to get up, after I am done lecturing, pull you panties back up, go to your room, and do your homework. When I say it is time for homework, you’d better listen. When I say to be home at a certain time, you’d better listen. When I say to not use that tone with me, you’d better listen. You understand? Furthermore, I will be reporting this incident to your parents. They will hear about how I had to spank you. They will hear how successful it went. This is tough love, at least as you say it these days. This was parenting back in my day. I believe this is the proper way to raise a child, even a teenager. Teenagers are still children, after all. They can still be put over a lap and spanked on their bottoms. Do you have anything to say?” Megan cries, saying nothing. “That’s what I thought you’d say. And you’re right.”

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