Cindy and the Hairbrush – Spanking Story Revisited

Cindy hands her mother the wooden hairbrush in preparation for her upcoming spanking

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I thought I would repost this story as I don’t know if new followers may have seen it. Also, I wanted to post the pictures as full size images for your appreciation!! So, this is my interpretation of the spanking video titled Cindy and the Hairbrush!! A vintage spanking video that has no sound, but I love the story line and it does manage to still capture the imagination. This video was produced by one of the all-time greats in Nu West Spanking!! They are unfortunately no longer around, but some of their videos are still floating around the internet!! This is from some of their earliest work, but still manages to capture the essences of a scene of discipline for a young teen girl that is not living up to her mother expectations when it comes to schoolwork. Other stories have been written on this exact video, but I wanted to try my hand at my own interpretation of the video. I hope you enjoy the story. If there is interest, I did consider doing an audio version of the story. If you like the idea of an audio version of the story, please let me know in the comments down below!!

I hope you enjoy the story!!

Cindy approaches her mother nervously holding her report card. She knows that mom is not going to be happy!!


In the past Cindy had often looked forward to Report Card Day.  Up until high school and even for the first couple of years of high school grades had been important to her.  Cindy was smart and she liked to show it off and prove it to herself and others.  If Cindy got anything less than straight A’s she would be upset with herself.  Once she had received a B+ from a teacher in grade 8 and she gave a very heartfelt argument as to why it should be an A, and the teacher eventually relented and gave her the A.  Her mother did like her to get good grades too, but she wasn’t even as hard on Cindy as Cindy was on herself.  Cindy thrived on being the smartest one in class and she loved to get good grades to prove it.

Cindy hands over her report card, knowing that her mom is not going to be happy!!

All of this started to change when Cindy entered high school.  While Cindy still strived for excellence for the first couple of years, she eventually fell in with a bad crowd.  Now these weren’t the kind of kids that were drinking and smoking, Cindy would never do that.  But many of these kids came from some money and didn’t like doing what the teachers said.  Instead many of them would give the teachers attitude and backtalk and distract others from doing their work as well.  These students were considered a nuisance and often were sent to the principal’s office.  Not that the principal could do a whole lot, other than threaten the kids with suspension or at the very worst expulsion.  The principal hated to do either one of these things though as it would look bad on the school, and the influence of some of the parents and their money often prevented them from being able to do a whole lot to the students.  Corporal Punishment had long been outlawed in schools.  This was after all 1979 not the 1950s.  It was unfortunate though as now the teacher’s hands were pretty much tied, only being allowed to send a note home to the parents and hope that they did the right thing.  Corporal Punishment was still widely accepted as okay and often the preferred method of discipline in the home for many children, even teens of Cindy’s age.

Cindy’s mom is not happy at all as she reads off the terrible grades in shock and disgust.

Chapter One: The Long Walk Home

Cindy looked over the report card one more time, hoping and praying that she could point to some good points in the piece of paper she carried, but alas there wasn’t any.  Cindy had been slacking off at school, giving in to the bad example of some of her friends.  She had also developed a bit of an attitude at school.  She would talk to teachers very disrespectfully, in ways that she would never talk to her own mother.  In fact, she knew if she did talk to her mother that way, her mother wouldn’t hesitate to turn her over her knees and spank her bottom soundly.  Corporal Punishment was still very much alive and well in the Thompson household, a fact which Cindy and her brother Alan didn’t appreciate too much, but they also knew when not to push the limit.  Cindy and Alan’s mother June was a single mother after their father had left when they were both super young.  As a result, June was forced to be very strict at times with her children.  She was also very loving and fair with many chances being given to correct naughty behavior before more direct measures were employed.  But when push came to shove, June was not afraid to turn her kids over her knees and spank them soundly even if they were both quickly approaching adulthood.  Age was not the only deciding factor when it came to how she disciplined her kids, behavior was equally, if not even more important then the age of her children.  If her kids were still living with her into their mid to late twenties and still deserved a trip over her knees for some sound correction, then she would make sure that they got it.  As someone who lived at home and received her last spanking from her own mother at the age of 23, June well knew the benefit of such stern correction.  It wasn’t that she enjoyed doing it, it is just that as the parent it is sometimes necessary to act in your children’s best interest even if that means a sore bottom for them.

Mom comes to the quick decision that there needs to be some serious discipline for these terrible grades.

So it was that Cindy looked over her report card, seeing all the ugly grades on there.  It was by far the worst report card she had ever received.  In the past a B would have really upset her, but this card had no B’s to be found.  A couple of C’s were the best that it got with this particular report card with couple of D’s and even an F in Math.  Now even though her mother didn’t put pressure on Cindy and Alan to be perfect, she would not be happy with these grades, not happy at all.  But it was the note at the end of comments section on her report card that spelled certain doom for Cindy and her bottom.  “What this student needs is a good sound spanking”, with the last three words underlined for emphasis.  These words were a death sentence to Cindy and she could already feel her bottom tingling as she started to think about how her mother was going to react to this report card.  There had already been some discussion as June seemed to see a change in Cindy’s behavior as of late.  Cindy did her best to hide that behavior and keep it confined to school, knowing her mother would not tolerate the kind of disrespect that she sometimes showed her teachers.  Even still, a little attitude did slip out from time to time when her mother would ask how her day at school went.  June had even had to remind her daughter to show her teachers more respect and that she would not be happy if she heard that Cindy was being disrespectful to her teachers.

Returning with the hairbrush her mother sent her to fetch, Cindy knows she is in for a sound spanking!!

As Cindy came within a few blocks of her home, each step grew more difficult as she feared to confrontation that she was soon going to have with her mother.  There would be no avoiding it as her mother knew that today was report card day and would demand to see the report card immediately.  She would just have to face the music when she got home.  As those feelings of fear and trepidation filled Cindy she reached the front door to their home, and hesitantly entered, knowing that there was no more delaying the inevitable.

Chapter 2: Bad Report Card, Stern Lecture

Entering the house Cindy could see her mother sitting on the couch, evidently waiting for her.  June put down the paper she was reading as Cindy came into the living room.  She could see that Cindy had an apprehensive look on her face.

“Well Cindy, let me see your report card”, June said to her daughter.  When Cindy hesitated and didn’t do as she was told right away, her mother added, “no stalling young lady, let me see your report card”.  Her mother’s firm tone was not to be ignored and as much as Cindy wanted to just rip her report card to shreds and never show it to her mother, she knew that would do no good as her school had a backup that the teachers kept on file and once her mother saw it, she would be in even deeper trouble. 

Finally, coming to terms with her fate, Cindy handed her mother the report card.  She couldn’t even bare to look her mother in the eyes as she read it over.  The tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife as her mother read over the report card, not saying anything.  Finally, her mother spoke and Cindy could tell she was not happy.

Wasting little time, Mom proceeds to take down her daughters panties as she means to impart a memorable lesson

“A ‘C’ in English, a D in Math, and an F in Science”, her mother repeated her grades back to her.  “This is pretty disgraceful young lady, you are much smarter than this”, June continued with a very stern note in her voice.  June continued to look over her daughter’s report card and came to the message at the end.  A deep frown creased her face as she seemed to be considering the words on the page in front of her. “And if these grades aren’t bad enough, your poor marks for attitude and attendance leave a lot of room for improvement”, June said to her daughter and looked back at the report card again.  “What this student needs is a good sound spanking”, June repeated the words at the bottom of her report card out loud.  Somehow, hearing her mother repeat the words out loud made them more real.  “I think that I am going to have to follow your teacher’s advice young lady”, June said to Cindy and paused for effect, “I think this has been a long time coming and you are going to be a very sorry young lady very soon”. 

June stood to her feet and looked straight into her daughter’s eyes.  Among the grown up persona her daughter often tried to put on, she could see fear, real fear in her daughter’s eyes.  With ribbons in her hair, a white blouse top and a plaid skirt Cindy was dressed very modestly as her mother always insisted.  In many ways June was proud of the fine young lady that Cindy was turning into, but today some correction was needed and it fell on her shoulders to see to it.

“Go to my bedroom and fetch the wooden hairbrush and then come back here to the living room Cindy Ann Thompson, because you have earned yourself a very sound spanking and I am going to make sure you get it”, her mother’s tone was not to be refused.

“Over my knees” Mom commands her daughter and proceeds to further lecture her once in position!!

Cindy, now resigned to her fate, retreated to her mother’s bedroom, where she kept the sturdy wooden hairbrush that was only used to spank both her and her brother when needed.  It hadn’t been put to use in over six months, when her brother had come home over an hour past curfew and smelled of cigarette smoke.  Boy had that been a spanking!!  Cindy had sneaked out of her bedroom to catch a peak of her brother’s spanking and it had been intense.  She hadn’t heard her brother cry so hard in a very long time.  Now she would be the one crying.  If there was one inevitable fact about her mother’s spankings, it was that they hurt, a lot.  They were never rushed or hurried, instead slow and methodical, covering every square inch of her bottom in a slow and precise manner.  Spankings were designed to teach and so it was that spankings often lasted several minutes.  Those were painful and embarrassing minutes spent over her mother’s knee getting the flat side of a wooden hairbrush applied over and over again to her bare bottom, with lots of lecturing and scolding about the kind of behavior that had landed her in the position to begin with.

Grabbing the hairbrush from the top of the dresser where her mom kept it, Cindy headed back to the living room where her mother was waiting for her.  As she re-entered the living room, she could see that her mother had moved a straight backed chair that usually sat in their dining room into the living room and was now sitting on it waiting for Cindy.  Fear gripped Cindy and she could feel her stomach churning with the prospect in front of her.  Cindy felt like she had lead weights on her feet, with each step towards her mother being a conscious effort.  Cindy well knew that she was going to be a bawling, sobbing mess before her spanking was over and she was not looking forward to it.

Cindy’s mom draws up the back of her skirt, preparing to give the girl a most memorable lesson!!

Chapter 3: Preparation

Stepping over to her mother’s side, Cindy held the hairbrush in front of her.  June quietly took the hairbrush from her daughter and placed it in her lap.  “You are going to be spending some time learning over my knees today young lady”, her mother said pointing at her knees where the hairbrush now sat in her lap.  Cindy stood to her mother’s right side, obediently waiting for her mother’s next instructions.  She didn’t have to wait long, as June reached under her daughter’s plaid skirt and proceeded to pull down Cindy’s panties, letting them fall right to her ankles.  June always insisted on a bare bottom when it came time to spank her children, insisting that it was necessary to get the message across.  She would say that it served two purposes; one to sting much more and two it would also embarrass the one being spanked even further.  June would always insist that if a child, no matter how old, deserved a spanking, then a little embarrassment was just part of the punishment.

“Bend over my knees young lady”, June said in a commanding tone.

It was the moment of truth and Cindy could no longer avoid what was coming to her.  She hated getting spanked, but this time a little part of her knew that she deserved it.  With all the courage she could muster, Cindy bent herself over her mother’s knees.  Stretching out her arms, her hands reached the floor on one side and her feet stuck out straight behind her.  It was hard to not feel like a little child in such a position.  She hated to be put over her mother’s knees for spankings, and yet any other position just seemed too impersonal.  Cindy’s face was blushing very red as she waited for the next part of her punishment.

“I sincerely hope that this serves to teach you a valuable lesson today”, her mother said and then continued. “A lesson that you are never too old to earn a trip over my knees for a sound spanking”, June concluded this little bit of scolding by grabbing the hem of Cindy’s skirt and raising it above her waist.  Cindy could feel the cool air over her now bared backside and felt goosebumps appearing on her naked flesh.

“I am going to teach you a lesson today young lady, a lesson you will not soon forget”, her mother said waving the hairbrush in a menacing fashion.

And then the spanking begins!!

Chapter 4: The Spanking


Cindy shifted and squirmed around a bit on her mother’s lap.  The sting had caught her by surprise.  It was amazing that even knowing a spanking hurt, one was never prepared for just how much it hurt.


There was about a 3 second pause and then the hard wooden hairbrush cracked down on Cindy’s bare unprotected skin three more hard times.  The sting brought tears to Cindy’s eyes, but she was trying to remain tough, but it would not last long.

“When your teachers ask you to do something, you do so without showing them attitude”, her mother said and raised the hairbrush to shoulder height again.


These swats came in quicker succession and nearly took Cindy’s breath away.  Tears were now spilling down her eyes and there was no stopping them.  Knowing that she wasn’t even close to halfway done this ordeal yet, Cindy decided that there was no point in holding back the tears.  She would be kicking and sobbing profusely by the end of her spanking and there was nothing she could do about it.

Cindy twists and squirms under the smarting sting of the brush!!

“Grades are very important if you want to get into University Cindy, and I know that you are capable of better”, the lecture continued, as did the lesson with the hairbrush.


The steady cadence of the brush was more than Cindy could bear and she twisted and squirmed in an effort to get away or avoid the awful sting of the brush.  Her bottom was beginning to really burn too, so every new volley of swats hurt even more than before.  June grabbed her daughter’s arm and twisted it out of the way, holding it at her side while she delivered swat after swat with the wooden hairbrush.  Anyone listening to this ordeal would have heard the loud crack of the hairbrush as it cracked down on Cindy’s bare bottom, the sound almost like a gunshot.  One would also hear June’s stern lecturing every so often about her daughter’s errant behavior.  But the over-riding sound that threatened to overpower all others was Cindy’s desperate crying, pleading and begging her mother to stop spanking her.

Cindy tries to block the blows with her hands, but her mother just patiently moves them out of the way!!

“Please mommy, I promise I will do better”, Cindy’s voice was creased with so much anxiety.  “I will be the best girl in the world”

“And what are you going to say to your teachers, young lady”, June asked her daughter.  She was far from finished this lesson with her daughter.  Never given to a set amount of swats, June often spanked until she was satisfied with both the color of the child’s bottom and the change in attitude in her kids.  It was, after all called an attitude adjustment, and that was how she carried it out.  Never stopping at the first sign of tears, June spanked until her kids really regretted their actions.  Which is why she didn’t need to spank her kids very often.

“I will write an apology letter telling them how sorry I am”, Cindy said in hopes that would satisfy her mother and get her to stop the spanking.

“I am glad to hear that you are learning a lesson Cindy and that you are promising good future behavior, but I am afraid we are far from finished here.  I mean to really blister your bottom for your absolutely despicable behavior and I will only stop once I am satisfied that you have really learned your lesson”, June said not letting her daughter off the hook.

This pronouncement brought fresh tears of desperation to Cindy’s eyes and they poured freely down her face.  She was going to be in this horrible position for a very long time it would seem.

Hot hind heating smacks fill the air with a loud cracking noise, that is quickly followed by Cindy’s howls and cries!!

Chapter 5: On and on it goes

Cindy’s spanking went on and on with seemingly no end in sight.  Her mother was doing her level best to see to it that this kind of behavior was never repeated.  That had always been June’s thought process around giving a spanking.  Firstly, only spank when absolutely necessary, but when it was necessary, make sure it would be an experience that her children would not soon wish to repeat.  It was June’s belief that spanking should only be used as a last resort, but that it should also be feared to the point that even the threat of it would be enough to get good behavior from her children.  And for the most part, it worked out that way, with her kids getting spanked less and less often.  June was very proud of both of her children, but once in a while she still needed to remind them that she was in charge, and that bad behavior would never be tolerated as long as they lived under her roof.  And so it was now with Cindy as she learned a very painful lesson over her mother’s knees.

Cindy cries bitterly as her mother spanks on and on and on!!

Slow and methodical, June spanked Cindy with precision and determination.  Spankings were never a rushed affair in her household.  June preferred to teach a lesson while her kids were over her knees.  What better time then when a child is face down over the knees of a parent to teach a lesson, both in the painful swats of a hard wooden hairbrush and the scolding that went along with it.  For June the two went hand in hand, so spankings were never over quickly in her home.  Both Cindy and Alan knew that they would spend between 5 minutes and up to 15 minutes over their mother’s knees when they were being spanked.  While some parents spanked hard and fast and it was all over quickly, June preferred to spank slow, hard, and methodical making the whole experience very unpleasant for her children.  She was certain that this practice greatly decreased the frequency with which she needed to spank her children as they were always very eager to avoid such trips over her knees.

Cindy had been over her mother’s knees for close to four minutes now and was sure she couldn’t take another second of it.  Her bottom was turning into a nice cherry red and the heat was radiating off her bottom now.  Her face was wet from the stream of steady tears running down her face.  She just couldn’t take any more, was all Cindy could think as her mom continued to spank her.  Her legs waved in the air behind her in a futile effort to alleviate some of the pain in her bottom.  She squirmed and tried to get away but her mom held on tightly to her and just continued to let the hairbrush fall over and over again.  Punctuated by her scolding words, Cindy would promise anything to her mother to get her to stop spanking her.

Cindy begs for forgiveness and promises all the best behavior in the world if her spanking would just stop!!

“Mom, please stop, pleeeaze”, Cindy begged her mother.  What did she possibly have to do to get her mom to stop.  “I’ve learned my lesson, please mommy, I can’t take anymore”, there was a note of desperation in Cindy’s voice.  No longer the confident girl that had earned such a disgraceful report card, she was now just a well spanked young lady.

“I am going to make sure that this never happens again young lady”, her mother scolded and let the hairbrush fall three times close together.  The pain was too much and Cindy started to bawl her eyes out again.

‘Oh please, let it be over soon’, Cindy silently begged. 

“How are you going to be treating your teachers going forward”, June asked her daughter in a firm tone and smacked the hairbrush down two more times very hard.

“I will treat them with respect”, Cindy barely managed to choke out.

“And are you going to try harder in school”, June asked her daughter and punctuated the question with three hard smacks of the brush.

“Yes mommy, yes…I will get straight A’s”, Cindy promised through her sobs.

“Don’t promise me something you can’t keep Cindy Ann, just see to it that you try harder”, June said and lifted the hairbrush to shoulder height and brought it down hard on Cindy’s right cheek, and then did the same on her left cheek.  The cracks of the hairbrush echoed throughout the living room as did Cindy’s desperate sobbing.  Each time the hairbrush was brought down on her bottom more tears poured from her eyes.  Her mom was spanking hard making each and every stroke count.  The hairbrush made an indent on Cindy’s bottom before bouncing back to its original shape.  The pain in her bottom was absolutely unbearable by this point with each new smack on the brush like a fire poker on her already scorched bottom.

No amount of struggling will get Cindy out of the spanking her mother intends to give her!!

With a final volley that seemed to go on forever, but was probably only about 30 seconds long and no more than 15 smacks of the brush, Cindy’s mother finally stopped spanking her daughter.

Chapter 6: It’s finally over!!

“Alright young lady, I hope you have learned your lesson here today”, June said and helped her daughter to her feet. “I want you to go back to your room and start writing an apology note to your teacher, do you understand me Cindy Ann”, was June’s final instructions to her daughter as she retreated back to her bedroom.  June had to chuckle to herself as she watched Cindy heading back to her bedroom, she was clutching her now well spanked bottom and sobbing pitifully.  It was a lesson well learned and one that June hoped she wouldn’t have to repeat with either of her kids anytime soon.

Cindy headed back to her bedroom clutching her scorching bottom.  Her bottom felt like it had been on fire and now felt like a very bad sunburn.  She wasn’t going to be able to sit comfortably for a very long time.  But now she had to go back to her bedroom and write an apology note to her teacher.  Sitting ever so carefully at her writing desk in her bedroom, new pain shot up through her bottom and brought fresh tears to her eyes.  She was a well spanked girl and worst yet she knew that she deserved it.

Finally her spanking is over!! With tears in her eyes, Cindy heads back to her bedroom rubbing her sore bottom!!

She managed to write a very heartfelt apology to her teacher.  She let her mom read it over and she seemed to be satisfied by it.

“I am proud of you Cindy”, her mother said with a smile on her face.  “I am sorry that I had to spank you so soundly, but I love you and I will always act in what I think is your best interest”, her mother said and reached her arms around her daughter, giving her a big hug.  As strange as it was, Cindy welcomed the hug and felt more at peace.  As bad as the spanking was, it was just the reset that Cindy needed and she felt much better about herself now that it was all over.  She knew that she wouldn’t sit comfortably for some time, but she also knew that she was loved and cared for!!



    1. Yes. There are those that still agree with the use of spanking, but it does seem like they are in the minority. I do agree that values and discipline in general has fallen by the wayside in favor of being your child’s friend. Not good!! We have indeed fallen far!!


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