Wife Spanked by Her Aunt

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This short story was found on xhamster.com of all places. I know that is normally just a porn site, but I did come across this little gem of a spanking story. By the way it is recounted, I do think that it did actually happen. I don’t have the link to the original posting, but you could probably find it with some searching.

Anyways, hope you enjoy this little short story!!

Wife Spanked by Her Aunt

Thought I would just recount a tale my wife told me of when she was 16

She was visiting her cousin Joe and staying with his family. Joe was the same age and his family lived on a farm in Surrey.

Joe’s mum, Freda was a very strict disciplinarian and anyone staying at the house would be subject to her discipline, including my wife!

My wife told me of one occasion where herself and Joe were playing in the farmyard and began throwing eggs about. This activity got very out of hand until roused by the noise; Freda came out into the yard and saw the mess. She ordered my wife to her bedroom and grabbed Joe by the ear. My wife could hear shouting from the kitchen below and how Joe was ordered to prepare himself. The next thing she heard was something hard smacking against bare flesh. It turned out that her Aunt Freda had removed Joe’s lower clothing and was now proceeding to spank the life out of his bottom with a large wooden spoon. My wife crept to the top of the stairs where she could see into the Main room below and witness Joe’s bare bottom getting a very severe beating with the spoon. Aunt Freda’s had hold of him around the waist very tightly and was whacking his bum with the spoon over and over. Finally, Freda released Joe who fell to the floor, his bottom red raw and his privates all on show. My wife fled to her bedroom and heard Freda coming up the stairs.

The bedroom door burst open and Freda proceeded to lecture my wife about her misdemeanors and how she would be punished. She finally told my wife to pull the chair into the middle of the room. She then sat down and pulled my wife over her knee removing my wife’s panties and exposing her ample bottom. Aunt Freda reached out and picked up a wooden hair brush from the sideboard and proceeded to larrup the hell out of my wife’s backside, one after the other the blows fell their impact resounding loudly all around the room. My wife fell to the floor a few times before the punishment was over only to be raised up by Aunt Freda and the punishment to continue. When the punishment finally finished and my wife was left alone to view her sore throbbing bottom on the mirror, it was a vivid red with faint traces of blood visible. Mu wife said she couldn’t sit down properly for several days after this and the incident was never mentioned again within the family.

Hope you enjoyed this short little spanking story. I do enjoy sharing the little gems that I have come across that I enjoy!!

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