Poker Addiction Earns you a Spanking

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I discovered this the other day and I thought I would share it with you fine folks!! I came across this little spanking story on Quora. That is a great site that you can discover some truly amazing spanking stories. And as I always enjoy true spanking tales, I thought I would share this one with you. It involves the semi-consensual spanking of a teenage girl. Well, it really was pretty consensual as you will discover as you read the story. The girl had a bit of a gambling problem when it came to poker and didn’t know when to quit. This ended up earning her a spanking from her friends!! Interested yet, well I won’t narrate any more as the author of the story does a fantastic job of describing what happened much better than I can!!

Hope you enjoy the story!!

A Poker Addiction Gets you Spanked!!

I got plenty of spankings growing up, but I guess that my favorite story happened in my late teen years, the days get a bit fuzzy in my head, but I think it must have been between my junior and senior years of high school. My parents did not think that a young lady ought to play poker, but for some reason I was fascinated by the game… and maybe a bit addicted. I’d already taught it to most of my friends and I’d beaten them easily. Mostly we were just playing for pocket change or chips with no real value, but needless to say I was very confident in myself!

Finally some others (mostly guys) who I thought were pretty cool heard that I was in to poker and they invited me to play with them… and suddenly I found out that I sucked. I had so many tells that I might as well have just announced it every time I had a good or a bad hand, though no would tell me that fact right at that moment. I had won plenty against inexperienced players, but my first time playing against people who had any experience at all, I was a train wreck. I still believed I was good though and that I was just on a streak of bad luck, and so I kept playing until I’d lost all of my money. But I believed my good luck streak had to be just around the corner! I asked if I could bet money I’d earn in a month or 2, and they told me to come back when I had it in hand. They had a rule that no one could go into debt against future earnings. But I was insistent, I KNEW my hot streak was so close and I was about to win back everything I’d lost…

One guy made a joke about how someone’s daddy needs to spank her gambling addiction out of her. I just laughed at first and told him, “You wish.” But that sparked a conversation, and they agreed to let me bet bare bottom spankings in place of money. They had some extra chips we weren’t using, and each one would be worth 1 spank. I wasn’t thrilled that I only got an exchange rate of 1 dollar value per a “spank chip”, but I figured that by the end of the night I’d earn them all back, so it didn’t really matter!

Well, you can guess what happened next. I still always thought I was on the verge of having a hot streak, and the hot streak never came. I kept losing more and more chips, and I just kept asking them to pass me a few more chips to add to my pile, and they kept giving them to me, but before I realized, I had almost 90 spank chips on the table, most of them not in my possession anymore. I hadn’t even come with nearly that much money! I’d only lost like $30 at the beginning of the night. And I’d just lost 90 spank chips. I went all in with the last of my chips, and of course I lost. Almost 90 spank chips on the table. I was debating asking for a few more, when one of the guys said, “Well, it’s getting late and everyone’s got to get home after spanking Sarah (name changed), so let’s get to it.”

I said, “Wait just a few more hands. Give me 20 more chips and…”

One of them said, “Sarah, even I’m starting to feel bad for you. You’re already getting 90 spanks tonight, don’t make it over 100.”

And in that moment it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’d just agreed to let a couple of guys (and 1 other girl) spank my bare butt silly over a poker game. I wasn’t going to win my chips back, this was happening. I started nervously laughing and saying, “Y’all didn’t think I was serious about that spanking thing, right?”

And they all glared at me. Yup, they were dead serious. I tried to negotiate to at least keep my pants up or reduce it to a lower number, they were adament that if I’d quit sooner, I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

I could see that there was no sweet talking my way out of this. I closed my eyes, and I pulled down my jeans and undies just enough in the back to reveal my bare butt cheeks, and one of the guys pulled me over his lap. He counted out how many chips he had… I think it was somewhere around 20. He gave me 20 HARD good spanks! I was already whining and bucking around, and my spanking was only less than 1/4 of the way done! Next up, I looked at the other girl in the group hoping maybe she’d stick up with me in female unity, but she looked just as hungry to punish my gambling-addicted ass as anyone else!

I went over her lap and WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I think she didn’t spank quite as hard as the guys do, but she had expert wrist motion and knew right where my most sensitive spots were, and so she still caused quite a bit of pain. I was already pretty teary eyed when she gave me her about 25 spanks. I started asking if maybe we could move the rest of my spanks to another day, but one of the strongest guys in the group just lifted me off of that girls lap and gave me 10 HARD stingers! Fortunately he only had 10 of my chips or I wouldn’t have been sitting for the rest of the week! He gave them slow and steady, but with each smack I felt like a giant wasp had stung my bottom.

Finally, he laid me over the last guy’s lap, and he was the best poker player present that night. He had 35 of my chips. He delivered his faster than the others had, but I felt every single one. For a little over 30 seconds, it was straight Hell for my bottom, and I guess his parents weren’t home or else they didn’t care that their son was murdering someone in the basement, because I’m pretty sure that’s what it sounded like as I screamed my head off! Finally I calmed down and I wasn’t even embarrassed about my nudity anymore. Somewhere along the way, I’m not exactly sure, my pants and panties had fallen much lower than just below the butt cheeks where I had originally tucked them, but I was in too much pain to care at that moment as I kicked them off and treated everyone to the sight of me dancing around naked while rubbing my flaming red butt.

They all enjoyed the spectacle quite a bit. When I was finished, they were all smiling at me and I had the presence of mind to be embarrassed again, and the one who had just spanked me said, “So, same time next week, Sarah?”

I replied, “You took all my money… I don’t get my allowance for 2 more weeks.”

He said, “That’s OK, I’m sure we’ll find something else for you to bet.” He looked at my red butt again and winked. They all laughed and I quickly tried to get redressed, but it was very difficult to pull my tight jeans over my flaming red butt!

They drove me home and for an hour or so after, I thought I’d never talk to any of those people ever again… but honestly some of them were kinda cute. I locked the door to my room and laid miserably on my tummy with my red sore bottom still in the air, but at some point as my mind kept going back to those cute guys spanking me, my fingers found their way between my legs. I started rubbing and it felt incredible. Somehow doing it with a sore bottom was better than anything I’d done before. I kept going and going and… I eventually arrived at the best orgasm I’d ever had up until then.

Sure enough, the next week, I arrived at their game again and they asked me, “So, did you get your allowance yet?”

I smiled shyly and replied, “Nope, I’m flat broke.” They just laughed and handed me a stack of yellow “spanking chips” they weren’t using for anything else. Eventually they would let me in on all the tells I was giving off and I got better at some of them, and I briefly dated the guy who spanked me the most, but we ended up going to different universities and drifted apart. Still, that first insane poker night is something I’ll never forget!

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