A Tribute to my friend Victoria!!

This is not Victoria but a picture from the internet. It is very loosely based on a description that Victoria gave of herself.

This is a tribute to Victoria.  Victoria was someone I met on an internet forum devoted to Spanked Girls.  Like many, when she decided to start posting on the forum herself, she could hardly believe such a place existed.  I want to write this in memory of her contributions and what she added to that forum and feel I must do so before my memory starts to go…lol.  She was a such a thoughtful and self reflective young lady and reading her posts was always such a joy.  While all of her posts were unfortunately deleted from that forum, there are still those of us that will always remember her. 

A quick update before I dive into Victoria’s story for you.  First of all, since the time of writing this tribute to my wonderful friend Victoria, I have been in touch with her and acquired her permission to post this tribute here.  I think her story needs to be told in full, and while it was better when it was coming from her own words, I am doing my best to recreate things from my memory of what she told us.  Also, if you like what you read here and want to reach out to Victoria yourself, then you should join my forum on voy.com.  I will post that link here below.  Victoria found us on the previous forum and now has switched over to my forum.  She will post once in a while, but she is always happy to answer questions.  She isn’t on the forum all the time, but I promise you if you send her some questions, she will likely reply to them when she has time.  I only ask that you be kind, respectful, and polite when you are chatting with her.  She is more than willing to answer questions, but let’s please be respectful.  Also, you might be interested to know that Eleonora, who is also someone I consider a friend, does post on my forum sometimes.  I haven’t gone into her story, but she too found herself getting spanked again at the age of 18 after 4 years of not being spanked.  She doesn’t get spanked as often as Victoria, but still doesn’t like it when it does happen.  She actually lives in Europe, so there are some cultural differences, but her English is very good!!  She is also a very thoughtful and intelligent young lady, so if you decide to ask her questions; again, I just ask that you be kind and respectful!!  But without further ado, here is my tribute to someone that I consider a friend.  Even though we only know each other from the forum, her amazing personality shines through in her posts and I hope you enjoy my tribute to Victoria!!

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Victoria joined the forum in the summer of 2020 I believe.  She was 23 years old at the time of joining the forum and up to that point had never been spanked in her life.  That all changed when her mother started talking to a friend of hers, that she found out was still spanking her adult daughter.  Her mother’s friends name was Patricia and her daughter’s name was Shelby.  Shelby was actually the one that first clued us into the fact that her mother had been talking to her friend’s mother and that her friend (Victoria) started blowing up her phone (those were the actual words she used) with questions about being spanked as an adult.  Victoria was understandably shocked that her friend, Shelby was still getting spanked by her parents.  Furthermore, it didn’t seem like Shelby resented them for it.  In fact, Shelby actually understood it to be a necessary thing in her life, as much as she might not have liked it at the time.  As Shelby’s posts have also been removed, to my knowledge, I want to pause a minute here and acknowledge Shelby’s contributions to the forum and also introducing Victoria to the forum.   If it wasn’t for Shelby telling Victoria about the forum, we never would have had the chance to be introduced to such a sweet young lady.

Victoria was one of the most articulate individuals that posted on the forum.  Each and every one of her posts were interesting to read.  Unfortunately for her, most of her posts were detailing one of her most recent spanking misadventures.  Now, to many of us, it seemed like Victoria got spanked a lot.  I know there was even some concern that she was being spanked too often, but Victoria was quick to assure us that she didn’t resent her parents for spanking her and even though she hated getting spanked she came to see it as necessary and even a bit of a reset for her after she had received one.  Now, you are probably wondering how it was that Victoria came to be spanked for the first time at 23 years old.  Well, sit back and let me tell you the story to the best of my recollections.  Keep in mind this is coming from the best of my memory, trying to remember as many details as I can be regarding her posts.

Like I said, Victoria was never spanked growing up and neither was her brother, Caleb.  Victoria admitted that her parents were probably stricter with her brother, and that she probably got away with more as daddy’s girl.  This all changed when she was forced to move back home due to some poor financial designs she had made.  Living with her parents again was not easy as her attitude often got her into arguments with her parents, especially her mom.  Her mom had been talking back and forth with a friend of hers, Patricia, who still used spanking on her adult daughter, Shelby.  Well, things must have reached a head, because one of the first posts from Victoria she told us all about her first spanking from her mother.

Victoria’s First Spanking:

As far as I can remember that first post from Victoria, she was actually reaching out to Eleonora as she was the one that was asking questions about her.  (Always the curious one Eleonora, I certainly can’t fault you for that.)  She went on to tell us about her first spanking from her mother.  As I can remember it, she was having another argument with her mother and her mother had finally had enough.  Her mom had told Victoria that she was not going to be allowed to act this way while living under their roof any more and furthermore that she had earned herself a spanking.  Well, Victoria was understandably upset, and unwilling to accept that kind of childish discipline.  When she flat out refused to take a spanking from her mom, her mom told her she could start packing her bags and find somewhere else to live.  It was at this point that Victoria started to understand how serious her mom was about spanking her.  Realizing that she was not in a financial position to move out, she reluctantly said she would take the spanking. 

One thing I don’t think Victoria was prepared for was how much a spanking hurt, even as an adult.  Her mom took Victoria to her bedroom (that is Victoria’s bedroom) sat down on her bed, after grabbing her hairbrush from her vanity in her bathroom.  Victoria was made to bend over her mother’s lap, much like you spank a young child.  Her mother then pulled her pants and panties down and gave Victoria her very first bare bottom spanking.  Surprised by the sting and burn of being spanked as well as being in such a childish position, Victoria cried while she was being spanked. 

After this first spanking from her mother, things seem to somewhat improve between them.  No longer the shouting arguments, Victoria gradually began to understand that her parents were very much in charge now and that new painful consequences could be expected for future misbehavior.  New rules regarding curfew and chores and attitude were quickly put in place, with expectation that breaking them would likely result in another spanking.  While this didn’t thrill Victoria, as she found the experience of being spanked for the first time in her life to be most unpleasant, she also found a strange kind of comfort of knowing there was clear rules and boundaries being enforced now.

One other thing, which was of some concern to Victoria was that her brother would also be moving back in with their parents for a while.  It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford to live on his own, it was just that with the pandemic and the housing market as it was, he was moving home to save some money.  Well, Victoria’s biggest concern with this new development was that her brother would find out that she was getting spanked by their parents now.  And that brings us to Victoria’s second spanking.

Victoria’s Second Spanking:

Victoria’s second spanking happened the day her brother moved back into their parents’ home and he was there to hear it.  Victoria had forgotten to get some chores done, which had put her mother in a real bind.  Victoria found out that she was in trouble from a text from her mother, telling her that she was going to get another spanking for not getting the chores done, she had been asked to get done multiple times.  Victoria knew that her brother was there as his truck was in the driveway.  She found out later that her mother had sat him down and explained the situation with her and how she was now getting spanked as discipline.  Caleb was surprised at this, but his mother was quick to assure him that it was just some spanks with the hairbrush, making it seem like it was no big deal.  Victoria did not talk to her brother until after her spanking though.  She went straight to her room as she knew she was in trouble and waited for her mother to come in and deal with her.  Her mom came in and the process, not unlike the first time was repeated.  She was made to pull her pants down and then her mom pulled her panties down, once she was over her knees.  Once again, Victoria got a sound spanking on her bare bottom with her own hairbrush.

Later on, when she did have time to talk to her brother, her brother expressed some shock and concern at this treatment of Victoria.  Victoria was honest with her brother of how bad things had gotten between her and her parents and even admitted that the spankings were helping, even if she didn’t like them.  Her brother told her that their mother had sat him down and told him about the new arrangement.  He admitted he was surprised by it.  He also told Victoria how their mom had made it sound like no big deal, “just some spanks with the hairbrush” as she had put it.  The reality of the actual spanking surprised Caleb as it sounded like anything but a small ordeal.  In fact it sounded like it was pretty unpleasant as he could hear his sister crying while she was being spanked.  So, the reality seemed far more unpleasant than the picture that their mother had tried to paint for him.

Let me just pause here for a second to recognize that the relationship that Victoria had with her family was a very good relationship.  She loved her family very much, and it was obvious that they loved her too.  If anything, her relationship with her family actually improved with her spankings and even Victoria admitted this as well.

Victoria’s Third Spanking:

Victoria’s third spanking came as a result of lying to her mother.  It was probably one of the most embarrassing spankings she had received up to that point.  Her mom found a form that she needed to submit for school and because it wasn’t submitted on time, her mother had to pay a late fee.  On top of this forgetfulness and irresponsible behavior, Victoria lied to her mom when questioned about it.  It wasn’t until her mom confronted her with the evidence that she finally admitted to it, and by then it was too late.  This whole conversation happened in the kitchen or dinning room area in front of her brother and dad, who were sitting at the table.  While her brother and dad sat there and listened, Victoria’s mom lectured and scolded Victoria for her irresponsible behavior, and especially for lying to her.  The lecture ended with a promise that she was going to receive another spanking for lying to her mom.  With her brother and dad still at the dinning room table, Victoria was taken back to her bedroom for another spanking.  Her mother retrieved the hairbrush from her bedroom and brought it into Victoria’s bedroom.  Victoria’s bedroom was right next to the dinning room area, so both her dad and her brother had no trouble hearing her being spanked again.  Again, the process was much the same, over her mom’s knee, hard spanking on her bare bottom.  I do remember Victoria saying that this was the worst spanking she had received up to that point.  Not that the other spankings had been any sort of picnic, just that her mom seemed to be spanking her even harder as lying was deemed as very bad behavior.  Once again, Victoria was crying and bawling like crazy before her spanking was over.

I remember Eleonora, (one of Victoria’s friends on the blog) asking Victoria where her brother and dad were during that spanking.  That is when she told us how her bedroom is right next to the kitchen, where they were both sitting while Victoria was being spanked.  She knew full well that they would have no problem hearing her being spanked.   That must have been embarrassing, but Victoria never seemed to harbor any resentment towards her parents for spanking her.

A shift in Discipline – Dad takes over

Victoria’s fourth spanking saw a real big change in one significant area, and that area was who was doing the spanking.  Up until this particular spanking, all of Victoria’s spankings had been given by her mom.  Well, as it turns out, Victoria’s mom was away, on business I believe for about a week.  During this time, Victoria landed herself in some very hot water with her dad and ended up getting her first spanking from her father.  Before this happened, Victoria’s dad and mom must have talked to each other about her father having a much more active role in the disciplining of their 23-year-old daughter.  The funny thing is, each and every singe spanking she got after this was given by her father, even in situations where it was a ‘wait until your father gets home’ situation.  I know am not sure exactly why this shift happened and when I asked Victoria why she thought there was this shift in the person disciplining her, she told me that her mother felt it was a father’s duty as head of the household to have a more active role in the discipline of their children.  But as far as the rest of the spankings that I can tell you about (before the purge of the forum, with all her posts getting deleted), she was spanked by her father.  This would prove to be no picnic as you will soon find out.

Victoria was out with her brother and dad shopping for some groceries.  Victoria saw a box of cookies that she really wanted and insisted in putting them in the cart.  When her dad told her “no” and that they had already had dessert, Victoria only become more determined that she wanted those cookies.  Now, by Victoria’s own words, she threw the equivalent of an adult size tantrum.  She even admitted how childish her behavior was, but even after her father told her to cut it out, she kept acting in this very childish manner.  Well, as soon as they got back to the car, her dad really laid into her, telling her how childish she was being in there.  He explained again that they had dessert at home and that she didn’t need more dessert.  He went on to scold her for her very childish behavior in the store, before finally telling her that as her father, he was going to have to give her a spanking when they got home.  Well, this had Victoria in tears as they headed home, knowing what fate awaited her when they got home.

Once home, Victoria was told to go to her room to await her punishment while her dad and brother put away the groceries.  All too soon her father came into her room and shut the door, but not all the way.  He once again told her how disappointed he was in her behavior and that as much as he didn’t want to, that he needed to punish her for her own good.  He sat on her bed and had Victoria lower her pants and once she was over his lap, then he lowered her panties.  Victoria’s dad only used his hand to spank her, but it hurt every bit as much as the hairbrush, if not even more.  Victoria said that her father had big hands and that they felt like a board when she was getting spanked by him.  She yelled and cried and begged her dad to stop before it was over.  Tears and snot were running down her face before her spanking was over.  But the worst part was something that Victoria found out after the fact.  Victoria’s brother, Caleb, got a call from his girlfriend Laci right before her dad started spanking her.  Apparently Laci could hear Victoria being spanked in the background and asked what was going on and although Caleb tried to deny what was happening, he had to eventually confess that his sister was getting a spanking.  Laci naturally had questions, like how is she getting spanked.  Well, Caleb peaked through the door that wasn’t fully closed while their dad was spanking her and confirmed that she was being spanked over the knee like you spank a small child.  Victoria found all this out after the fact when she was talking to her brother later that day.  Needless to say, she was mortified!!  However, she did finally manage to come to terms with it, but not before she had a chance to chat with Laci herself.  I will tell you about that soon, so stay tuned.

Victoria’s Fifth Spanking

Ok, I apologize in advance here, going forward I may not be able to remember all the rest of her spankings in order and I may be a bit fuzzy on some of the details, but I am going to do my best here.

So, to the best of my recollection, Victoria’s next spanking came as a result of not doing chores, but also and probably more importantly her attitude when confronted about it.  It was her turn to help her dad with some outside chores, but she was giving her dad some serious attitude about doing them.  Well, her dad finally decided he had had enough and told her she was going to get another spanking.  Once again Victoria started crying even before her spanking.  Knowing she was going to be spanked was enough to get Victoria into an emotional state that she was dreading what was coming.

Once again her dad took her to her bedroom to spank her.  On her way to her bedroom, Victoria locked eyes with Laci as she was sitting on the couch in their living room.  Victoria knew that Laci would hear her getting a spanking and this made her very embarrassed.  Once in her bedroom, the procedure was much the same.  Her dad sat on her bed, had her take down her pants and bend over his knees and then lowered her pants once she was over his knees.  This spanking was every bit as bad as the first spanking her father had given her and maybe even worse.  This time her father had made her get her hairbrush before they went into her bedroom.  Thankfully he only used it at the end and not for the entire spanking, but she was still bawling and begging her dad like crazy before it was all over.

Again, beyond the pain of the actual spanking, the worst part for Victoria was that both her brother and her brother’s girlfriend could hear her being spanked.  It was after this that Laci started to ask Caleb more questions about Victoria’s spankings.  Victoria was getting more nervous about having to face Laci again after these spankings and hoped she would be supportive and understanding.  They would get a chance to have that conversation and I will tell you about that soon.

One thing I forgot to mention and I think this is an important detail; every time her dad spanked her during the day they would talk about it later on.  There always seemed to be a sense of peace between the two of them, even after her dad had spanked her.  If anything, things were much better between the two of them after one of her spankings, as they always seemed to be a reset for Victoria.  One other thing, and I think this is super sweet; on days where Victoria was spanked by her father, her father would tuck her into bed at night.  That may sound childish, but I think it is extremely sweet and shows me that Victoria’s parents love and care about her!!


Victoria’s next spanking had to do with an evening spent with her brother and his girlfriend.  Victoria’s parents were going out for the evening and it was planned that Caleb and Laci were going to have a movie night together and order pizza and they invited Victoria to be included.  Caleb asked his sister what she wanted on the pizza and she answered with a smart remark.  She had a busy day at work and was very tired, and as a result wasn’t in the best of moods.  This unfortunately culminated in a bit of a fight with her brother, with Victoria being very rude to him.  Victoria went back to her room for the rest of the evening, and when her brother came into her bedroom to talk about what had happened, she refused to apologize and they just fought even more.  Caleb told Victoria that he was going to tell their dad about her attitude and behavior when they got back.  Just as Victoria was thinking about going to apologize to her brother, her parents came home.  Caleb immediately told them what had happened and how Victoria had been acting.  It didn’t take long to Victoria to be called out of her room to give her account of things.  Her dad was not pleased when she confirmed that she had been a bit rude to her brother, and proceeded to give her a stern telling off.  At the end of her telling off she was firmly told by her father that she was going to get a spanking for the way she had acted that night.

Father and daughter went back to Victoria’s room for punishment.  Victoria got yet another severe hand spanking that left her sobbing and crying her eyes out.  It was delivered the way all over her spankings are delivered, over her dad’s knees, on her bare bottom.  Her dad usually sits on her bed and makes her lie face down over his lap.  Once in position, he will pull down her panties enough to expose bare skin and then he will deliver what Victoria often calls tearing her bottom up.  Her dad usually just uses his hand, but delivers a minimum of 50 hard smacks to Victoria’s bare bottom.

Once again, Victoria was very sorry that she had earned another spanking.  She was further embarrassed when her dad made her go and apologize to her brother for being so rude to him that evening.  This happened right after she had been spanked, and must have been super embarrassing.  She was also instructed to apologize to Laci, but as she had already gone home before Victoria got a spanking, this time, she decided to text her the next day.


Spanked for lying to her mom about where she was when she came home late from curfew.  This one was one of those wait until you father gets home situations and ended up happening just before Laci and her parents came over for a visit.

The seventh spanking was a ‘wait until your father gets home’ situation.  Her dad, by this point has taken over as the main disciplinarian in the family.  Victoria was out past her curfew and knew she might be in trouble.  So rather than admit the truth, that she had just lost track of time, she decided to lie to her mother about there being construction on the way home that delayed her getting back.  Her mother soon caught on to her lie and was not pleased at all.  Victoria was made to tell her father, over a phone call that she had lied about why she was home late.  Her dad was not happy at all with her and gave her a really telling off over the phone, which ended by him telling her that she was going to get another spanking when he got home.

When her dad got home, they didn’t waste too much time before he took Victoria back to her bedroom and gave her a very hard spanking.  This was unfortunately for Victoria on a night that Caleb’s girlfriend and her parents were coming over for a visit later.  So, Victoria had to pretend like nothing had happened the rest on the evening.  Her father also had warned her that she better be on her very best behavior, because if she wasn’t, he wouldn’t hesitate to take her back to her bedroom and spank her again, even with guests in the house.  Needless to say, Victoria was on her best behavior for the rest of the evening.


Spanked on Vacation.  This was almost during the Christmas holidays.  Victoria was acting up again due to not being allowed to do something and ended up earning a spanking while they were on holidays.  Her dad took her back to the hotel room for that one…yikes…hope none of the cleaning ladies heard.

Ninth and last one we know about

Right after New Years, Victoria and Caleb were going to an auction dinner and Victoria was not very excited about it.  I actually forget what she did to get herself into trouble this time. 

What I do remember about it was that it was the first time that Victoria was full on spanked in front of her brother and mother.  She was taken back to the kitchen or dinning room table, her dad pulled out a chair and turned it around and put Victoria over his knee right there in the kitchen.  He spanked her on her bare bottom as hard as he ever did and Victoria was once again bawling like crazy.  I remember her telling us that she was grateful to have the chance to go and reapply her makeup.  Bet it must have been running down her face pretty bad.

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