Spanked for Breaking Curfew – Spanking Audio Story

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I have another spanking audio story for you. This time I decided to use the Voice Aloud Reader. It isn’t perfect, but I do like the female voice instead of my own male voice. Wish I knew a woman in real life that would be willing to read aloud and record some of these spanking stories for us. I have to admit that I personally love hearing a female voice reading a spanking story. That is why I like the spanking audio stories by Pandora Blake and Elizabeth Burns. There soft and sometimes stern female voices are really nice to listen to when listening to a spanking story. I have stories of each of theirs that I would like to highlight at some point for you!! Not enough of the spanking audio stories out there. I did see some on the clips4sale store too, but you do have to do some looking. Unfortunately, it seems like a vast majority of these audio stories concentrate on naughty boys being spanked, and that is just not my thing. If it is your thing, than you should have no trouble finding it. But to get a story where a girl gets spanked seems to be more rare these days.

Now, I know that there are also a number of audio stories on YouTube, but these are much the same as what I have done here, a Voice Aloud Reader. It isn’t terrible and I still get some enjoyment from just being able to listen to these stories but they aren’t the same as someone reading a story and putting inflection into the right parts of it.

Anyways, onto the story I am sharing with you guys today. It is pulled from a Spanking Magazine and is actually a letter of a true account of a girl’s last spanking from her mother. Very well detailed, the girl gets a spanking with her boyfriend literally in the next room, because she broke her curfew. It sounds like it was quite a painful spanking with a wooden hairbrush that left her bawling her eyes out.

This is actually only part one of her amazing letter. Part 2 features her giving a spanking to a female employee for giving away free food. It is equally entertaining!! If there is interest, I may share that part with you as well!!

Anyways, hope you enjoy the spanking audio story!! Please be patient and understand that the Voice Aloud Reader doesn’t read things perfectly, so hopefully you can just kind of laugh at any mistakes it makes. Keep in mind that you aren’t paying for this material, so set your expectations accordingly. Anyways, I still hope you find some enjoyment in this fascinating tale of a teenage girl getting spanked after a date!! I know I sure did!!


  1. I have thought about recording some of my own stories in my own voice…but am just not willing to put myself out there in that way. It terrifies me to think of someone that I know coming across my blog, getting a sense that it might be me…and then recognizing my voice from a recording. But I sure love listening to the audio spanking stories that I can find on-line!


    1. Aww…come on Nora!! JK. You do have to do what you are comfortable with and if that is a real concern of yours, then I can understand wanting to keep a lower profile. But just think, if people did recognize from your voice in real life as being the same voice as the one on your blog, that would mean that they are a fellow spanko, which could be pretty cool!! Or is it more that you don’t want to become too famous…lol. I bet your voice would be awesome on those stories. I would pay to buy one of your stories if you did an audio version. No lie!! I love spanking audio stories, and let’s be honest, they are just better with a female voice. I am not trying to put myself down, I just know what I like, and what I think a lot of other people like too.

      By the way, you never did say if you liked the story at all!! Hope you did enjoy it!!


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