Jackie Spanked for Breaking Curfew – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Are you noticing a theme today? LOL!! I swear it isn’t intentional!! Curfew spankings do seem to be a common theme in spanking videos, spanking stories, etc. Is it because it is somewhat based in reality? Do girls really struggle with violating their curfew? I can see it happening for sure!!

Anyways, I wanted to bring you this spanking video highlight, courtesy of the Real Spanking Network’s OTK Spankings site. I believe the girl’s name is Jackie, but I am not sure. I love this video because of it’s simplicity. Not overly harsh, just a sound spanking on her panties. She isn’t even made to bare her bottom and I know for some people that might be a problem, but I think it works for this video.

I don’t think I need to explain the setup too much, because it is as straight forward as it sounds. Girl comes home late, mom is angry, orders her to take off her dress, and promptly takes her over her knees for a sound hand spanking. Seems effective as Jackie seems to be squirming around a fair bit during the spanking and yelling out little “oh please” every so often. The bottom is decently pink by the end and she seems to have learned her lesson, but we shall see!!

Hope you enjoyed this spanking video highlight!!

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention is that I like how you get the full spanking both from kind of a side/rear view and another complete video of the same spanking shot from the face cam. As some of you know from previous videos that I have highlighted, I am really big on seeing the girl’s face and seeing her reactions during the spanking.

Well, thanks as always for joining me for another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking. Don’t forget to come over to chat on our new and improved blog:


By the way, sorry for the image quality. The only way for me to make a gif for this video was for me to take a video of it while it was playing on my computer screen. Not ideal, but better than nothing!!


  1. I am not a huge fan of the Real Spankings network. For me, the spankers are often too verbally harsh with the naughty girl in trouble. I prefer a firm but loving approach. I do watch their videos sometimes, but usually on silent. My favorite spanking model from this site is Alice.


    1. Interesting!! It seems that the Real Spanking Network is not a favorite of a lot of people. I chatted with an older gentleman on another forum and he was not a fan on the Real Spanking Network either, but for different reasons than yours. I guess everyone has different tastes and we were bound to have something we didn’t fully agree on eventually. So far, my picks have been spot on and you seemed to be familiar with and love a great many of the ones that I picked.

      I am not going to disagree with you wholeheartedly though, because there are things that I like, and things that I don’t like about their videos. Some of the first spanking videos I watched were from here, so maybe that is why I have a fondness for some of them. I am pretty picky and choosy in what I like it spanking videos too, so I don’t like all of their content. And I will agree with you, that they do seem a bit too harsh with the verbal in a lot of their videos. It’s interesting, a video can be every bit as intense as some of the ones that they offer, and yet end with a loving hug and a comforting afterwards that does seem to add that feeling of being cared for. Even if it is a spanking video, it is touching, and makes it seem more affectionate and done in the girls best interest.

      Take for instance, the other video I shared here recently: Rachel Request Discipline. A very hard spanking, with tears, snot and screaming throughout, but it ends with aftercare. Miss Elizabeth calms Rachel down and then puts some cold soothing cream on her bottom. It is a tender bit that makes it seem more maternal. So, I definitely know what you are talking about Nora and I do agree with you!!

      Thanks for your thoughts as always!!

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      1. I am curious what the other gentleman that you spoke to had to say about Real Spankings? I do want to say that they produce some great content…it is just that in general, the way they speak to the spankee is not my favorite. But the sheer amount of videos that they make available is incredible… and I am grateful for that!


      2. Agreed, not every spanking studio is going to have everything that you like. Some studios might not fit your tastes at all. One of the offshoots from the Real Spanking Network, part of their group of sites is Spanked Coeds. I decided to try it out as I had never subscribed to their material before. I was not at all impressed with the way that the man, Ken I think his name is, treats the models in these videos. Now, he calls them his slaves a lot and slaps them on the face, abusively in my eyes, I can’t stand it. I think I would want to slug the guy in the face if I ever met him face to face. There is a big difference from discipline and what this man does. What he does is downright disrespectful to girls and he treats them like garbage and I don’t like it. I watched a few videos to see if I would at least enjoy the spanking action, but I just cannot stomach the continued face slapping. Now maybe some people enjoy that kind of thing, and maybe even the girls in the videos want to be treated like that, but I just have a hard time with it. In my eyes you are setting these girls up to be misused and mistreated in future relationships with boyfriends, etc.

        Now, to answer your initial question (sorry, I can sometimes get off on a rant…lol). I found the original exchange that I had with Robert on the SAGNAS forum. It is still on there, so I will give you the link. You may find the whole back and forth discussion that I had with this gentleman of interest. I found him to be a very kind, respectful gentleman. Anyways, here is the link to our discussion about all things spanking, and it does cover talking about the Real Spanking Network. Hope you find it of interest!!



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