Handprints.com – Spanking Art Website Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Hello again my friends!! I wanted to highlight an excellent website that has been around for many years. It’s primary focus is spanking art, with some stories, poems, and other great links coming from there.

There is lots to discover on Handprints.com. It features the fictional spanking of girls in drawings and stories. Many artist got their start with sharing their spanking art on this website and it still continues to this day. It is a website that I am very glad has not disappeared from the internet as there is so much to love here!! Lots of great spanking art from all kinds of different artists, some well known like George Jackson Churchward, Drooaygah, and Lee Warner just to name a few, and others prefer to remain anonymous. Art is of various styles and quality, but I am not one to criticize any art as it is not a strong suit for me. I appreciate the effort that these artists put into their drawings. Some go more for realism, while others go for an exaggerated expressions allowing you to feel the emotions of the scenes.

One of my favorite areas is the stories page. It features one of my all-time favorite spanking stories in My Cousin Audrey!! Still a favorite of mine to this day. It features a 12 year old boy watching while his 8 year old cousin Audrey gets a hard spanking over the knees of her disappointed mother. This was one of the first stories I read that was from a witness’s perspective and that is probably why it remains one of my favorites to this day!! It doesn’t hurt that it is a super well-written story!! I only wish there had have been sequels written!! There are other great stories here as well like Susie Gets a Spanking, Clara Does the Dishes, and If Tom hadn’t been Noble to name a few!! All are well written!!

I have spent countless hours pouring over the spanking art of this website, as well as the amazing stories. The other thing I want to highlight is some of the links on the site. It was here that I first came across a voy.com forum in the spanking memories forum. Super fun read and hours more of reading for you!! I always love to read about people’s spanking memories!!

Anyways, if somehow you have never checked out this amazing website, then I encourage you to do so. Give it some love, as artist always need our support!!

Thanks for tuning into another edition of Let’s Talk Spanking!!

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