For Better or For Worse – Spanking Art Fanfiction – comic mini stories – Updated!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert

A quick update for you!! The art is by Collegeboy!! So a huge thank you to him for this amazing art!! And also a huge thank you to Drooaygah for letting me know who the artist was for these drawings!! We want to make sure that we support those with a talent for good art as well as a passion for spanking!! Thank you for you for all of your hard work!!

Some more spanking art for you, courtesy of Anime OTK. These are also told in the comic style of writing that tells a mini story. These are based on the For Better or For Worse comic strip that we used to see in the morning paper. It is pretty accurate to that style of art, but is able to explore something they might not dare to explore in the newspaper. I really like these mini stories told in comic book form and I hope that you will too!!

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