Susan Spanked for Bad Attitude

Mom: “How many times do I have to tell you to watch your attitude Susan?”

Susan: “I am sorry mommy, please don’t spank me”

Mom: “It is far too late for sorry young lady, you have earned yourself a darn good spanking I am going to make sure that you get it. AM I MAKING MYSELF CLEAR, YOUNG LADY!!”

Susan: “Oh mommy, please”

Tears are welling up in Susan’s eyes knowing full well the spanking that she is in for.

Mom: “Bend over my knees Susan”

Susan: “Please mommy”


Susan lays herself face down over her mother’s lap and awaits the coming punishment. Not wasting any time Susan’s mother raises her skirt that is part of her school uniform. A moan of dread escapes Susan’s lips and then she feels her mother’s hand on the waistband of her panties as she slowly pulls them down, providing a nice naked target for her mother. She feels her mother adjust her position just a little and then tighten her grip on Susan’s waist. Out of the corner of her eyes, she swears she can see her mother raising her open hand and without any more delay.


Susan’s mother settles into administer a very sound spanking to Susan’s bare and quickly reddening bottom!!

For 3 whole minutes the only sound that can be heard from the house in the William’s household is the sound spanking of a very naughty 18 year old girl that was showing her mother just a bit too much attitude!!

Hope you enjoyed this little picture, mini story!!


  1. Hello! I’ve been reading your website for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent work!


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