Mystery Spanking Photo – What Video is this from?

Posted by Jason Gilbert

What video is this from? I am looking for some help here!!

Obviously it is a Northern Spanking film, but when I did a Google search to try and find it, I could not. Now, I am perfectly aware that Northern Spanking does have some images that are not part of a video at all, and they are just a photo set, but I am hoping to at least get the name of the scene so I can find more pictures from it. I do know that the girl, presumably waiting to be spanked is Carolina Grey. I also know that the man spanking the other girl is Paul Kennedy who runs Northern Spanking. I would just love to know what scene this is from and if there is a video to go along with it or not.

What I love about it is the look of concern creased across Carolina’s face as she waits for her turn over Paul’s knees!!

Anyways, hoping that one of my followers can help me out here!!

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