Happy 4th of July – Celebrating Independence Day!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Happy Independence day sign with stars, petards and american flag. 4th of July, United States independence day. Template design for poster, banner, flyer, greeting card. Vector illustration

Happy Independence Day to my American followers!!! In case you have not already read, I am a Canadian and proud of it!! But, I am also glad to share the boarder with our American neighbors, our allies, our friends!!

I have an aunt that lives down in Michigan and some of my fondest memories are of summers spent there for a week or more. Truly some of the best summers of my life were spent out at their place in the country!! Wish I could go back and relive those days!!

Anyways, a very Happy 4th of July to you all, and I hope that you are able to get out and enjoy some festivities as things start to slowly get back to normal!!! Fireworks, good food, and maybe some fellowship with some friends and family are all things I hope that you can enjoy this year!!

If anyone has any good memories from a particular Independence Day that sticks out in their memories, then I would love for you to please share it!!

And now it is confession time. The following image is what I think of when I think of Independence Day:

I think of this blockbuster hit from the 1990s. The first film, not the mediocre sequel!! Filled with lots of cheesy one liners like “No that’s what I call a close encounter” and Geoff Goldblum’s “Must go faster” and let’s not forget “Not until the fat lady sings”. And then there is that epic speech that the president gives, truly excellent. It is a bit cheesy to be sure, but with the likes of Geoff Goldblum and Will Smith and Bill Pullman, all in their heyday, you have a guaranteed hit on your hands. It is a guilty pleasure movie for me!!

Hope you can forgive me for thinking of that first when I think of Independence Day, but like I said, I am Canadian, so I have never really celebrated Independence Day. Okay, that isn’t entirely true, I know we did have fireworks a few times if we happened to be visiting my aunt during that time frame!!

Anyways, hope you don’t mind this trip down memory lane with me!!

Happy Independence Day to all my American followers and anyone else who celebrates it!!

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