Timely Discipline – Spanking Audio Story

Posted by Jason Gilbert

It is time for another spanking audio story. This one again features my voice and I did my best to read the story with inflection and give it an excitement that I personally felt while reading this story. This story was written by Mark Stiles and comes courtesy of a spanking magazine that I have a copy of. The magazine is unfortunately no longer available for purchase, so I thought I would share this little piece of spanking literature with you!!

A quick synopsis of the story’s plot is that Annie, the main character, is coming home for a visit from her school that she attends out of town. She is late and misses her flight causes her aunt to have to drive two hours to come get her and drive two hours home. Annie knows she is in big trouble and what’s more, she knows that she will be getting a sound spanking, as that is the way that her aunt always punishes her and her cousin’s. This is a detailed retelling of the events as she gets off the airplane, meets her aunt and cousins, and is taken to a family bathroom for a stern lesson with the dreaded wooden hairbrush!! This story always gets my heart pounding and I wanted to share it with all of you!! I did add a couple of clips from a spanking video to add to the effect!! I hope that you enjoy the story!!

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