Spanking Art – Inspiration for next story – Need your feedback

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I submit to you two pieces of spanking art. Both of which I have the rough idea of the story I would like to tell from them. I will display the pictures and give you a brief outline of the story I have in mind for each and I would like your opinion of which one to write next. Feedback is a must here!! So, I urge all of my subscribers, or even anyone that just stumble across this blog, tell me which story you would like to see next.

Jenny’s Hard Strapping

Jenny has a strict father, who has told her to stop seeing a certain young man as he is a super bad influence on her. Well, he catches Jenny making out with this young man, Stephen, and he is super angry. He warns the young man that he better leave if he doesn’t want to walk away with a black eye. As Stephen walks away, he can hear Jenny’s father scolding her and promising her the spanking of her life. Instead of leaving, Stephen stealthily watches from behind some trees as Jenny’s dad takes her into a small woodshed of sorts and proceeds to give her one of the hardest strappings of her life.

I would likely tell the story from Stephen’s perspective, or perhaps I would tell it from both Stephen’s perspective as well as Jenny’s perspective. So, that is choice number one!!

Allison Spanked on a Train

Allison is a young lady of nineteen and her father has taken her on a trip to Colorado to see the mountains. Well, things do not get off to a good start for Allison as she tells her dad she is just going for a walk on the train, but after an hour and a half and she isn’t back yet, he decides to go looking for her. He finds her in the dinning car having an alcoholic beverage. The legal age for drinking is 21 and her dad is furious with her. He takes her back to their compartment and starts lecturing her about drinking underage. He asks her how she even got the drink and she has to admit to having a fake ID. Her dad loses his cool and tells her that she is going to get a spanking for acting so childishly. He wastes no time taking her over his knees and baring her bottom for a sound spanking. But lo and behold the porter comes to collect their train tickets right in the middle of Allison’s spanking. How humiliating!!

Anyways, that is option number too. This one could be written from one of three different perspectives and your input is valuable here as well!! It could be written from Allison’s perspective. It could be written from her father’s perspective. It could also be written from the porter’s perspective. Or I could do it in a narrative structure that could encompass all of the feelings and emotions from all of the characters at different points. Appreciate your thoughts and feedback!!

As you can probably tell, I am passionate about both of these stories, and I will likely end up writing a story for each of these art pics, but I thought I would give my audience the chance to cast their vote on which story they would like to see next. Hope this has been of interest to you and that lots of you give your feedback!!

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