Happy Birthday Canada!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I am Canadian and proud of it!! So I feel like I owe it to my country to have a least one post in celebration of Canada. This is also why the main image has changed on the intro to my website. It won’t stay that way for too long, but I wanted to show my love of Canada!!

I have lived in Canada all my life. Most of that in south western Ontario. I love living in Canada!! I moved out west to Edmonton Alberta for about 3 years and those were some of the best years of my life. Moving out, spreading my wings, being close to the mountains and all that great mountain air, I really miss it!! Not to mention all the amazing people that I met out there and the new friends that I have as a result!! Such a great experience!! I want to go back and visit hopefully sometime soon!!

I also had my one and only adult spanking experience out west, getting spanked by a professional dominatrix. I miss being out west because I took more chances when I lived out there, and I was living my best life as a result!!

Anyways, Happy Birthday Canada!! Many happy returns as things slowly get back to normal!!

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