For Better or For Worse – Pajama Party Spanking – Updated

Posted by Jason Gilbert

A quick update for you!! The art is by Collegeboy!! So a huge thank you to him for this amazing art!! And also a huge thank you to Drooaygah for letting me know who the artist was for these drawings!! We want to make sure that we support those with a talent for good art as well as a passion for spanking!! Thank you for you for all of your hard work!!

Here is another For Better or For Worse comic strip for you. This one is a nice and simple two page comic strip, telling a simple story of three girls getting into trouble with their angry mother. All of the girls look to be in their late teens or even early twenties. They start a pillow fight and are making lots of noise, presumably while their mother is trying to sleep. She gets very upset with them and asks what she should do with them. The oldest daughter wanting to make amends brings a hairbrush to her mom and tells her to do as she must. All girls get spanked soundly!! I love the look of surprise on the oldest girl’s face, almost like she wasn’t expecting it to hurt that much. I also love how all the girls are rubbing their sore bottoms at the end of the comic. Great comic that I wanted to share with all of you!!


  1. That’s the way it was done in my house when I was growing up. I was the youngest and remember getting several spankings with the hairbrush from my mom and then being put to bed for the night – crying myself to sleep of course.


  2. For years I have loved CollegeBoy’s work, and I’ve been particularly fond of the For Better or For Worse pieces, as since my youth I have been a fan of the original comic strip. One thing, though: The “oldest daughter” here is actually Michael — the son. Elizabeth (with the ponytail) is his younger sister, and Deanna (purple pajamas) is his fiancee. So, in this vignette, the mom is spanking, in order, her son, future daughter-in-law, and daughter.


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