First Time Meeting with Headmaster Tom – Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Time for another video highlight. This one comes from Girls Boarding School or GBS for short. As I have said before, I like some of their content and find some of it to be very good. Bottom line, there is enough good content that I feel like I get my money’s worth for a subscription, but they don’t update much anymore, so there isn’t much need to re-subscribe once you have the videos you like downloaded.

With that said, I would like to highlight another of my favorites from that site. This one as you can probably guess from the title features one of my favorite tops in Headmaster Tom. While he seems a bit on the stern and rough side, I still enjoy videos that he is in because he can give one hell of a hand spanking. This video features Simone as the spankee. Simone may not be a super model, but she can take one hell of a spanking and her reactions are super great in this video in particular. I love it when girls react like your average everyday person would react when getting a hard spanking. Not too many of us averages Joes or Janes would be able to take a hard spanking and remain stoic for the entire thing. So, it is always nice to see when the models react the way they we would probably react in the same situation.

This is a great discipline spanking video. It just features great over the knee hard spanking action. It is only a hand spanking, but what a hand spanking it is!! Simone’s bottom is super red and even bruised at the end of it and this was from just a hand spanking. Do any of you want to line up to get a spanking from Headmaster Tom? I don’t know that I would, but I do know that they are the kind of spankings that could genuinely change behaviors.

The other two things I want to complement about this video have to do with Simone’s reactions. First, I appreciate that she reacts so realistically to the spanking. Again, I always love models that are more vocal during their spankings, but in a realistic way and not a fake exaggerated way. And while the reactions are excellent, I want to give equal credit to the camera work in this scene. They realized what is most important in capturing a heart pounding and captivating spanking scene. In my opinion anyways, it is just as important, maybe even more important to capture the facial reactions of the girl being spanked as it is to get shots from behind of their bottom. Don’t get me wrong, I do like seeing a girl’s bottom wiggling around and squirming while it is being spanked. I love to see the impact of the hand or hairbrush as it smacks relentlessly into their bottoms over and over again. I love to see the bottom getting redder and redder, with visible handprints on the girl’s bottom. I love all of that. But, I think a video misses the mark when all the action is shot from behind and we never see the girl’s face during her spanking. I feel like the facial expressions and the look of misery and discomfort on their faces is crucial to a good spanking video. We want to know that the girl is really feeling it. I hope this doesn’t make me sound like a bad person…lol…delighting in the pain of others, but I think you know what I mean.

Anyways, this video has excellent video work. It gives the bottom lovers something to salivate over, but it doesn’t let down those that love the facial reactions of the girl being spanked. Anyways, this is yet another example of a great spanking video, in my opinion and it another one of my favorites.

Hope you enjoyed this posts!!


  1. I’ve never had a subscription to Girl’s Boarding school, but there are a few of Simone’s videos available in Google video search. I’ve always enjoyed watching her spankings. About Headmaster Tom…I think one spanking would be enough to change any of my bad behaviors!


    1. Agreed about Headmaster Tom. That is actually the kind of spanking I crave, just once, to help me deal with some lingering guilt, shame and regret!! I don’t think I would need that kind of spanking on a regular basis, but just once I want, no scratch that, I need a disciplinary spanking that I don’t like, not even one little bit. Would I still want to be spanked once in a while after that? Yes, probably, as a means to hold me accountable, but nothing to that kind of intensity, unless I had really messed up big. I guess I would want to know that messing up really big could mean a very bad spanking, but only for really bad things for it to be that kind of intense!!

      I almost wonder if they spanked criminals like that instead of locking them away for years or decades, if we would have as many criminals. Obviously not all crimes could qualify, but for some of the more non-violent crimes, perhaps a hard spanking once a month for 6 months to a year instead of being locked up for 5 years, could have live changing effects. Fun to think about and theorize anyways!!

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      1. Yes, it is fun to think about! Caning is still used in some Asian cultures (as a legal method of punishment)… I imagine that is a BIG deterrent! Most people fear that kind of physical pain. Here in the US, our jails have become rather “comfortable” and people put in jail or prison have a lot of rights. Without going into a political discussion…this isn’t always much of a deterrent. In any case… I would not want this kind of spanking all the time either… I think my husband has only spanked me that hard once or twice. Don’t get me wrong…his spankings are deterrents….but as far as being on Headmaster Tom’s level, thankfully, he doesn’t usually spank me as intensely as that.


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