1950’s Maternal Discipline – Anthea’s Hairbrush Spanking – Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

1950’s Maternal Discipline is one of my all-time favorite spanking videos. It was very new the first time that I subscribed to Momma’s Spankings, part of the Sarah Gregory group of great spanking websites. I like that site because it strongly features woman spanking other woman, always a favorite of mine, although I can appreciate both a man and a woman as a top. This video in particular caught my eye as it should some flashback scenes making use of black and white scenes. I also loved the narrative structure of this whole long play scene. I am choosing to feature scene 5 as it is probably one of my favorite scenes out of the whole thing, but let me be clear in saying that I love the entire series. 1950’s Maternal Discipline actually formed the foundation that is now Strictmoor Academy, an annual big budget multiple girl spanking extravaganza!! Strictmoor Academy is quite the undertaking and a real accomplishment and I have to give Sarah Gregory credit to be able to pull off the logistics for such undertakings. Maybe I will feature the behind the scenes talks that I have come across, as they are quite fascinating. It always seems like the girls involved have a lot of fun!!

Anyways, 1950’s Maternal Discipline is about Sarah going to stay with her super strict aunt. Sarah tells about a time she witnessed her 18 year old cousin being spanked by her aunt, and then hearing her get spanked a second time at bedtime. These scenes are nicely portrayed with flashback scenes in black and white for effect. There is lots of great spanking throughout the entire feature.

The scene I am focusing on today is the third scene if you download or purchase them individually. It features Anthea, played by Adriana Evans getting a very sound hairbrush spanking. The scene isn’t overly long, but does feature Dana Specht marvelous scolding, some thigh smacking, and a hairbrush spanking to leave you breathless. A great scene that portrays a scene that might have played itself out in the 1950s as things were much different than. It seems to be an era that spanking websites like to portray often as it was a time when corporal punishment was far more widely accepted!!

Anyways, this is another one of my favorite spanking videos that I am glad to share with all of you!!

Here is a link to the clips4sale page of the entire video:


Here is the link to just the specific video that I am featuring here:


And finally, here is a link to a full 7 minute preview of the entire full 1950’s Maternal Discipline video. Check it out!!


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